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I always love learning more about my favorite bloggers. So here’s a little more about me and my people.

I love that picture of me and my people. They are truly the loves of my life!

I’m a wife and stay a home mama. I grew up in Las Vegas. Most people imagine that is pretty exciting but it was just another typical suburban childhood. I have lived in FIVE states in the last SIX years. You might have guessed it, I’m a military wife. I’ve followed my husband of eight years all across the country, from Hawaii to Washington, DC. I always thought I would be one of those people who stayed in one place forever but it turns out that I love the adventure. Now after almost 9 years of military life, if we are one place too long I start to crave something new.

I have a bachelor’s degree in social science but have never worked in the field. I’m really passionate about military families – they are the most amazing people I know.

I’m an only child which most people are really surprised by.

I love shopping (what lady doesn’t?), thrifting, the beach. On any given weekend you can catch my little family doing a combination of all three. I consider a trip to Target by myself the biggest gift ever. You’ll also notice here on the blog that I love a good knock off. I love saving money, so if I can create for less, you bet I’m going to and I’ll always share it here on the blog!

I also LOVE Instagram. If you follow me over there you will often see pictures of behind the scenes snapshots of projects, pictures of my insanely cute kid, pictures of my favorite things and more. If you dig IG too make sure to follow me: @makinghomebase

About our military life.

The military plays a big role in our lives which I talk about on the blog here and there. It dictates quite a bit of our major life events (hello six moves in eight years). I know for some that seems pretty crazy but for us, it’s normal and we love it (most of the time). Our first duty station was in Hawaii! We got married back home and the very next day we headed to Hawaii for a three year long honeymoon. It was amazing! I loved the island culture, the beautiful beaches, and the food… nothing compares! We eventually gave up our shorts and flip flops for boots and parkas (okay maybe I’m exaggerating a little but hey we moved in February!), because we headed straight to Washington, DC. I thought Hawaii couldn’t be topped, but boy was I wrong. We absolutely loved DC. I think it was all of the history, the beautiful architecture, and the baseball. Coming from a state with ZERO professional sports we were excited to finally have a team! Go Nats!

After DC, we headed to the big ol’ state of TEXAS. San Antonio to be exact. Texas wasn’t DC, and it sure wasn’t Hawaii but it will forever be special to us because that’s where we were when the best thing that ever happened to us happened.. Our daughter, Peighton was born! She was born (12 days late!!) in the great state of Texas, and I think that’s why she has such a BIG personality! Since Matt was in school in Texas it was a short duty station, only six months. We were on the move again by the time our babe was only six weeks old. This time, closer to home, San Diego, CA! Hellooooo beaches! We’ve been in San Diego now for almost two years and it’s awesome being closer to home.

The last eight years have been such a wonderful adventure! A gazillion moves, two deployments and two HOMECOMINGS (the best!), promotions, a beautiful baby girl, and so much in between!

about me 2

 About this blog.

This blog started in September of 2012 after spending a lot of time reading other inspirational blogs and noticed that not many bloggers were in my situation. Constantly on the move, living in rentals, and unable make any permanent customizations to our homes. I had just moved to a new town, with a new baby, and my husband was gearing up for deployment #2. Making Home Base was born out of desire to be an inspiration for those like me who are living in a home that has decorative limitations. You might have small spaces or ugly tile, or fluorescent lighting, but you can still make your home yours and love it. 

You’ll see that much of my decorating style is tailored to living in rental homes (read:military housing – stark white walls and awkward floor plans), but I’m not afraid to get out the power tools and a paint brush to make some customizations!

My hope is that you will find in these pages, that home can be anywhere you make it.

I hope you’ll follow along on all the crazy going on over here from my latest thrift project to my heart pouring personal posts and all those in between.

That’s enough about me, I want to hear more about you! I love knowing who my readers are. You can email me anytime at chelsea@makinghomebase.com or comment on the blog – I look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks so much for being here!

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Chelsea is the owner and blogger of Making Home Base. Making Home Base is a lifestyle blog that focuses on DIY and home decor projects, crafts, delicious desserts, and military life. After moving 5 times in 6 years, she's finally settling in her new (to her) military base house. She looks at the obstacle of residing in a rental home as a challenge and loves finding budget friendly ways to make her house feel like home. Chelsea lives in Southern California with her husband and daughter.


SAHM, mil spouse. I spend my days playing tea party and blocks but when I can I work on DIY/home decor projects. I blog about them at Making Home Base.
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