Stylish Drawer Liners

Guys! I’m finally organizing my desk! I’m not brave enough to show you what my drawers looked like before today but take my word for it when I tell you, it was scary.  I wanted to get in organized with some drawer organizers. While on the hunt for the perfect organizers, I found the most perfect wrapping paper and well, as they say, the rest is history.

Line Desk Drawers with Wrapping Paper

I think drawer liners can be a super cute aesthetic touch to any piece of furniture. Of course, I’m sure there is some purpose for them other than just being darling but let’s face it, I like darling, so that’s why I decided on drawer liners for my desk.

Since we all like darling, why is it that true drawer liners just aren’t? One of life’s great mysteries. Until one of us comes up with the perfect line of gorgeous drawer liners we’ll just have to improvise… with wrapping paper.

Yep, wrapping paper ya’ll! So pretty, super cheap, and will take you less than 20 minutes to line 5 drawers!

Line Desk Drawers with Wrapping Paper

I found my striped wrapping paper from Marshalls. Does this not have Chelsea written all over it? Nautical feel? YES PLEASE!

Line Desk Drawers with Wrapping Paper

So to make the drawer liners all you need to do is measure the interior of your drawer. Then, measure your paper to the same size. Measure multiple times you want it to be nice and snug.

Line Desk Drawers with Wrapping Paper

Cut the paper to size. (Please don’t tell my sewing friends that I was using my fabric rotary to cut paper. I’m pretty sure that would get be banned from the sewing club!)

By the way, I have the IKEA ALEX drawer unit. The measurements for the interior are 20.5 x 11.5.

Line Desk Drawers with Wrapping Paper

Lastly, you want to secure the paper drawer liner. I did this quickly by using double sided tape. Double sided tape works well because it’s not permanent so if you ever want to remove it you can without a ton of effort.

How to Line Drawers with Wrapping Paper

Once I was done… literally 20 minutes later I did a little happy dance because really, who doesn’t love some beautiful blue and white stripes. Then I continued on my quest for desk organization…

Line Desk Drawers with Wrapping Paper

Mission complete. Now I’m off to line every drawer in the house… or take a nap.

Happy Monday!


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Industrial Pipe Jewelry Organizer

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Cooking Light and Real Simple, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #FreshandFab

Last week was the first of Spring. Here is California it’s felt like Spring for quite some time but hopefully the rest of country is finally starting to thaw out. Since Spring is officially here that means I’m officially starting the annual purge and organization. Last week I picked up one of my favorite magazines, Real Simple and got super excited about the household cleaning guide article! DIY Industrial Pipe Jewelry Organizer

After reading through all the awesome cleaning tips I was inspired to get organized! I used their cleaning tip to cleaning jewelry and realized how much of a MESS my jewelry organization has been! So when in Rome, or when in Spring, ORGANIZE.

Jewelry Organization

 During nap I sat down with my favorite snack and indulge in some “mama” time. Which included reading these two magazines and drinking a diet coke. Hello relaxation. Do you ever do that?

So much awesome inspiration to be found. Delcious recipes perfect for Spring, and tons of cleaning tips also perfect for that Spring deep clean!

About that jewelry organizer! I am loving the look of using industrial pipes in your home. I’ve seen them used as book shelves and tables, and I thought it would be really cute to try it out as a jewelry organizer.

It turned out lovely and it’s probably one of my favorite projects ever!

Industrial Jewelry Organizer

industrial jewelry hanger

Here’s the supplies you’ll need. Please don’t feel like you have to know anything about piping before you start a project like this because I sure don’t. I just went into Lowes and stared at the pipe section for a good 20 minutes and laid every thing out on the floor of the plumbing aisle until I got the look I was going for!

A block of wood. I actually used wood I already had and since I didn’t have one single piece large enough I ended up putting two small pieces together making about a 5 inch square.

1 – Black Steel Pipe 1/2in x 10in

2 – Black Steel Pipe  1/2in x 6in

1 – Black Steel Pipe 1/2in x 5in

2 – 1/2in Black Tees

3 – 1/2in black

1 – 1/2in black flange ( I couldn’t find a black steel flange so I got the galvanized metal and sprayed it flat black)

DIY Jewelry Organizer

Here’s a little secret. I messed up and you can see that here. When I bought my flange I accidentally purchased a 3/4in flange instead of a 1/2in. I had already spray painted it so I couldn’t exchange it for a 1/2 in. The flange was the most expensive part so I ended up just buying a bushing which connects two pipes that aren’t the same size. It has two size threads. So if you were to get the proper size flange you wouldn’t have that top piece that you see in this picture.

Nevertheless, it worked out. To start building the jewelry organizer I first attached the flange to the wood block with four screws. I ended up also spray painting the screws to match the black flange.
industrial jewelry organizer Now assembling the pipes. This is really simple. I started from the top with the first tee and attached the two 6in pipes to either side of the tee. Then I connected the largest piece of pipe to the bottom of the tee. This gave me a giant tee. Then I connect the other tee connector to the bottom of the longest pipe. I connected the 5in pipe to it to create the arm for the bracelets. Then I connected the last pipe to end of the tee. Then I connected the whole thing to the flange piece. Lastly I screwed on all the caps to give it a finished look.

My explanation is probably way more confusing than the actual assembly. Super easy. The last step was to wipe the whole thing down because the pipes were filthy! My hands were black with an oily film from the pipes so before I added my jewelry I made sure to clean the whole thing really well.

DIY Industrial Jewelry Organizer

 My favorite part is that you can totally customize this all you want. If you want an extra arm for bracelets you can add that. Or if you want it be smaller or larger – it’s totally up to you!

DIY Pipe Jewelry Organizer

It really is absolutely perfect as a jewelry organizer! I can see all of necklaces and bracelets really clearly.

If you are ready to get down and dirty with spring cleaning and organization you have to pick up the April issues of Real Simple and Cooking Light! What’s perfect is that Target is offering a $5 gift card when you purchase BOTH Real Simple and Cooking Light! It’s like getting two for one! AWESOME!

Sharing this project at some of these link parties: Not Just A Housewife


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IKEA furniture: Customizing a Kitchen Cart

 I have such a love/hate relationship with IKEA. I love IKEA furniture. I hate putting it together. I love their chocolate. I hate how much I love their chocolate. A few years ago, we bought a kitchen cart and I loved having the extra storage space but I hated how plain it was. After having the piece for over a year it just dawned on me a few weeks ago to actually paint it. Odd considering there aren’t many things that go unpainted around these parts.

customize ikea kitchen cart with paint

Customizing an IKEA furniture with paint.


Since we move a lot, I never know how much storage space I’ll have in the next house. Our house in Texas (two houses ago) had tons of kitchen cabinet space. Our last house seriously lacked in the storage area. We didn’t even have space to put our pots and pans. Insert IKEA furniture to the rescue. We got this kitchen cart to supplement some storage space for pots and pans and other kitchen gadgets. For years it sat naked (well maybe a little dust sometimes) until a few weeks ago.

blue buffet

First, I got the itch to stain the kitchen cart. I’ve been staining a bunch of stuff lately (see bathroom shelves, rustic shelves, chalkboard for proof) so I thought I better settle down or else I’m going to look around and see just a sea of stained wood.

How to spruce up basic IKEA furniture

I ended up compromising with myself and just stained the top. I loved the stained top because it’s really shows off the butcher block wood – so pretty. Then, I painted the rest a really beautiful shade of blue/gray (Behr Calligraphy).

Customize a basic IKEA Buffet

And because it appears that I’m monograming everything these days, I also added a white monogram to the top. I used the same techniques as I did on the monogram photo clipboard.

transform basic ikea buffet

The kitchen cart has a whole new look. It’s remarkable what a little paint can do to a piece of IKEA furniture. Between this and all the IKEA bed hacks from last week I’m not going to be able to stay out of IKEA.

Such a bummer with the yummy chocolate and all… ha who am I kidding??

I’m sharing this project at Savvy Southern Style and Best of the Nest


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Shelves: Easy Bathroom Storage

At the beginning of each year I find myself cleaning, purging, organizing. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. The new year is a fresh start for all of those things. Our little house only has one upstairs bathroom. It’s large in space but lacks any space for bathroom storage. When I say no space, I really mean it. The only storage options are the medicine cabinet and the under the counter cabinets. We don’t even have drawers! Sad. It wouldn’t be so horrible if two adults and one little girl didn’t have to use it every single day.

So one of my first projects of the new year has been to bring in some bathroom storage and get the clutter off of the counter.
Easy Bathroom Shelving For me, these shelves are for function. While I love how pretty they are, they serve a purpose. Bathroom Storage!
bath storage I didn’t do a full tutorial on the shelves because they are super simple. The brackets came from Lowe’s and were about $3 each. The actual shelves are just 2 ft pine boards stained in Minwax’s Classic Gray. That was my first time using a gray stain and I love it.
mason jar bathroom storageSince the shelves are for bathroom storage, I organized my makeup brushes in mason jars.
bathroom storage And filled the woven baskets with my make up. Which by the way is a huge step up from the little box I had all my make up on. I love these little baskets. They are decorative yet functional. One the lid is on them you would never know it was full with goodies.Gray bathroom shelving

Do you have an area in your home that lacks storage? How do you create functional storage while keeping a stylish look? You might also like my wood bathroom caddy. You can also find more storage and organizational ideas on my Get Organized Pinterest Board.


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Basic Cleaning Schedule Printable

Happy New Year!

I’m sure I’m not alone when the new year rolls around and I go on an organizing and purging spree!

This year, one of my personal goals for the new year was to make a cleaning schedule, and KEEP it. In the past I’ve always just cleaned “as needed” and never on a schedule. This never really worked for me and I often times felt out of control and overwhelmed. Doing three loads of laundry in a day is exhausting. With a schedule, I can easily do one load of laundry per day and consistently stay on top of the laundry and all household chores.

In preparation for the new year, I scoured the blogosphere looking for the perfect cleaning schedule. I couldn’t find a basic cleaning schedule that was just right, so I made my own!

This basic cleaning schedule is just that, BASIC. The household chores you need to tackle to keep a house picked up and tidy on a weekly basis. I also created it as a checklist so it can be laminated or covered with a page protector, that way each chore can be checked off with a dry erase marker and at the end of the week the whole thing can be erased and ready for a clean slate!

Basic Cleaning Schedule

Basic Cleaning Schedule Checklist

My favorite part about this printable is the quote. I found this quote and it’s just the words I need to remember while I’m organizing and tidying up. If it’s not useful or beautiful, there’s no place for it on home! I’m hoping that seeing this on a daily basis I’ll be able to let go of the unnecessary “stuff.”

Want a Basic Cleaning Schedule of your own? You can download this cleaning schedule by clicking the “download” link below.


If you have any questions about this printable or any ideas to make it work better, leave a comment! And before you go, did you see my top posts of 2013? Head over and see if your favorite made the list!


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Color Block Recipe Box Recycle

Hi ya friends! I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. I have a long list of projects to complete (anyone else?). I was sluggish getting back to my routine but I’m so glad to be chipping away at my project “to do” list.
Recycled Color Block Recipe Box [Read more...]


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Office Nook Transformed

Office Nook Transformation

So one of the biggest downers about living in base housing is you really don’t get to pick your floor plan. Sometimes I wish they were completely uniform all across the country. That way you would know what to expect when you arrive at your next duty station. No such luck. When we moved here, we took our house site unseen. Sometimes you have to do that if you want a place to live right away. And since my husband was going underway within days of our arrival here, I picked a house I had never seen just so I wouldn’t have to move in by myself… with an infant. And I say “I” because really he could have cared less which house we choose as long as it had a garage :)

So this house, has all sorts of funny quirks and one of them was this little computer nook at the top of the stairs. It’s a decent little space but I didn’t see it’s potential at first. When we moved in I took a chunk of the dining room and set up a craft/office space. I mentioned in my 2013 Home Goals post, which you can read here, that I wanted to turn my upstairs storage closet into my craft room. Well, that’s really a two parter and this is the first part. This little computer nook is right next to the storage closet that will be my craft room. My reasoning for doing so is two fold. One, my dining room is a cluttered mess and two, now that Miss P is mobile, I want to have a work space where I can watch her play safely. The dining room has no room for her play yard and this computer nook is right off her bedroom. So I can easily put her play yard in her room and she can play safely within my sight.

makinghomebase before and after

Our computer nook before had absolutely no function at all. For months it served as a catch all for many of the loose papers we have around here. That’s the thing with the military – tons of paperwork. See all those papers in the corner? This old computer hasn’t been touched in months. And my printer, oh what a paint that was. To print from my computer downstairs and have to run up here to take a look a document only to have it print incorrectly. I was constantly running up and down the stairs!

I wanted to make this space functional. An organized place where I can work without clutter, see my babe playing behind me, and still be fun!

I think I accomplished that with this little transformation. It was out with the old and in with the new in every sense.

Making Home Base Office Nook

For organization, I bought these little pails from the Target dollar section. I painted little chalkboard labels on them. They are great for holding anything. For now they are holding pens/pencils, washi tape , and chalk. Since I did the chalkboard labels I can change them out anytime I need to.

makinghomebase office nook

I created this little mail organizer. I have a lot of note cards and greeting cards that were just sitting in the pile of papers. I like to send little cards to my husband every other week, so having them all organized in this little metal tray is very handy. Also I love having them in plain view so when I’m thinking of a friend I can just quickly write them a note. Who doesn’t love getting mail? By the way, I picked up this little tray for $.50 at a yard sale. Good buy, huh?

office nook organized making home base

This little basket came from Ikea. I spray painted it aqua for a punch of color and it’s perfect for holding my little notebooks. When I was downstairs I had my notebooks laying all over my desk and they were constantly getting buried.

makinghome base office nook transformed

I love love love this magnet board. I got it three years ago from Ikea. It was black up until yesterday and then I spray painted it metallic silver. The new color gives it a whole new look.

makinghomebase office transformation

I framed a few book pages from one of my favorite books. Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Series anyone? They are so light and funny making them perfect for this space. To tie into the metallic magnet board I went with silver frames.

Underneath, I framed a little chalkboard. Perfect for writing little notes and making lists. I totally imagine my husband and I writing notes back and forth here. I know, cute, right?

Making Home Base Office Nook before and after

On the other wall, a couple family photos. No office space is complete without some family pictures.

Making Home Base Office Nook After

Okay, and lastly, I really wanted to get my printer off the desk. It took up too much space. I picked up this cube from Ikea (can you see it peeking out?). It’s the expedit wall hanging cube. Now my printer is cozy in it’s new home on top of this cube. And are you wondering where I put all those papers? I filed them all away nicely in a little bin.So there you have it. My office nook makeover. I seriously love sitting at my desk now.

Thanks for visiting with me today, friends! Have a great week :)

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