Shelves: Easy Bathroom Storage

At the beginning of each year I find myself cleaning, purging, organizing. I’m sure I’m not alone in this. The new year is a fresh start for all of those things. Our little house only has one upstairs bathroom. It’s large in space but lacks any space for bathroom storage. When I say no space, I really mean it. The only storage options are the medicine cabinet and the under the counter cabinets. We don’t even have drawers! Sad. It wouldn’t be so horrible if two adults and one little girl didn’t have to use it every single day.

So one of my first projects of the new year has been to bring in some bathroom storage and get the clutter off of the counter.
Easy Bathroom Shelving For me, these shelves are for function. While I love how pretty they are, they serve a purpose. Bathroom Storage!
bath storage I didn’t do a full tutorial on the shelves because they are super simple. The brackets came from Lowe’s and were about $3 each. The actual shelves are just 2 ft pine boards stained in Minwax’s Classic Gray. That was my first time using a gray stain and I love it.
mason jar bathroom storageSince the shelves are for bathroom storage, I organized my makeup brushes in mason jars.
bathroom storage And filled the woven baskets with my make up. Which by the way is a huge step up from the little box I had all my make up on. I love these little baskets. They are decorative yet functional. One the lid is on them you would never know it was full with goodies.Gray bathroom shelving

Do you have an area in your home that lacks storage? How do you create functional storage while keeping a stylish look? You might also like my wood bathroom caddy. You can also find more storage and organizational ideas on my Get Organized Pinterest Board.


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I'm loving this awesome succulent planter that Jenna made from a stack of books. That girl never ceases to amaze... - 8 hours ago

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  1. says

    great idea Chelsea, we have an area in each of the bathroom that could use some shelving (that isn’t one of the put-together units above the commode) I love the grey stain too :)

    xo, Tanya

  2. JaneEllen says

    Looks like it’s unanimous about the gray stain, I am loving it, gotta get me some of that.. I”ve never been too crazy about brown stains but the gray really hit it with me right away. Before I even noticed the shelves I was looking at color of shelves and fire fly plaque on bottom shelf. You did such fantastic job on making your shelves.
    I”m watching the news about fire in L.A. Such a shame, heartbreaking for those people. Stupid campers, what were they thinking? Says they were arrested, good they’ll be sorry for their carelessness and stupidity. Happy weekend


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