Marble Painted Succulent Planter

Marble Painted Succulent Planter

Well, hello there, friends. It’s been a hectic few weeks. Two amazing trips in in two weeks have really got my head spinning! I shared a bit about my trip to Hawaii already but I also went to Atlanta for Haven Conference where I got to meet so many incredible bloggers. When I got home my head was spinning with information and I couldn’t stop thinking of all the ways to improve my blog! Now I feel like I’m finally caught up. Hooray!

So, last week I shared my aloha sign (you can catch it here if you didn’t see it.) for my powder room. I loved the color combo so much I decided to give it another go, this time in marble.

I’ve been loving the marble painted trend and have been waiting for the perfect project to give it a try on. It was so surprisingly simple and now I want to marble everything!

Marble Painted Succulent Planter

A few months ago I got a bunch of these little glass jars and they turned out to be perfect for this project. I taped off the top half of the jars because I only wanted the marble effect on the bottom half.

Marble Painted Succulent Planter

I poured a tiny bit of each color on a paper plate. I think two to three color allows for the perfect mix. Any more and it might get a bit messy.

Marble Painted Succulent Planter

I ran a wooden skewer through the paint to run ribbons of one color into the other to create the marbling effect.

Marble Painted Succulent Planter
Next, I very gently rolled the jar in the paint. I set it top down to let the excess paint drip off and allowed it to dry.

The last step was potting the succulent. I also love it as a little bud vase.

I’m working on the powder room and this cute marble succulent planter will be a great edition.

Succlent Planter

So what do you think of the marble painted succulent planter? Are you in on the marble trend? Tell me in the comments. If you have a marble painted project I’d love to see it! You can tag me on Instagram or leave me a link in the comments.

Have a wonderful and colorful day!


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DIY Hand Painted Wood Sign

Earlier this week I told you about my trip to Hawaii. I’m still dreaming about it. Since I couldn’t bring the beautiful beaches back with me I thought I should do something to bring a little bit of ALOHA into my house in the form of this hand painted wood sign.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

I started sprucing up my powder room a few days ago when I realized I’ve had the same decor in there since my first house almost eight years ago (#didijustadmitthat #suredid). I’m planning on a colorful beachy style so I’m starting it off with this aloha sign.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

The sign. It is just three wood planks glued together and secured using another small plank and some finishing nails.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

The color combo. These colors are just samples that I had in my garage from previous projects. I wanted a colorful and beachy look and I love the coral, yellow, mint combination.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

The process. The process of making the sign was really simple. Pretty much just paint brush strokes of the different colors all over the board. I started with coral. Note: If I did it again I would start with the lightest color and move on to the darkest to prevent wasting any paint.

*Make sure to allow for drying time between colors*

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

Take the second color and randomly brush on the paint to fill in some of the blank space.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

With the third color fill in the rest of the blank space. At this point you can also paint over any space where you feel like one color is too over powering. You want to really concentrate on the middle section as that is where your lettering will be.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

Using transfer paper I placed the vinyl lettering on the painted board. I used my Silhouette Cameo to create the vinyl lettering. The font is KG Eyes Wide Open.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

Then I painted one coat of white paint over the entire board. After the paint dried I peeled off the vinyl lettering to reveal the perfect multicolored sign.

DIY Painted Sign

It’s just so cheerful and is a gazillion times better than that old powder room decor. I can’t wait for the rest of the space to come together. But seriously, can I just have a multicolored hand painted wood sign for every space in my house now? This was way too fun!

Happy Friday friends!


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Summer Garland in 5 Minutes

Happy Friday!

Now that summer is in full swing have you planned your summer bucket list? Your absolute to-do’s for the summer? I worked on ours this week and put them all up on my giant chalkboard. And then, it needed something special. Like something to make it feel more summery. Like  summer garland.

So, I made this summer garland in 5 minutes.

Summer Garland in 5 minutes

I kind of love any type of garland. Like any. I just want to make and put garland everywhere. Anyone else?

I had some really cute nautical inspired wrapping paper that was simply perfect for this.

Summer Garland in 5 minutes

It started with wrapping paper cut into half circles. My wrapping paper was double sided so I did larger half circles with one side and smaller half circles for the other side.

Summer Garland in 5 minutes

After the half circles were cut I hot glued them to some jute.

Summer Garland in 5 minutes

I ended up with two strands of garland, one of each design, one smaller and one larger.

Summer Garland in 5 minutes

Then I layered them on the chalkboard and secured it with some regular ol’ tape.

Summer Garland in 5 minutes

Perfect addition to my bucket list chalkboard, I think.

Summer Garland in 5 minutes

Now when I’m sitting at my desk working like crazy I can look up and be reminded of all the fun I’m supposed to be having this summer! If that’s not a motivator, I don’t know what is!

Happy summer! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


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Picnic Ready Paper Bag Utensil Holders

Since it’s summer. And since I love picnics. I’m bringing back an oldie.

Picnic Ready Paper Bag Utensil Holder tutorial via

Last summer I shared my paper bag utensil holders. They were quite popular even though I spelled bon appétit wrong (ps. I still spelled it wrong). My guests didn’t notice. :) Regardless of my bad spelling they still make the CUTEST utensil holders for picnics! I especially love how easy they are to whip up. The only supplies required are paper lunch sacks and washi tape. The stamping is totally optional. You can do stamping, sticks, hand write your guests names, anything really.

My absolute very thing about these paper bag utensil holders is that they serve two purposes. One, they are a super cute vessel for utensils but they also make perfect little trash bags. Once you’re done with your meal, you can discard any rubbish right into the bag. No more chasing that napkin all over the park, folks!

paper bag picnic utensil holder

1. To make them you’ll need paper lunch sacks, washi tape, and an alphabet stamp.

2. Fold your paper bag from the bottom up at the seam to create a pocket.

3. Seal the side with washi tape. I did this by placing one strip of washi tape on the front allowing it to slightly hang over the edge, then put another strip on the back side so the pieces of tape stick together.

4. Do the same on the other side.

5. Stamp your saying onto the front pocket. I used “Bon Appétit” but I think other cute sayings are “Let’s Eat” or “Chow Time”

6. Stuff with your napkin and utensils

Picnic Ready Paper Bag Utensil Holders

I really look forward to making a gazillion of these this summer for all sorts of beach trips and picnics with friends. Can you just imagine all the fun color combos?

Picnic Ready Paper Bag Utensil Holders



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Succulent Planters with Neon Pink Pebbles

Last week my hubs just got home from a long ten day underway. Ten days really isn’t a long time especially when he’s been gone for much longer but I’m telling you those ten days felt like ETERNITY. Ten days, alone, with a toddler is hard. Don’t get me wrong, every day is special and awesome , it really is, but no day is without challenges. One day, towards the end of the underway, we just had to get out of the house and we ended up at the pet store (!!!). It was a super hot day so the beach or park were out of the question and well, P loves animals so the pet store totally made sense.

We browsed around, talked to the turtles, blowed kisses to the fish, waved to the birds, and as I was leading her towards the exit I spied these gorgeous BRIGHT PINK pebbles and I thought it might be the best idea ever to use them in a planter.

Succulent Planters with Neon Pink Pebbles

Pink Pebbled Succulent Planters

After we spent approximately 19 hours in the pet store obsessing over all of the animals and leaving with nothing except for the pink aquarium gravel it was nap time for P and project time for me.

pink pebbled planter

I got this big ol’ 5 pound bag of neon pink pebbles for about $4. I started with this faux plant from IKEA. This plant has been in P’s room for a few weeks since we are working on her big girl room. I covered up the really obviously fake dirt with the pink pebbles and it instantly looked awesome.

Tea Cup Succlent Planter

Since I had a bag full of pink pebbles, no succulent was safe. I popped this cute little one into a tea cup and dotted it with some gold paint for a chic little succulent planter.

pink pebble planter

Can you even handle these succulent planters?? Imagine the possibilities! Pink, black, yellow, those pebbles come in a gazillion colors!

planter with pink pebbles

I’m always amazed at where inspiration strikes. Pet store today, who knows where tomorrow. Happy Thursday!

* you can also find pink aquarium gravel on (affiliate link).

Linking up to By Stephanie Lynn, Home Stories A to Z


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Monogram Tote Bag Tutorial

How about starting the week off with a quick craft.

Are you thinking about Mother’s Day yet? Here’s a Mother’s Day gift that I whipped up. I love it because: a. I love anything monogram and b. it’s so universal. You can take it to the beach, use it for your library books, or in just anyway your little heart desires!

Monogram Tote In Less Than 30 Minutes

Monogram Beach Tote Making Home Base

Originally, I thought this bag would be the perfect replacement to the typical gift bag. And for $2 it was comparable in price but it’s personalized, cute, and can be used for anything!

Monogram Tote Tutorial

Supplies you’ll need:

A canvas tote ( Mine is from Joann’s using a 40% coupon making it $2)


A pencil

A monogram stencil (I made mine using the Silhouette Cameo)

Fabric Scrap

Fusible Webbing (Steam-A-Steam2)


DIY Monogram Tote Tutorial

First, trace the monogram in reverse onto the paper liner of your fusible webbing. You want to trace on the side that stays with the webbing.

Peel off the liner and stick the wrong side of your fabric to the web.

Cut out your monogram, after cutting you can remove the tracing liner.

Mothers Day Monogram Tote

Position your monogram on your bag, once it’s positioned where you want it, remove the liner and press lightly to allow the webbing to stick to the bag.

Press with a hot iron. The Steam-A-Seam directions recommend to press for 10-20 seconds on the cotton setting.

I also ran the iron all over my bag to get out any other wrinkles.

monogram beach tote

Next, you can run a quick stitch around the monogram to make sure it stays on securely. This isn’t required but I anticipate this bag getting a lot of use so I want it to be on there nice and snug.

Monogram Tote

Then, for a little embellishment I added some fabric rosettes.

Monogram Beach Tote Tutorial

Wouldn’t it fun to make one for all the moms in your life? Then you could stuff it with other gifts if you’d like. Moms love love love handmade and personal gifts, don’t they? This monogram tote bag fits the bill for sure!

Another Mother’s Day Craft Idea

Painted Burlap with the dates your Mom became a Mom and Grandma 

Handmade Mothers Day Painted Burlap Canvas #handmademothersday

This tutorial was original shared on Mom 4 Real.

I’m linking this project up to Savvy Southern Style, Coastal Charm, Tiny Sidekick


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Spring Wreath and More Spring Decor Ideas + $150 Target GIVEAWAY

It’s one big spring fest here at Making Home Base this week! I couldn’t be happier. It’s my favorite time of year.

Did you see my Spring Home Tour this week?

If not be sure to check it out here—> SPRING HOME TOUR

Today, I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers to share even more Spring time inspiration! We’ve all created a spring home decor project to share! Not only that, but we are excited to celebrate Spring WITH YOU! We’re giving away a $150 TARGET gift card ton one lucky reader! So make sure you don’t miss that!

I’m so happy to be sharing my new Spring Wreath with you guys. It took me a little while to come around, but I’m having a ball decorating for Spring! Fresh Spring Wreathf

Y’all know how much I love wreaths. This one is definitely up there on my list of favorites. I think it just turned out so cute and it came together SUPER fast and of course on a budget (that’s how I roll)!

Floral Spring Wreath

I started out with a Michaels coupon. I snagged the grapevine wreath and faux peonies. Seriously though, can we just talk about the faux peonies. I’ve never been really into faux flowers but every now and then I’ll pick up some fake hydrangeas or faux greenery but I spotted these coral colored peonies and had to have them! Then on my way to check out I saw the prettiest ivory feather so I tossed that in my basket too. I had no real plan for the feather but I thought it would give a bit of a rustic look to something…

DIY Spring Wreath

When I decided I wanted to make a spring wreath I didn’t have anything specific in mind. I just headed to Michaels (with coupon in hand) and browsed until something caught my eye. Once I got my flowers and grapevine wreath home, things started coming together. I had some blue burlap ribbon left over from Christmas time and I love the contrast of it with the coral peonies so I knew I wanted to use it in someway.
Spring Wreath

I made a nice big blue burlap bow (say that five times fast!) then to balance it I added a pom pom garland across the top.Spring time wreath

What do you think? Is it your style? It’s definitely different for me but I really really love it.

Now, are you ready to win some spending money??!!!

Target Gift Card Giveaway

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This spring time love fest isn’t over quite yet! There are 13 other fantastic Spring inspired projects that you won’t want to miss!!

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Personalized Art Gold Heart “Couples Art”

Gold Heart Personalized Art for Valentine’s Day… or not.

personalized gold heart artI kind of love art with special meaning. Personalized art, pictures colored by my daughter, and things we’ve created are my favorite things to display around our home. Those pieces can’t be duplicated, or purchased in a store, making them way more significant.

I had an idea to do a couple’s art canvas for Valentine’s day but I wanted it to be able to transition it to my bedroom afterwards. And because gold is my new obsession, I had to go with gold. It’s perfect for Valentine’s day but it also looks amazing in my bedroom as well!
you can make this gold heart artDo you know what I’m talking about when I say couple’s art? I don’t know if I’m making that term up or not but it’s like the M+C in a heart kinda thing. Ya know? I just love those kind of things -they are super cutesy but still sophisticated, I think. Anyway, I’ve seen prints like this all over Esty for $20+. I managed to make a canvas for $0 because I had all of the supplies at home. Perks of being a craft supply hoarder I suppose. Even I had to purchase the supplies for this project I still could have done it for less than half of the prices I’ve seen on Etsy; and you know that I like a cheap project!

Here’s the breakdown on the Gold Heart Personalized Art (Couple’s Art):

gold heart canvasPaint a blank canvas with gold metallic paint. I used Martha Stewart brand. It took three coats for full coverage. Also, create a heart stencil. This is really easy if you have a Silhouette. If you don’t – check out and their “Design” feature. You can create an image that is 8×10. Use the Overlay feature to make a large heart. Print and cut. If you have Word, I’m sure you can find a heart clip art and make a stencil that way as well.

Place the stencil on the canvas (once it’s completely dry) to paint. I offset mine a little bit because I like that look.heart art tutorial Paint the heart with white craft paint. About two coats for full coverage should be about all you need. Remove the stencil and touch up any areas that may need it.
heart canvas artNow you are ready for the “personalized art” part. I used my Silhouette to create a quick stencil for the initials but you don’t need it. A gold sharpie and a steady hand will be just fine!
gold heart canvas artI colored the stencil in with my gold sharpie (I love love love the metallic sharpies!).

I kind of love it.
gold heart personalized artCheck out how I’m displaying it in my bedroom gallery wall. Do you have any personalized art in your home? Somethings that you’ve created that are extraordinary? I’d love for you to share them with me! You can post a picture on Instagram and tag me at @makinghomebase. You can also share them with me on Facebook!

Want more Valentine’s Day projects?? Check out my Valentine’s Day Project Gallery

I’m sharing this project at My Repurposed Life


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Burlap Gift Bags DIY Holiday Gift Bags

Can we talk about gift wrap today?

I’m bad. I haven’t wrapped a single present. That means it’s bare beneath my tree. There are two reasons for it. One is I have a toddler and two, I don’t love wrapping gifts. I prefer gift bags. It’s true. And since I prefer gift bags, I’m showing you how I made these cute little burlap gift bags.
painted burlap gift bagsThey are perfect for pretty much anything and you can personalize them so easily!

You’ll need a few supplies: burlap, sewing machine, thread, scissors, paint, stencils.

burlap bags

Sewing these bags up is really simple. Just take two pieces of burlap the same size. You can vary the size of the bag to fit any gift you’d like. I made smaller bag to fill with candy.
burlap gift bagsPin two pieces of burlap together on three sides, and sew.

burlap painted gift bags Turn bags right side out, and you’ll have perfect little bags!
Stenciled Gift BagsTo personalize, create or use a store bought stencil to paint onto the burlap. I did a monogram and Christmas trees. Make sure you put a piece of cardboard on the inside of the bag before you start painting because it will bleed bag

I used regular acrylic craft paint from the craft store. Let the paint dry before filling the bag with goodies.IMG_3494The last thing to do is fill your bags with goodies and tie them up with cute ribbon! You can even embellish it with twine and some tree trimmings for a little rustic touch.

Now you have the perfect little burlap gift bag for some fun holiday gifting!
25 Days of Christmas Series at thatswhatchesaid_I’m so happy to be participating in That’s What Che Said’s 25 Days of Christmas Series! Cheryl has been sharing tons of awesome holiday inspiration. You won’t want to miss a single day! Check it all out at her blog, That’s What Che Said.




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Faux Fur Winter Wreath

Welcome to day two of 25 Days of Christmas! To see day one, click here. And to follow along on the interactive advent calendar, click here.25-Days-BannerI can’t believe that December is here and we are already two days into our advent calendar. This is my most favorite time of the year! And, I’m so excited to be a part of this wonderful count down to Christmas.

I’m sharing my winter wreath today! It’s the perfect addition to Christmas decor that will transition nicely into winter. So here goes.

DIY Faux Fur Winter Wreath

Fur Wreath

Supplies needed:

Straw wreath (got mine at a yard sale for .50! yay)

Glue gun and glue sticks

Faux fur (about 1/4  yard)

quick winter wreathSo the directions here are really simple. Lay out your faux fur in strips about 8 inches wide.fur winter wreath

 Lay your wreath on top of the strip of fur with the fur facing down. Fold the fur around the wreath and glue to the wreath back side of the wreath. You’ll need to snip the fur every inch or so to make sure the fur lays flat on the wreath. Once you’ve glued the first piece onto the wreath cut another strip about eight inches wide to complete the next section. Be sure to get the seams lined up as best as you can. They don’t have to be perfect because once you fluff up the fur you won’t see the seam.

winter wreathOnce you completed all the sections (I did mine in three sections) fluff up the fur. That will hide the seams and give a nice fullness to the wreath. Lastly tie a ribbon to the top. I’m going with a silver and gold color scheme this year so I decided on a gold ribbon. Keep in mind that you can always change out the ribbon when you transition your wreath from Christmas/holiday to winter wreath.
winter fur wreathAll that’s left is to hang and admire your winter wreath! Mine is above my sweet little vignette that you’ll see more of tomorrow!

Don’t forget that is this a 25 day affair with some wonderfully talented ladies!  You’ll have to check the advent calendar tomorrow to see day three!

Check out the other posts below:

 Happy Holiday Decorating!


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Decoupaged Runner with Martha Stewart Crafts

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Blue Print Social for Martha Stewart Crafts by Plaid.  Of course, all opinions are 100% my own.

So yesterday I talked about Thanksgiving and showed you my simple fall centerpiece. Well today I’m looking forward to Christmas. I know, you are thinking I’m crazy. But listen folks, there are only SIX weeks left until Christmas. That means we’ll be hearing Christmas music and finalizing our holiday menus really soon! So bear with me today as I get a jump start on some holiday decorating with Martha Stewart Crafts! I used some fun doilies and decoupage to make the cutest runner for a holiday centerpiece.

Decoupaged Runner for A Holiday Centerpiece
For this project you’ll need:

A wood board (scrap is fine) sanded and stained

Martha Stewart Doilies

Martha Stewart Decoupage Matte FinishDecoupaged Runner for A Holiday Centerpiece

After you’ve sanded and stained your board, and allowed it time to dry. You can pick out the doilies you want to use and prepare them. There were several to choose from in the pack, you’ll have to poke out the little bits that are still attached. Don’t worry, this went quickly.

Then you can space them out on your board. I liked like the look of some of the doilies folded over the edge of the board so I did that with the larger ones.  Once I figured out exactly how I wanted them placed, the board was ready for decoupage. To adhere the doilies to the board, I painted a bit of the medium onto the back of the doily, then placed it on the board. Once it had dried (about an hour), I painted over the doily again with the decoupage medium. I repeated that step another two times (waiting one hour for dry time) to make sure the doily was properly adhered to the board.

Decoupaged Runner for A Holiday CenterpieceI love the nice matte finish. You wouldn’t even know that I used three coats of decoupage.

I love that you can use the decoupage on an array of surfaces, not just wood! You can also use it on ceramic or glass, and it is dishwasher safe. Win!

Decoupaged Runner for A Holiday Centerpiece This project turned out even better then I expected. I love how the gold pops of the dark walnut stain. It’s the perfect way to give your table a little sprucing up for the holidays!

You can find these doilies, decoupage, and the whole line of Martha Stewart Crafts (which includes craft paint, glass paint, decoupage and more) at Michaels or online at Plaid’s Online Store.

For more inspiration you can check out Plaid Martha Stewart Crafts on Facebook, Pinterest, or sign up for their newsletter here.

Happy Holiday Crafting!


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DIY Bunny Trick Or Treat Basket

Just a few days left to get ready for the ghosts and ghouls friends. Or in our case, little bunny rabbits :) My little one is going to be a little bunny this year. It’s something we just came up with this week (talk about waiting until the last minute…) and it’s easily put together so I decided to spend a little time on making a little trick or treat basket to go with her costume this year!
DIY Bunny Trick Or Treat Basket_edited-1How cute is this little bunny trick or treat basket? It was so EASY and really fun to craft together, I even put together a little tutorial to share today!

Bunny Treat BasketYou need an empty bucket. I’ve been saving this one for a few weeks knowing I wanted to make a trick or treat basket for P. You could also grab one of those $1 pumpkin baskets and cover it easily as well. Other supplies you’ll need are fabric (about 1/2 yard), hot glue gun, and embellishments (will differ depending on your character).Bunny Trick or Treat BasketTo cover the bucket, I laid out a piece of fabric, folded over to make it a bit thicker, then folded the ends into the basket, hotgluing it into place. Bunny Rabbit Treat Basket Keep folding and hot gluing the fabric into the bucket until you make it all the way around.
Halloween Treat BasketNext, I added the bunny ears. I decided to do gold ears for a little bit of glam! To do the ears I just folded a pipe cleaner in half, and then glued the ends together and bent the ears until I got the arch I wanted.Halloween-Trick-Or-Treat-BasketNext, I hot glued the ears to the front part of the bucket on the inside (about a half inch down).DIY Halloween Treat BasketAnd no bunny is complete without a poofy bunny tail! After creating a quick yard pom pom, I hot glued the bunny tail in place.Bunny Treat BucketNext I embellished the face with all sorts of goodies: Pom pom eyes, button nose with yarn whiskers and a pipe cleaner mouth. The last step is to ad a  handle. I cheated and just safety pinned a braided piece of fabric on either side to create a handle. Next year I’ll be sure to make proper holes in the bucket before doing all the embellishing since she’ll be bigger and simple safety pins may not hold.

DIY Bunny Treat BasketShe’s already loving it and has been carrying it all around the house…and outside… to collect leaves :) DIY Treat Bucket I am really looking forward to taking her trick or treating for the first time tomorrow and this will be Daddy’s first Halloween with her since he was deployed last year.

What are your kiddos dressing up as?


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Chalkboard Pumpkin Planters

Have you seen the latest trend? It’s turning pumpkins into anything and everything. I love it and I’m on the bandwagon! Turns out the bright orange plastic jack o’ lanterns aren’t destined to just be hideous (too strong?) candy buckets. They have the ability to be so much more… like planters, and chalkboard planters! Yes.Chalkboard Pumpkin Planters

Chalkboard Pumpkin Planters

I wanted to whip up a quick fall porch on the cheap so I went back to basics. It doesn’t get any more basic then the good ol’ orange jack o’ lantern. Am I right? Those things go back as far as I can remember but from here on they will be much cuter in my memory :)
Chalkboard Pumpkin PlantersAll I did to turn the orange pumpkins into fabulous chalkboard pumpkin planters, was to paint them with chalkboard paint. After a few coats (letting them dry completely in between coats), they were ready for some fall foliage.
Chalkboard Pumpkin PlantersI planted some pretty yellow mums in each planter. They are just quintessentially fall in my book. And can we just talk about how fun chalkboard paint is? I’m already having a blast with these little chalkboard pumpkin planters. I love that I can change the message frequently throughout the season. I have a couple of ideas for Halloween as it gets a bit closer. So fun!Chalkboard Pumpkin Planters

Here’s the deal with this super quick and cheap fall porch, my chalkboard pumpkin planters only cost $1 each. At that price it’s really hard not to want a zillion of them. I also got a bundle of Indian corn from the pumpkin patch along with a few pumpkins – because no fall porch is complete with real pumpkins (ps one of the orange ones is fake).

I’m so happy with my new fall planters. They totally transform my idea of those well known orange jack o’ lanterns. How about you?!

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A Fall VignetteFall Vignette

Sharing this project at Savvy Southern Style


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Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins

Are you loving fall? I am. Even though it was in the 80s this weekend, we took our daughter to the pumpkin patch. It was so fun! She loved all the pumpkins and the animals and Matt and enjoyed lemon shake ups and kettle corn (that stuff is so addicting). After a fall filled day I was ready to get going on some more fall decorating. It was a really busy week for us last week so it was great to finally dive into some projects this weekend. One thing I’m really loving this season is GOLD. I can’t get enough of the shiny metallics. If you are looking for some fun pumpkin decorating ideas, let me show you my latest obsession, these gold confetti pumpkins!

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins

Aren’t they GLAM?

You guys know how much I love cheap and easy, and these pumpkins totally are! $1 for each pumpkin, the spray paint and paint had on hand. Even if you have to go out and buy a can of gold spray paint, you won’t regret it – you’ll want to spray everything you own gold, it’s that fun!
Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins

The Dollar Tree has some great cheapie fall/Halloween decorations. These foam pumpkins are the perfect canvas for all sorts of fun pumpkin decorating ideas!
Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins

I spray painted them with gold metallic paint, then painted white confetti dots, with the eraser tip of a pencil. It was so easy and took less than 10 minutes to complete both pumpkins! Aren’t they such a fun addition? Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti PumpkinsThese little babies are hanging out on my newly made over end table, and of course I tossed in my favorite mini white pumpkins. I wish I could have a gazillion of those little white pumpkins. And I know my little one agrees, I catch her at least a few times a day trying to sneak away with them. :)
Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins I’m always looking for cute pumpkin ideas – this one totally fits the bill, don’t you think? Do you have any unique pumpkin decorating ideas?

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Chalkboard Pumpkin PlantersChalkboard Pumpkin Planters

Fall Decorating A Fall VignetteFall Vignette

makinghomebase fall wreathBurlap Fall Wreath

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Homemade Halloween Decorations are the BEST: Halloween Wreath


Are you getting ready for Halloween? I’m loving all the spooky and scary stuff I’ve seen around the blogosphere. So much fun!

Today it’s all about creepy crawlers here at Making Home Base. Creepy Crawly Chevron all wrapped up into a perfect little Halloween Wreath.

Yep, I’m showing the first of my homemade halloween decorations!

homemade halloween decorationsI love Halloween decor that is cute and creepy not gory and frightening. Are you with me? If you’re like me you’ll love this wreath. It’s just the perfect amount of creepy and cute! It’s also very EASY to create! chevron fabric halloween wreathHandmade Halloween Decorations tip #1. Don’t pay $8 for a foam wreath form. Hit up Walmart or the Dollar Tree and grab a $2 pool wreath. Trim of a little bit with a bread knife, and duct tape the ends together. Bam, wreath form.

To cover the wreath I cut strips of chevron fabric about 2 1/2 inches thick. And started wrapping them around the wreath form and securing them with pins. Usually, I use hot glue but I ran out of glue sticks (What the what???) and you know what, I like the pins better.
Spider Halloween WreathThen all that’s left to do is EMBELLISH. I got these glitter spiders at Michaels and was so excited to find the spider web netting in my fabric stash. It was perfect for this wreath. I stretched it out across the back of the wreath and placed a few spooky spiders in the netting. Very creepy crawly, don’t you think? Lastly, I used some white fabric for a little ruffly touch.Halloween Wreath Eek! It’s so fun to get a little creative and make some spooky stuff! See more homemade halloween decorations here.

Have a great weekend friends!

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Coffee Filter Topiary Tutorial

Coffee Filter Topiary Tutorial Yesterday, I shared my fall vignette. Don’t you love the little gold pumpkins? Me too. My favorite part though; the DIY topiaries. They anchor the whole vignette while giving it some height.

Today, I’m going to share how to make a Coffee Filter Topiary.

Fall Coffee Filter TopiariesI started out with these styrofoam balls.DIY Coffee Filter TopiaryAnd began hot gluing and pinning coffee filters all around. The best strategy for this seemed to sticking your finger or pencil in the middle of the coffee filter then folding the filters in half and then half again, then hot glue to the styrofoam ball, gluing around in a circle then gluing the filters to the top and bottom.

Once the ball is covered in nice fluffy coffee filters, stick a wooden dowel in the center of your ball. My dowels were about 18 inches each.

Tutorial Coffee Filter TopiaryFor the burlap pot, I covered a plain terra cotta pot with burlap then stuffed another styrofoam ball inside the pot sticking the other end of the dowel into the styrofoam ball and hot glued it into place.
coffee filter topiary So simple right? I just love the way it turned out. They look great in my fall vignette. For a fall look, I wrapped some raffia around the topiary and added a little faux autumn sprig. The best part about the coffee filter topiary is that you can carry it over to Christmas or use it all year round. Love!

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Fall Decorating DIY Harvest Sign

We went to the beach this weekend then I came home and started decorating my buffet for fall. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Turns out, the beginning signs of fall come in the form of morning fog here in sunny southern California. Although we were greeted with morning fog, it was still warm making it the perfect beach day. No sun barreling down, cool breeze. It was perfect. While we are still enjoying our fair share of sand and salt water, we are also ready for fall. I usually am pretty tame with my fall decorating but I do like to dress up my buffet and other little things throughout the house. This weekend I worked on getting my buffet ready for fall which included several small craft projects that I plan to share with you guys. The first up is my DIY Harvest Sign.

Fall Decorating A DIY Harvest SignSigns like this are so trendy right now and they are so easy to make. How fun to incorporate them into fall decorating? My sign was whipped up in less than 90 minutes (including dry time). And it gives my vignette a really fresh look. My favorite part about these signs are that you can completely customize it. I used the word “Harvest” but you could easily put whatever world or phrase you’d like in place.

The first step was cut a piece of wood. We had a few scrap pieces in the garage so I just cut it to about 18 inches, sanded it down really good, then painted in white.

Fall Decorating A DIY Harvest Sign While the paint was drying I created a stencil. My stencil was created with my Silhouette Cameo, making it super fast and easy to make. If you don’t have a Silhouette, the letters in this stencil are large enough that you could easily print the letter outlines out using your printer then cutting them out. It will be more time consuming but definitely doable. Since my stencil needed to cover a 18 inch piece of wood I had it cut in two pieces then pieced it together.

Fall Decorating A DIY Harvest SignOnce the stencil placement was just right I taped it to the board and got my paint ready. I used Americana multi-surface paint for the letters. The color is the perfect shade of yellow-gold that compliments the white beautifully. My friend Jessica at Mom 4 Real shared a neat trick to put paint into cupcake liners for easy clean up and I’ve been doing that ever since.

Fall Decorating A DIY Harvest SignTo paint the letters I used a round sponge brush and lightly dabbed it into the paint then dabbed the letters until they were covered completely. After allowing it to try, I took off the stencil and added a little raffia as an embellishment.Fall Decorating A DIY Harvest Sign Here’s a little peek of how it looks in my vignette. Don’t you love it! So festive and of course so easy! I may just have to start sanding some more scrap wood for some more of these little signs. They are just so fun to make!

Tell me, how are you going about fall decorating?

Happy Tuesday and happy fall decorating friends.

See more fall projects here.


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Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

Easy Fall Decor with Decoart Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints! Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

Happy Labor Day! Even though we are experiencing a HEAT wave down here in southern California, I’m still dreaming of (and decorating for) FALL. I’m in love with fall. The cooler weather, boots, pumpkin anything… I love it all!

For my first project of fall I made this burlap houndstooth stenciled outdoor pillow!

Want to see how I did it? Well you’re in luck! I’ve got all the details for ya, right here!

I love burlap for fall decor! It’s just so cozy! Love it. And seriously, I am LOVING this houndstooth stencil!


Burlap (I used about a quarter of a yard)

Americana Mixed Media Stencil

Americana Paint (Birch White)

Canvas or another material for the backing

Pillow form


Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

The first step is to cut your burlap piece to size. I used a 20×20 pillow form, so I used a 20×20 piece of burlap.

Stenciling the burlap was really simple! Using a form brush or a stencil brush dab brush into the paint, then dab brush onto a paper towel or some other dry surface to dab off a little excess paint. You don’t want a lot of paint on your brush. The start tapping your brush around to cover the stenciled area.

Once you’ve covered the stenciled area. Pick up the stencil (admire your beautiful work) and allow it to dry for several minutes before lining up and painting the next section.

Continue to stencil in sections until the whole piece is painted.

Once your stenciled piece of burlap is dry, you are ready to sew!

I used this awesome simple envelope pillow cover tutorial to complete my pillow! It’s definitely the easiest tutorial I’ve used, by far!

After stenciling, this pillow sewed right up in about 10 minutes!
Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

My first fall decor project is complete! It’s happy on my front porch welcoming fall to our visitors.

Americana Multi-Surface Satins are available for purchase at Michaels, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, and other fine craft retailers.

Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

 They are also offering a great rebate on their paints! Isn’t that great for all the crafting you’ll be doing this holiday season?

Here’s to a wonderful season!

Need more fall inspiration?

Fall WreathCheck out my Fall Burlap Wreath

Disclosure: Decoart provided me with the paint and stencils for this project but compensated me in no other way. I truly love the products and all opinions are 100% my own.


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Chalkboard Notebook for Back to School

Back to School time is here! My best friend sent her son off to Kindergarten, so exciting! I have a few years before I have to start thinking about my peanut heading to school but that hasn’t stopped me from stocking up on my favorite “school supplies.” Ehm… notebooks! As a blogger, I never have enough notebooks. You would think I would prefer electronic, but nope – I love a good ol’ notebook to write down all my ideas. So for your back to school and just all around super cute idea… I made this Chalkboard Notebook, and today I’m showing you how!

Chalkboard Notebook for Back to School

I pretty much love anything chalkboard. In fact, sometimes it’s almost like a game trying to decide what around my house I can turn into a chalkboard… it’s true! My latest was this composition notebook. Target had these bad boys on sale for back to school so I snagged one for only $.50.
Chalkboard Notebook for Back to School

With the notebook in hand, I grabbed my chalkboard paint and a little foam brush and got started.Chalkboard Notebook for Back to School

I the notebook with light coats of chalkboard paint allowing it to dry between coats. It took about three coats to complete.
Chalkboard Notebook for Back to School

After the paint is dry, I season my chalkboard. That was super easy! You just take the side of your chalk and rub it onto your chalkboard notebook, then wipe it off with a dry rag or paper towel. Chalkboard Notebook for Back to School

This seriously came out perfectly! Wouldn’t this chalkboard notebook be so cute to write homework reminders on? Or even class schedule? Super fun!
Chalkboard Notebook for Back to School

But, since I don’t have any back to school kiddos, I made this one for myself :)

I thought it would be fun to draw a little tribal print on mine, which I think came out pretty cute.

There are endless possibilities to a chalkboard notebook and it’s something outside your normal notebook! I hope you enjoy it!

For more chalkboard fun you can also check out my chalkboard painted tray and my chalkboard countdown sign.

This project was original shared at Mom 4 Real.


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Washi Tape and Paper Bag Picnic Utensil Holder

Hello to you!

It’s Friday! Woot!

Have any picnics coming up?

It’s summer! And that’s picnic season around here. Preferably at the beach.

paper bag washi tap utensil holder

For my latest picnic event I wanted some cute utensil holders. Nothing fancy, just a fun little something that will hold the utensil while looking pretty cute.

So I whipped up these utensil holders using paper bags and washi tape.

(Really… any excuse to use washi tape is my kind of project)

They were really easy to make and the best part is that they serve two purposes; utensil holders, and since they are paper bags you can put your trash inside when you’re all done! How awesome is that?paper bag picnic utensil holder

1. To make them you’ll need paper lunch sacks, washi tape, and an alphabet stamp.

2. Fold your paper bag from the bottom up at the seam to create a pocket.

3. Seal the side with washi tape. I did this by placing one strip of washi tape on the front allowing it to slightly hang over the edge, then put another strip on the back side so the pieces of tape stick together.

4. Do the same on the other side.

5. Stamp your saying onto the front pocket. I used “Bon Apétit”

6. Stuff with your napkin and utensils

It’s seriously that easy! Paper Bag Utensil Holder

Now, they are ready to go to our next beach picnic which I’m hoping is this weekend!

Enjoy your weekend sweet friends!

This project was originally shared at Mom 4 Real



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