Fall Decorating, a Vignette + a Printable

This time between summer and fall is probably my favorite time of year. It’s a bit of calm after all the fun of summer but before the whirlwind of the holidays come.
Fall Vignette with Grateful Heart Printable www.makinghomebase.com
Today I’m so excited to share a little fall decorating with you plus there is a little something for you.
Fall Vignette with Grateful Heart Printable www.makinghomebase.com
21 bloggers are sharing a little bit of their fall decorating and each of us have included a printable for you to download and incorporate in your own decor!
Fall Vignette with Grateful Heart Printable www.makinghomebase.com
As autumn approaches, what a great reminder. Family and home are such gifts…ones that we should be truly grateful for.Fall Vignette with Grateful Heart Printable www.makinghomebase.com
It’s a simple vignette that you can throw together too! I’m loving the print in the coral color but because I believe in choices there are a few color options ready for you to download. I had mine printed at Office Depot for less than $1.

let us gather with a grateful heart

Download here

Now you want to head over and visit my friends and see the amazing fall vignettes they’re ready to inspire you with! Remember, they each have a free printable ready for you to download!

Fall Vignette and Compass Arrow Printable by Rooms FOR Rent

Rustic Fall Mantel Vignette by Thoughts from Alice

Autumn Glitter Vignette by The Concrete Cottage

Oak Leaf Inspired Vignette and Hand Painted Printable by Jennifer Rizzo

Fall Vignette and Printable by Finding Silver Pennies

Autumn Definition Printable by The Lilypad Cottage

Set of 4 Wine Printables by Eclectically Vintage

Gather Painted Printable by Restoration House

DIY Printable Fall Leaf Wreath Printable by Town and Country Living

Rustic Chic Fall Bookcase and Printable by City Farmhouse

Early Fall Vignette Chronicles of Home

Trick or Treat Banner by Ella Claire

Grateful Heart by Making Home Base <— you’re here!

Beautiful Glorious Fall Printable by Nest of Posies

Simple Fall Vignette by My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Fall Printable and Vignette by At The Picket Fence

Vintage Flashcard Halloween Printable by My Sweet Savannah

Hand Painted Give Thanks Wreath by Craftberry Bush

Pumpkins Pinecones Leaves by Migonis Home

Autumn Vignette and Fall Printable by AKA Design

Gather in the Kitchen Printable by Its Overflowing


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100 Fall Ideas

Happy Labor Day!!

Although it’s still officially summer, here at Making Home Base we’re looking forward to fall. With all the change in the air, it’s a perfect time to think about fall decorating! I’m sharing a few of favorite fall ideas, and I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers who will be sharing their best fall ideas as well.

100 FALL Project Ideas - www.makinghomebase.com

 That’s 100 Fall Ideas from 25 different bloggers! You are sure to find plenty of inspiration for your fall decor! Here are some of my favorites from last year (and this year)!

100 FALL Project Ideas - www.makinghomebase.com

Painted Leaves

100 FALL Project Ideas - www.makinghomebase.com

Fall Centerpiece

100 FALL Project Ideas - www.makinghomebase.com

Chalkboard Pumpkin Planters

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins

Gold Confetti Pumpkins

The inspiration doesn’t stop there! There are so many more ideas waiting for you! Visit each blog below for all 100 fabulous ideas!

Making Home Base


At the Picket Fence

The Turquoise Home

My Fabuless Life

Fox Hollow Cottage

The Thinking Closet

Wood Grain Cottage

Live Laugh Rowe

Persia Lou

Just a Girl and Her Blog

The Golden Sycamore

Tell Love & Chocolate

Upcycled Treasures

Liz Marie Blog

Setting for Four

Maison de Pax

Design, Dining, and Diapers

Homey Oh My!

The Happy Housie

House by Hoff

The Blissful Bee

Place of My Taste

Life On Virginia Street

Uncommon Designs


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Chalkboard Pumpkin Planters

Have you seen the latest trend? It’s turning pumpkins into anything and everything. I love it and I’m on the bandwagon! Turns out the bright orange plastic jack o’ lanterns aren’t destined to just be hideous (too strong?) candy buckets. They have the ability to be so much more… like planters, and chalkboard planters! Yes.Chalkboard Pumpkin Planters

Chalkboard Pumpkin Planters

I wanted to whip up a quick fall porch on the cheap so I went back to basics. It doesn’t get any more basic then the good ol’ orange jack o’ lantern. Am I right? Those things go back as far as I can remember but from here on they will be much cuter in my memory :)
Chalkboard Pumpkin PlantersAll I did to turn the orange pumpkins into fabulous chalkboard pumpkin planters, was to paint them with chalkboard paint. After a few coats (letting them dry completely in between coats), they were ready for some fall foliage.
Chalkboard Pumpkin PlantersI planted some pretty yellow mums in each planter. They are just quintessentially fall in my book. And can we just talk about how fun chalkboard paint is? I’m already having a blast with these little chalkboard pumpkin planters. I love that I can change the message frequently throughout the season. I have a couple of ideas for Halloween as it gets a bit closer. So fun!Chalkboard Pumpkin Planters

Here’s the deal with this super quick and cheap fall porch, my chalkboard pumpkin planters only cost $1 each. At that price it’s really hard not to want a zillion of them. I also got a bundle of Indian corn from the pumpkin patch along with a few pumpkins – because no fall porch is complete with real pumpkins (ps one of the orange ones is fake).

I’m so happy with my new fall planters. They totally transform my idea of those well known orange jack o’ lanterns. How about you?!

Check out my other fall projects:

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti PumpkinsGold Confetti Pumpkins

Fall Decorating A DIY Harvest SignDIY Harvest Sign

A Fall VignetteFall Vignette

Sharing this project at Savvy Southern Style


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Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins

Are you loving fall? I am. Even though it was in the 80s this weekend, we took our daughter to the pumpkin patch. It was so fun! She loved all the pumpkins and the animals and Matt and enjoyed lemon shake ups and kettle corn (that stuff is so addicting). After a fall filled day I was ready to get going on some more fall decorating. It was a really busy week for us last week so it was great to finally dive into some projects this weekend. One thing I’m really loving this season is GOLD. I can’t get enough of the shiny metallics. If you are looking for some fun pumpkin decorating ideas, let me show you my latest obsession, these gold confetti pumpkins!

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins

Aren’t they GLAM?

You guys know how much I love cheap and easy, and these pumpkins totally are! $1 for each pumpkin, the spray paint and paint had on hand. Even if you have to go out and buy a can of gold spray paint, you won’t regret it – you’ll want to spray everything you own gold, it’s that fun!
Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins

The Dollar Tree has some great cheapie fall/Halloween decorations. These foam pumpkins are the perfect canvas for all sorts of fun pumpkin decorating ideas!
Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins

I spray painted them with gold metallic paint, then painted white confetti dots, with the eraser tip of a pencil. It was so easy and took less than 10 minutes to complete both pumpkins! Aren’t they such a fun addition? Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti PumpkinsThese little babies are hanging out on my newly made over end table, and of course I tossed in my favorite mini white pumpkins. I wish I could have a gazillion of those little white pumpkins. And I know my little one agrees, I catch her at least a few times a day trying to sneak away with them. :)
Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins I’m always looking for cute pumpkin ideas – this one totally fits the bill, don’t you think? Do you have any unique pumpkin decorating ideas?

More Fall Projects you may love:

Chalkboard Pumpkin PlantersChalkboard Pumpkin Planters

Fall Decorating A Fall VignetteFall Vignette

makinghomebase fall wreathBurlap Fall Wreath

Sharing this project at Savvy Southern Style


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Coffee Filter Topiary Tutorial

Coffee Filter Topiary Tutorial Yesterday, I shared my fall vignette. Don’t you love the little gold pumpkins? Me too. My favorite part though; the DIY topiaries. They anchor the whole vignette while giving it some height.

Today, I’m going to share how to make a Coffee Filter Topiary.

Fall Coffee Filter TopiariesI started out with these styrofoam balls.DIY Coffee Filter TopiaryAnd began hot gluing and pinning coffee filters all around. The best strategy for this seemed to sticking your finger or pencil in the middle of the coffee filter then folding the filters in half and then half again, then hot glue to the styrofoam ball, gluing around in a circle then gluing the filters to the top and bottom.

Once the ball is covered in nice fluffy coffee filters, stick a wooden dowel in the center of your ball. My dowels were about 18 inches each.

Tutorial Coffee Filter TopiaryFor the burlap pot, I covered a plain terra cotta pot with burlap then stuffed another styrofoam ball inside the pot sticking the other end of the dowel into the styrofoam ball and hot glued it into place.
coffee filter topiary So simple right? I just love the way it turned out. They look great in my fall vignette. For a fall look, I wrapped some raffia around the topiary and added a little faux autumn sprig. The best part about the coffee filter topiary is that you can carry it over to Christmas or use it all year round. Love!

The Lettered Cottage



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A Fall Vignette

It’s finally fall. Officially fall as of yesterday. Don’t you love it? To celebrate the beginning of the new season I’m sharing my festive fall vignette. One place in my house that is fun for seasonal decor is my buffet. It gives the whole dining area a seasonal feel with a few little fall touches. Let’s take a look…

Fall Vignette on the BuffetThe first thing I do when I start decorating for seasons is shop my house. It’s true! I love to use what I have. For this vignette, I used lots of things from around the house, some things were crafted, and others were left over from last year. From around the house, I grabbed a basket and laid some burlap inside to make a nice little bed for my spray painted gourds. That’s right, I bought some plastic gourds for super cheap and spray painted them white to make them look a little prettier. I also used a cake plate as a pedestal to give my vignette a little height. I placed a mason jar filled with driftwood on top. Since gold is very much on trend this season I wanted to add some gold elements to my fall vignette. The gold pumpkins were left over from last year’s fall centerpiece.
Fall Vignette DetailsI love the details. The harvest sign I shared last week. It was a really simple DIY. I also used putka pods (the little mini pumpkins) throughout the vignette. I filled a glass vase with them and just sprinkled them around. They are so cute aren’t they? The leave garland and fall bunting (tutorial to come) were a fun addition.
A Beautiful Fall Vignette To anchor both sides of my vignette, I DIYed a couple of fall topiaries. Aren’t they pretty?
Fall Decorating DIY Harvest SignNow my dining space is looking a lot more like fall with this fall vignette, and I couldn’t be more excited! Here’s to a season full of fall boots, pumpkin everything, and fun fall decor! Happy Fall, friends!


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Fall Decorating DIY Harvest Sign

We went to the beach this weekend then I came home and started decorating my buffet for fall. Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Turns out, the beginning signs of fall come in the form of morning fog here in sunny southern California. Although we were greeted with morning fog, it was still warm making it the perfect beach day. No sun barreling down, cool breeze. It was perfect. While we are still enjoying our fair share of sand and salt water, we are also ready for fall. I usually am pretty tame with my fall decorating but I do like to dress up my buffet and other little things throughout the house. This weekend I worked on getting my buffet ready for fall which included several small craft projects that I plan to share with you guys. The first up is my DIY Harvest Sign.

Fall Decorating A DIY Harvest SignSigns like this are so trendy right now and they are so easy to make. How fun to incorporate them into fall decorating? My sign was whipped up in less than 90 minutes (including dry time). And it gives my vignette a really fresh look. My favorite part about these signs are that you can completely customize it. I used the word “Harvest” but you could easily put whatever world or phrase you’d like in place.

The first step was cut a piece of wood. We had a few scrap pieces in the garage so I just cut it to about 18 inches, sanded it down really good, then painted in white.

Fall Decorating A DIY Harvest Sign While the paint was drying I created a stencil. My stencil was created with my Silhouette Cameo, making it super fast and easy to make. If you don’t have a Silhouette, the letters in this stencil are large enough that you could easily print the letter outlines out using your printer then cutting them out. It will be more time consuming but definitely doable. Since my stencil needed to cover a 18 inch piece of wood I had it cut in two pieces then pieced it together.

Fall Decorating A DIY Harvest SignOnce the stencil placement was just right I taped it to the board and got my paint ready. I used Americana multi-surface paint for the letters. The color is the perfect shade of yellow-gold that compliments the white beautifully. My friend Jessica at Mom 4 Real shared a neat trick to put paint into cupcake liners for easy clean up and I’ve been doing that ever since.

Fall Decorating A DIY Harvest SignTo paint the letters I used a round sponge brush and lightly dabbed it into the paint then dabbed the letters until they were covered completely. After allowing it to try, I took off the stencil and added a little raffia as an embellishment.Fall Decorating A DIY Harvest Sign Here’s a little peek of how it looks in my vignette. Don’t you love it! So festive and of course so easy! I may just have to start sanding some more scrap wood for some more of these little signs. They are just so fun to make!

Tell me, how are you going about fall decorating?

Happy Tuesday and happy fall decorating friends.

See more fall projects here.


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Fall Garland

Bit of fall are showing up in my house. And I love it.

Fall Garland in 5 minutesFall is such a beautiful time of year. Things just seem more cozy don’t you think?

I bet it’s cooling off in some of your neck of the woods. Maybe the leaves are changing colors. None of this is happening down here in good ol’ southern California.

One thing I love about moving around the country is that we have the good fortune of “test driving” different cities. We get to experience so many different places and learn what we love and what we aren’t so crazy about. I keep a little list in my head of things we want in our forever town (the town we settle down in after the military days are over) and things we want in our forever house. One thing I definitely want in our forever town is seasons. Having sunshine all year round is lovely but I do miss the cool fall breeze and even (gasp) snow. Some other things  that are must haves in our forever town will be tons of mature trees, drive in movie theaters, delicious donut shop, and some pretty countryside. Everything on my list is a tiny bit negotiable except for the donut shop and fall, those are must haves.

So, maybe it’s 90 degrees outside and it turns out that palm trees don’t change colors. It’s still fall inside my house. Today I’m share one of my fall projects this year.

5 minute fall garland

Here’s my super easy and super cheap Dollar Store Leaves Fall Garland.

Fall Garland TutorialIt’s no secret how much I love a nice budget project. This one is perfecto. I mean $1 perfect. I snagged a package of fall leaves from the Dollar Tree for a quick and easy fall garland.

One bag of leaves, sewing machine, and 5 minutes later – it was garland time (yeah, I said that.)

Fall Leaves Garland TutorialOkay, to make your fall garland, grab your leaves and have them handy. Start by sewing a seam up the center of your first leaf.

Dollar Fall Leaves GarlandOnce you’ve sewn that seam, push your next leaf through keeping a running seam. Continue to do that with as many leaves as you would like on your garland.

Fall Leaves GarlandThat’s it. 5 minutes later you’ve got yourself some festive fall garland.

Dollar Store Leaf Garland

Little bits of fall starting to show up in our house.

I’d love to hear if you’ve started decorating for fall. Also, do you have a wish list for your forever town or forever home? I’d love to hear about it in the comments or find me on Facebook or Instagram.

I’ve shared this project with these great link parties: Rain on a Tin Roof, Savvy Southern Style


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Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

Easy Fall Decor with Decoart Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints! Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

Happy Labor Day! Even though we are experiencing a HEAT wave down here in southern California, I’m still dreaming of (and decorating for) FALL. I’m in love with fall. The cooler weather, boots, pumpkin anything… I love it all!

For my first project of fall I made this burlap houndstooth stenciled outdoor pillow!

Want to see how I did it? Well you’re in luck! I’ve got all the details for ya, right here!

I love burlap for fall decor! It’s just so cozy! Love it. And seriously, I am LOVING this houndstooth stencil!


Burlap (I used about a quarter of a yard)

Americana Mixed Media Stencil

Americana Paint (Birch White)

Canvas or another material for the backing

Pillow form


Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

The first step is to cut your burlap piece to size. I used a 20×20 pillow form, so I used a 20×20 piece of burlap.

Stenciling the burlap was really simple! Using a form brush or a stencil brush dab brush into the paint, then dab brush onto a paper towel or some other dry surface to dab off a little excess paint. You don’t want a lot of paint on your brush. The start tapping your brush around to cover the stenciled area.

Once you’ve covered the stenciled area. Pick up the stencil (admire your beautiful work) and allow it to dry for several minutes before lining up and painting the next section.

Continue to stencil in sections until the whole piece is painted.

Once your stenciled piece of burlap is dry, you are ready to sew!

I used this awesome simple envelope pillow cover tutorial to complete my pillow! It’s definitely the easiest tutorial I’ve used, by far!

After stenciling, this pillow sewed right up in about 10 minutes!
Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

My first fall decor project is complete! It’s happy on my front porch welcoming fall to our visitors.

Americana Multi-Surface Satins are available for purchase at Michaels, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, and other fine craft retailers.

Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

 They are also offering a great rebate on their paints! Isn’t that great for all the crafting you’ll be doing this holiday season?

Here’s to a wonderful season!

Need more fall inspiration?

Fall WreathCheck out my Fall Burlap Wreath

Disclosure: Decoart provided me with the paint and stencils for this project but compensated me in no other way. I truly love the products and all opinions are 100% my own.


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10 Awesome Pumpkin Recipes

Hi there friends! I don’t know about you but one of my favorite things about fall is the food. Pumpkin has been on my mind for weeks and I’ve even been on the hunt for that delicious Ben & Jerry’s flavor, Pumpkin Cheesecake. I haven’t found it yet but I have found some awesome pumpkin recipes that I am dying to try. Need some pumpkin ideas? Here’s 10!



Pumpkin Spice Trifle52 Mantels

Pumpkin Doughnut MuffinsBrown Eyed Baker

Pumpkin Pie GranolaDashing Dish

Gluten Free Pumpkin French ToastWith Style and Grace

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Milk ShakeAt Home Take 2

Homemade Pumpkin Spice CreamerLove, Pomegranate House

Pumpkin Gooey Butter CakeThat’s What Che Said

Pumpkin & Chocolate Cheesecake Bars – Ali Lily Blog

Roasted Pumpkin Seed BrittleBless This Mess

Pumpkin Muffins With Cinnamon Cream Cheese FillingLife Made Simple

Aren’t you hungry just looking at these delicious pumpkin treats? Be sure and check out each of these yummy dishes! Happy Fall!

[I encourage you pin each one of these dishes - however, please go visit the author's blogs and pin from there. Thank you!]



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Fall Favorites

Happy Friday all! My second full week blogging and I’m loving every minute of it. Thanks for making it so fun! This week has been really inspiring, I’ve seen some fantastic Fall projects.

So, in the spirit of Fall and inspiration I wanted to share with you some of my Fall favorites from around the blogosphere.


Halloween Owl Plate from Uncommon.

Fall Pine Cone FlowerWreath from Today’s Fabulous Finds

Shabby Chic Pumpkin from Cupcakes & Crinoline

Color Block Pumpkins from Illi Style

Rustic Wood Block Signs from Chase The Star

Yarn Wrapped Letters For Fall from Repeat Crafter Me

Popcorn Kernel Wreath from Cherished Bliss

Easiest DIY Fall Decor from Sweet Little Blue Bird

Wood Fence Fall Mantel from Ali Lily Blog

Aren’t they all so festive and fun? Make sure you click on over and visit them!

Have a great weekend!







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Wrapped Burlap Fall Wreath

Fall is here and my door is welcoming it with my new wrapped burlap fall wreath.

I have seen some beautiful fall wreaths this year around the blogosphere! I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted for my wreath other than I knew I wanted burlap, is there anything better for fall? Then I bought pinecones (not many wooded areas to find pinecones around here) to use for my Romantic Fall Centerpiece. Since I had some leftover I thought I could incorporate them into my burlap fall wreath.

Burlap Fall Wreath

I just love burlap wreaths. Especially for fall. And this light burlap is so pretty.

Burlap Fall Wreath



I wrapped strips of burlap around a foam wreath, hot gluing it as I went to keep it firmly in place.Burlap Fall Wreath

For embellishment, I used white fabric to make some fabric rosettes. The bright white is a nice contrast against the burlap. Then, I simply hot glued the pinecones to some gold ribbon, hanging them from the center of the wreath.

Burlap Fall Wreath

This wreath is probably one of my favorites. It’s so simple but it’s festive for fall. And I love any project where I can use what I have on hand. With the exception of the foam wreath I already had all of the supplies, costing me only $6. You can’t beat that price! I finished it in the evening and couldn’t wait to get it on the door. What do you think? Are you ready for fall?

For more pretty burlap fall goodness check out:

Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

Houndstooth Stenciled Burlap Pillow


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Simple Fall Centerpiece

Can you believe fall is here already? In several of the places we’ve lived there was no such thing as fall (looking at you Hawaii). And while it doesn’t quite feel like fall yet, all of the fall decorations in the stores and the inspiration on the blogosphere have really gotten me into the spirit.

Fall Centerpiece

Simple Fall Centerpiece

I put together this romantic centerpiece using a lot of items I already had with a couple new things mixed in.

Simple Fall Centerpiece

For the ultimate fall feel I put some pinecones in a glass hurricane (can you believe I had to actually buy these pinecones?). I filled a couple mason jars with different things. One has a few glittered pumpkins. The other has dried putka pods, which I had never seen before but are perfect for fall. For a little embellishment I used some gold lace ribbon. The pillars I’ve had for years. They used to be black but I spray painted them white a few months ago. They are so versatile, they are always in use somewhere in the house. For the runner I just added a few fabric rosettes to a strip of burlap.

Simple Fall Centerpiece

This centerpiece has such a romantic feel to me with the white pillars, fabric rosettes, and lace ribbon detail.

Simple Fall Centerpiece

See how simple that is? Because I used what I already had, the total cost was approximately $11.00 give or take a few cents. I’m so pleased with the way it turned out, classic, romantic, and it is definitely feeling a bit more like fall around here.


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