DIY Bunny Trick Or Treat Basket

Just a few days left to get ready for the ghosts and ghouls friends. Or in our case, little bunny rabbits :) My little one is going to be a little bunny this year. It’s something we just came up with this week (talk about waiting until the last minute…) and it’s easily put together so I decided to spend a little time on making a little trick or treat basket to go with her costume this year!
DIY Bunny Trick Or Treat Basket_edited-1How cute is this little bunny trick or treat basket? It was so EASY and really fun to craft together, I even put together a little tutorial to share today!

Bunny Treat BasketYou need an empty bucket. I’ve been saving this one for a few weeks knowing I wanted to make a trick or treat basket for P. You could also grab one of those $1 pumpkin baskets and cover it easily as well. Other supplies you’ll need are fabric (about 1/2 yard), hot glue gun, and embellishments (will differ depending on your character).Bunny Trick or Treat BasketTo cover the bucket, I laid out a piece of fabric, folded over to make it a bit thicker, then folded the ends into the basket, hotgluing it into place. Bunny Rabbit Treat Basket Keep folding and hot gluing the fabric into the bucket until you make it all the way around.
Halloween Treat BasketNext, I added the bunny ears. I decided to do gold ears for a little bit of glam! To do the ears I just folded a pipe cleaner in half, and then glued the ends together and bent the ears until I got the arch I wanted.Halloween-Trick-Or-Treat-BasketNext, I hot glued the ears to the front part of the bucket on the inside (about a half inch down).DIY Halloween Treat BasketAnd no bunny is complete without a poofy bunny tail! After creating a quick yard pom pom, I hot glued the bunny tail in place.Bunny Treat BucketNext I embellished the face with all sorts of goodies: Pom pom eyes, button nose with yarn whiskers and a pipe cleaner mouth. The last step is to ad a  handle. I cheated and just safety pinned a braided piece of fabric on either side to create a handle. Next year I’ll be sure to make proper holes in the bucket before doing all the embellishing since she’ll be bigger and simple safety pins may not hold.

DIY Bunny Treat BasketShe’s already loving it and has been carrying it all around the house…and outside… to collect leaves :) DIY Treat Bucket I am really looking forward to taking her trick or treating for the first time tomorrow and this will be Daddy’s first Halloween with her since he was deployed last year.

What are your kiddos dressing up as?


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Last Minute Halloween Decor with Cottonelle

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group™ and Cottonelle, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #CottonelleTarget

The trick or treaters are coming this week folks! If you need a quick last minute something to spook your neighbors I’ve got the perfect last minute Halloween decor for you. It was fun to make and I bet you have the main “ingredient” in your house right now.
Spooky Spider Web Door DecorCheck out my Cottonelle Toilet Paper Spider and TP web! I  was able to whip this up in 20 minutes or so and it’s going to be perfect to spook the my trick or treaters.

Here’s what you’ll need

Cottonelle Triple Roll (So you can have a nice big spider)

Black Ribbon

8 Black Pipe Cleaners

Hot Glue


Spider Web Door Decor

Grab a roll of TP. I love Cottonelle Triple Roll because it’s nice a fat, making it the perfect spider body (plus you don’t need to change the TP roll as often…keepin’ it real!). Start by dabbing a little hot glue in the middle of your TP roll to hold the end of the ribbon.
Spider TutorialThen you can start wrapping the ribbon around the roll. I had to cut pieces of ribbon to get them through the roll, making sure to hot glue the ends to the inside of the roll.Spider Door Tutorial

After your roll is completely wrapped with ribbon, you have your spider body complete. For the legs, hot glue four pipe cleaners to the inside of the TP roll and then bend the ends for a more authentic look ;) Toilet Paper Spider

Here’s the fun part. You get to TP your own house! Create a little web for your spider. I did this by winding the TP up and taping it together into a web.  Here’s a little trick for hanging your big ol’ spider, use fishing string. Yup! I just fed a piece of fishing string and tied the ends, and duck taped it to the top of the door. That’s all friends. 30 minutes and we have the perfect last minute Halloween decor!


And guess what? At Target, you can get a free box of Kleenex when you buy Cottonelle Triple Roll 12 pack or larger with this coupon. This coupon is only good while supplies last so hurry hurry and get your #1 Halloween decor supply!


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Halloween Cupcakes: Spooky Graveyard Cupcakes

One of my favorite parts about this time of year is the fun Halloween decorating. I’m not big on scary but I love cute with a touch of spooky. How about you? Well you are in for a spooky treat, because I’m sharing these cute little Graveyard Halloween Cupcakes. They are the cutest little sweet treats for a Halloween party or for your kiddos classroom.

Spooky Graveyard Halloween Cupcakes

Graveyard Halloween Cupcakes

To make them, bake your favorite cupcake recipe (ehmm, or buy a box mix – that’s what I did) and whip up a batch of your favorite frosting. Typically,  for cupcakes I make a box mix for the cupcakes then whip up my vanilla bean buttercream frosting. It’s my little trick to making quick cupcakes but having them still taste homemade. For these Halloween cupcakes, I just went for the box mix and the can frosting because I wanted to focus my time on decorating them. Graveyard Halloween CupcakesDecorating these cupcakes is so easy and it just takes a little bit of imagination. I used white icing but you could used chocolate too! I crumbled some oreos for the dirt and then used mini Milano cookies for the headstones. They are the perfect size! I even used icing to write “RIP” on a few of the headstones. I also added some candy corn pumpkins (because they are my favorite). And what spooky graveyard is complete without some bloody bones? The bloody bones candy came from Target. They are so fun to decorate. I did each one a little bit different.

You can get creative and add in anything you’d like. How fun would it be to let the little ones help out with the decorating part of the Halloween cupcakes?
Graveyard Halloween Cupcakes

I hope you enjoy making these fun spooky graveyard Halloween cupcakes for your upcoming Halloween festivities!

For more Halloween inspiration you might want to check out:

Eek! Creepy Crawly Halloween WreathHalloween Wreath

Making Home Base Paper Pumpkin GarlandPaper Pumpkin Garland

Painted Jack O Lantern Treat BowlJack O Lantern Treat Bowl


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Homemade Halloween Decorations are the BEST: Halloween Wreath


Are you getting ready for Halloween? I’m loving all the spooky and scary stuff I’ve seen around the blogosphere. So much fun!

Today it’s all about creepy crawlers here at Making Home Base. Creepy Crawly Chevron all wrapped up into a perfect little Halloween Wreath.

Yep, I’m showing the first of my homemade halloween decorations!

homemade halloween decorationsI love Halloween decor that is cute and creepy not gory and frightening. Are you with me? If you’re like me you’ll love this wreath. It’s just the perfect amount of creepy and cute! It’s also very EASY to create! chevron fabric halloween wreathHandmade Halloween Decorations tip #1. Don’t pay $8 for a foam wreath form. Hit up Walmart or the Dollar Tree and grab a $2 pool wreath. Trim of a little bit with a bread knife, and duct tape the ends together. Bam, wreath form.

To cover the wreath I cut strips of chevron fabric about 2 1/2 inches thick. And started wrapping them around the wreath form and securing them with pins. Usually, I use hot glue but I ran out of glue sticks (What the what???) and you know what, I like the pins better.
Spider Halloween WreathThen all that’s left to do is EMBELLISH. I got these glitter spiders at Michaels and was so excited to find the spider web netting in my fabric stash. It was perfect for this wreath. I stretched it out across the back of the wreath and placed a few spooky spiders in the netting. Very creepy crawly, don’t you think? Lastly, I used some white fabric for a little ruffly touch.Halloween Wreath Eek! It’s so fun to get a little creative and make some spooky stuff! See more homemade halloween decorations here.

Have a great weekend friends!

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Last Minute Halloween Craft: Paper Pumpkin Garland

Halloween is next week and I have been busy wrapping up a few quick last minute crafts. Earlier this week I showed you a cute and festive pumpkin applique baby onesie which you can find here. Today, I want to share another quick and easy craft. My Paper Pumpkin Garland with washi tape.

I’m headed to a fun trunk or treat party this weekend and I needed a little decoration for my trunk. I whipped up this cute garland in about a half hour. Super cute. Super quick. Super easy. What more could you ask for?

To make this garland you’ll need a few supplies:

Orange card stock (1 and half 12×12 sheets – my pumpkins were about 2″x2″)

Washi tape


Hot glue gun


Once you have your pumpkins cut out (I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut the pumpkins) you are ready to go. To assemble this garland simply hot glue a line on the back the pumpkin and stick the jute to the hot glue. Spacing every 2 inches or so, wrap a piece of washi tape around the jute and stick it to itself. Then, cut off a little triangle from the tape to give it a flag look. Continue until you have garland your desired length.

See, I told you it was easy!

Now hurry and go make some before YOUR Halloween party!


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Pumpkin Applique Onesie Tutorial

Halloween is such a fun holiday! Dressing up the baby in this pumpkin applique onesie is just too cute not to share!

This weekend I worked on some last minute Halloween projects, and I’m going to share this Pumpkin Applique Onesie with you today. This applique is super festive and very easy to whip up. I plan on putting my little girl in this with a pair of leggings on the day of Halloween before it’s time to get all costumed up for the night.

Pumpkin Applique Onesie Tutorial

To make this fun little onesie you’ll need:

A plain white onesie in the size of your choice

Fabric scraps

A pumpkin stencil (or any stencil of your choosing)

Double Stick Fusible Webbing (I used Steam-A-Seam2)

Coordinating thread if you plan to sew on applique

Shall we jump in?

Pumpkin Applique Onesie Tutorial

First, pick some fabric! I had both of these fabrics in my scraps bin from other projects so it worked out perfectly. You really don’t need much. I used a 6-9 mo onesie. The pumpkin body measured about 6 in wide and 3 in high, and the stem was about 1 in wide and 2 in high.

Next, print the graphic you plan to use as a stencil (I downloaded this graphic from Silhouette).

Following the directions for the fusible webbing, trace the graphic onto the paper liner that stays with the webbing. (My directions said to trace the design in reverse but with this graphic, it wasn’t necessary).

Peel off the liner and stick the wrong side of your fabric to the web.

Cut out your graphic, after cutting you can remove the tracing liner.

Pumpkin Applique Onesie Tutorial

Position your graphic onto your onesie. Once you’ve got it positioned correctly, remove the liner and allow webbing to stick to the onesie.

Iron on the applique. My directions recommend to press for 10-20 seconds on the cotton setting.

At this point, your applique should be on securely. However, you could also quickly run a stitch around your applique. I decided not to stitch mine because I only intend on my babe wearing this adorable little thing one time.

Pumpkin Applique Onesie Tutorial

I love the pumpkin applique onesie!

These cute little onesies are so universal, you could do one for any holiday you choose. They are also great as inexpensive personalized baby gifts.

Pumpkin Applique Onesie Tutorial

And for a little extra cute. You can make a little headband to match. Here’s my little pumpkin modeling her sweet little pumpkin applique onesie.

Happy Halloween. If you need more Halloween inspiration, check out my Jack O’ Lantern Treat Bowl or this fun Pumpkin Garland


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Painted Jack O Lantern Treat Bowl

Halloween is around the corner and I’m pretty excited. I haven’t really done much in the way of decorating or even participating in Halloween for a few years, but now that we have a little one, I’m jumping in. It will be my daughter’s first Halloween and at five months old she’s a bit too little to appreciate the Halloween decorations, costumes, and baked goods so I’ve mostly passed on all of those fun projects. However, I did feel the need to whip up something to put all the treats in for the ghosts, goblins, and princesses who may be knocking on our door. So I thought it would be fun to do a Painted Jack O Lantern Treat Bowl

This festive bowl is great for candy for the trick or treaters or as a serving dish because I used non-toxic glass paint. It’s also dishwasher safe. How about that? You want one? Here’s how!

To get started you’ll need:

A large glass bowl. I got this one at IKEA (There is one down the street from our house so I go often!)

Non toxic glass paint in orange and black

Paint brushes (I used a foam brush for the orange, and a small paint brush for the black)

A jack o lantern stencil of your choosing

First, I painted the entire bowl orange using a large foam brush. The paint I used had a pearly opaque tint so it took three coats to get the coverage I wanted. Once it was dry (I allowed it to dry over night), I cut out my jack o lantern stencil and placed it on the bowl. Using a small paint brush I painted the face with the black paint.

Now, I used vinyl for this but I would recommend using a simple piece of paper or card stock taped to the bowl because the vinyl peeled off the paint in one section of my bowl. I had to touch it up. Even with that little hiccup it still came out nicely.

I’m displaying it on my kitchen island for now but I am looking forward to using it for the trick or treaters at an upcoming trunk or treat event we will be attending. I can’t wait to dress up my little peanut and show her off and see what all the other little kiddos are dressed up as! Happy Halloween!




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