On Being a MOM this Mother’s Day

To The One Who Made Me A Mom, on mother's day

You guys. I’m sharing my heart today…because today’s the perfect day for it.

I know this is real predictable being Mother’s Day and all but today I’m talking about being a mom.

If I had to list all the things I love in the world, being a mom would be at the tippy top of my list.

As we quickly approach P’s second birthday (next weekend!) I’m feeling really nostalgic. I’m sure most mothers feel the same; to me it still feels like she was born yesterday. I still remember it all. The scary few days in the beginning when I felt like I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Then, finally getting the hang out it. Then, feeling lost all over again with each new milestone (please don’t get the wrong idea, I still feel lost the majority of the time). I remember nights when I would hold her a little longer and try to remember that exact moment because I knew it wouldn’t last forever.  I knew that in a blink of an eye she would be turning two, and now, she is.

TWO! Dude! It seems like not that long ago she was teeny tiny and we were sending her daddy off for deployment. 8 months of Deployment. The eight months that changed my life. The eight months that made our bond really unique.


Looking back I realized that I owe her everything. We spent so many months alone just the two of us. Matt was deployed for eight of the 12 first months of her life. She was just two months old when we had just moved into a new house, in a brand new city. The week after moving in, Matt left for a three week underway. Her and I took adventures and discovered our new city on our own. Without her, I probably would have stayed stuck in my house not wanting to go out and meet people. But P is always such a great ice breaker. Whenever I took her out, she was an attention magnet. I felt comfortable to go out and meet other moms and wives because we would already having something to talk about.


This Mother’s Day, and every day I’m so thankful for my girl.

It’s because of her, that I have made so many wonderful friends.

It’s because of her, I made the decision to become more faithful to God. The moment I looked at her I knew that it wasn’t an accident that she became ours. I recognized it was by God’s grace and His love for me. I knew that I wanted to teach her about His love every day.

I can relax more, because of her.

I have less fear because of her. I stop being afraid (not all of the time) because I don’t ever want to push my fears and anxieties on her.


I’m so happy to celebrate being her mama today.

Every day is worth celebrating, really. Not that every day is perfect because it’s not. Some days we end up in jammmies all day. And there are days when we both end up in tears after a botched nap time. But at the end of the day, I get to hang out with the coolest girl I know. I get to be her best buddy, her favorite one to *nuggle* (aka snuggle), and her afternoon playground partner. I get to play chase, and catch, and praise her like crazy when I hear her say a brand new word.

We get to have deep conversations about our favorite animals, read the best stories eight times in a row, and sing “rope” (aka row, row, row your boat) before bed every night.

When I think about being a mom, I think about all of these little moments. I’m cherishing them, basking in them, praying that I never forget them.


Because in reality, being a mom is the best thing I will ever do.

Thank you Peighton, for making me the best I’ll ever be. I love you!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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Lessons in Balance.

Ya’ll I’m taking a break from normal DIY talk to keep it real.

I get asked A LOT how do you manage it all?

lessons in balance


I kind of just chuckle and make a joke about how I don’t do it very well. ha. Most of my life these days is chaotic and crazy and by the time I sit down at night it all feels a bit like a blur.

I’ve heard this word before… you might know it. It’s called balance.

I’m learning lessons in balance.

I’m learning that it’s okay to not do it all.

lessons in balance


I sometimes decide to snuggle with my daughter instead of writing a post. And every now and then, I spend the day at the zoo instead of working on a project. Sometimes it’s necessary to put the work away and focus on life and remind myself of my first job, my most important job, being a mom.

lessons in balance


Thanks so much for sticking with me even when I can’t manage it all. We’re going places together.

Happy Friday!

ps. Hang with me on Instagram and get sneak peeks of latest projects, shopping finds, and one super cute little lady.


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Merry Christmas 2013

Dear sweet readers,

Merry Christmas! It’s been such a wonderful year for my family. And I hope you all have much to celebrate this holiday season as well. Since I plan to unplug and just enjoy my family, I wanted to pop in and wish you a very merry Christmas.Christmas CardHere’s our Christmas card that I never got printed. E-cards are the way of the future I’m telling myself.

Also, we just got our family pictures back and I thought you might enjoy catching a little glimpse of my family. Some of my favorite blog posts from others are the personal ones, where they share what’s on their heart or just little glimpses into their life. I don’t do that much here but I wanted to do that today.

We haven’t had any professional photos taken since well before my daughter was born. So my Christmas present to us this year was a family photo shoot and the images captured are priceless.

Here’s a fewfamily photo ideas

family photos1

family photos3

family pics

family pictures

family picture

I’m so unbelievably grateful to Tarah Sweeney Photography for capturing these moments. This little love of ours is growing so fast and having these photos to look back on mean so much.

Friends, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year! I hope the Lord showers you with blessings beyond anything you can imagine.

And, I will see you back here after the new year, deal?



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Fall Garland

Bit of fall are showing up in my house. And I love it.

Fall Garland in 5 minutesFall is such a beautiful time of year. Things just seem more cozy don’t you think?

I bet it’s cooling off in some of your neck of the woods. Maybe the leaves are changing colors. None of this is happening down here in good ol’ southern California.

One thing I love about moving around the country is that we have the good fortune of “test driving” different cities. We get to experience so many different places and learn what we love and what we aren’t so crazy about. I keep a little list in my head of things we want in our forever town (the town we settle down in after the military days are over) and things we want in our forever house. One thing I definitely want in our forever town is seasons. Having sunshine all year round is lovely but I do miss the cool fall breeze and even (gasp) snow. Some other things  that are must haves in our forever town will be tons of mature trees, drive in movie theaters, delicious donut shop, and some pretty countryside. Everything on my list is a tiny bit negotiable except for the donut shop and fall, those are must haves.

So, maybe it’s 90 degrees outside and it turns out that palm trees don’t change colors. It’s still fall inside my house. Today I’m share one of my fall projects this year.

5 minute fall garland

Here’s my super easy and super cheap Dollar Store Leaves Fall Garland.

Fall Garland TutorialIt’s no secret how much I love a nice budget project. This one is perfecto. I mean $1 perfect. I snagged a package of fall leaves from the Dollar Tree for a quick and easy fall garland.

One bag of leaves, sewing machine, and 5 minutes later – it was garland time (yeah, I said that.)

Fall Leaves Garland TutorialOkay, to make your fall garland, grab your leaves and have them handy. Start by sewing a seam up the center of your first leaf.

Dollar Fall Leaves GarlandOnce you’ve sewn that seam, push your next leaf through keeping a running seam. Continue to do that with as many leaves as you would like on your garland.

Fall Leaves GarlandThat’s it. 5 minutes later you’ve got yourself some festive fall garland.

Dollar Store Leaf Garland

Little bits of fall starting to show up in our house.

I’d love to hear if you’ve started decorating for fall. Also, do you have a wish list for your forever town or forever home? I’d love to hear about it in the comments or find me on Facebook or Instagram.

I’ve shared this project with these great link parties: Rain on a Tin Roof, Savvy Southern Style


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Temporary Wall Treatment Ideas for Renters

If you’ve been around here awhile then you know we live in military housing. The thing about mil housing is that typically the houses are as basic as it gets. Eggshell white walls, oak cabinetry, cafeteria style tile, brown carpet. The works. But let me tell you, we always rock it. It definitely requires you to think outside of the box. Lately, I’ve been searching for some alternatives to painting the walls. While, I’d love to paint (and probably will paint a few walls) it’s just not feasible to paint this entire place. So, it’s time to get creative! Here are a few temporary wall treatment ideas for you renters out there :) temporary wall treatments for renters

You’d be surprised how easy it is to incorporate some color and texture to your space using temporary wall treatments. I searched high and low and found a few ideas that I can’t wait to try!

Please only pin the image above. If you love any of the ideas below please be sure to click over to the original source before pinning.

Use Vinyl Wall Decals

Temporary Wall Treatments For Renters

Destiny from A Place For Us used gold dots from Walls Need Love to create a cascading confetti effect on her wall. They are so fun and add just the enough color to complement her gorgeous coral dresser. It’s the perfect addition to the space.

Temporary Wall Treatments for renters

I also love this striped wall found on Little Green Notebook. It’s created by using dark brown vinyl strips. Strip walls are so popular but for a renter it can be a big commitment. This is the perfect solution to get that trendy look without committing too much time.

Use Fabric As Wallpaper

Temporary Wall Treatments For Renters

A great alternative to wallpaper is fabric. Yes, believe it or not, fabric can be used as a temporary wall treatment solution. Check out Numbered Street Designs for a great tutorial on how to use fabric as a temporary wallpaper.

Use Wrapping Paper as Wallpaper

Temporary Wall Treatments for Renters

Another fantastic replacement for wallpaper is wrapping paper! Wendy from Shabby Nest used wrapping paper to give her mudroom a custom look. I’d love to do something like this in my entry way!

DIY Your Own Temporary Wallpaper

Temporary Wall Treatments for renters

I’m completely smitten with this DIY “wallpaper” that Shelley from Crazy Wonderful created. You must click over to check out her tutorial but I will tell you, it’s something that anyone can create!

Use Decorative or Masking Tape To Create A Patterned Wall

Temporary Wall Treatments for Renters

You all know how much I love washi tape. I love the idea of using it in a geometric pattern to create a focal wall like this one from Cottage and Vine.

Temporary Wall Treatments for Renters

This washi tape striped wall from Boho Deco Chic is just darling.

Use Oversized Wall Art

Temporary Wall Treatment for Renters

Oversized wall art that can cover up a good portion of the wall is a great alternative to painting or wallpaper. It allows you to hide the stark walls with pop of color. I love this wall art Brooke from All Things Thrifty created.

Create a Gallery WallTemporary Wall Treatments for Renters

Another great way to hide those white walls is to create a gallery wall. This photo ledge from Two Twenty One gives a gallery wall feel without hammering in a dozen nails. (another renter win!) Temporary Wall Treatments for Renters And if you want to commit to a full gallery wall this one from Jennifer Johner is great. It’s floor to ceiling keeping the focus on the photos. I also love how it works around the outlet and light switch. Super clever.

Wall Shelving

Rustic Wall Shelving Tutorial I can totally make this!!

Shelves are a great way to fill up a wall space while bringing focus to the your display and off the stark white walls. This DIY wall shelving is a great decorative addition that doesn’t require any permanent fixtures. You can check out this wall shelves tutorial here.

There you have it, some excellent design ideas for temporary wall treatments. Which of these are you going to try?

For more good ideas and DIY projects I love be sure to follow me on Pinterest.

PS…I’m sharing a FREE guide to creating your own customized gallery wall prints to my newsletter subscribers! The guide is complete with step by step instructions, my favorite fonts, and includes three of my customized prints! Hurry!! You can grab it here.


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A NAVY Homecoming Story

I’m so excited to share some of my life with you today.

A little Navy Homecoming Story, if you will…

Tuesday was a huge day for my little family.

(If you follow me on Instagram then you got to see this live!)

My husband, who had been deployed for eight months came home!

For us, eight months translated into many missed holidays and milestones, and my husband watching our daughter grow through pictures and video.

A Navy Homecoming Story

 We were so ready to finally have him home. To see our daughter’s little smile in person instead of in photos.

If you have any experience with a military or navy, homecoming it’s full of emotion and excitement. It’s an amazing day! You pretty much run on adrenaline because sleep the night before is nearly impossible, and you have to be up before the sun to beat traffic anyway.

Peleliu A Navy Homecoming Story

We arrived several hours before the ship came in and visited with our friends.

Once the ship was in view it finally felt real. The sailors were all in their dress uniforms manning the rails.

Peleliu A Navy Homecoming Story

In true Navy style, it was hurry up and wait. Once the ship had arrived, we waited and waited and waited for them to finally release the sailors. After eight months, those extra couple hours seemed like torture ; )
Peleliu A Navy Homecoming Story

But all was worth it for this reunion. There was so much anticipation about how our daughter would react to Daddy. She was only four months old when he left. But she looked at him and gave him a big smile and reached for him right away!Peleliu A Navy Homecoming Story

Seeing my baby girl with her Daddy again made my heart swell so big.

Peleliu A Navy Homecoming Story

It was the most incredible day. I’m so thankful to have him home and what’s extra special is that he is home just in time to celebrate our little babe’s first birthday this weekend.

I would have waiting homecoming sign

I hope you’ll forgive me if I’m a little distant from the blog over the next few days. I’m busy loving on my sweet little family.


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Office Nook Transformed

Office Nook Transformation

So one of the biggest downers about living in base housing is you really don’t get to pick your floor plan. Sometimes I wish they were completely uniform all across the country. That way you would know what to expect when you arrive at your next duty station. No such luck. When we moved here, we took our house site unseen. Sometimes you have to do that if you want a place to live right away. And since my husband was going underway within days of our arrival here, I picked a house I had never seen just so I wouldn’t have to move in by myself… with an infant. And I say “I” because really he could have cared less which house we choose as long as it had a garage :)

So this house, has all sorts of funny quirks and one of them was this little computer nook at the top of the stairs. It’s a decent little space but I didn’t see it’s potential at first. When we moved in I took a chunk of the dining room and set up a craft/office space. I mentioned in my 2013 Home Goals post, which you can read here, that I wanted to turn my upstairs storage closet into my craft room. Well, that’s really a two parter and this is the first part. This little computer nook is right next to the storage closet that will be my craft room. My reasoning for doing so is two fold. One, my dining room is a cluttered mess and two, now that Miss P is mobile, I want to have a work space where I can watch her play safely. The dining room has no room for her play yard and this computer nook is right off her bedroom. So I can easily put her play yard in her room and she can play safely within my sight.

makinghomebase before and after

Our computer nook before had absolutely no function at all. For months it served as a catch all for many of the loose papers we have around here. That’s the thing with the military – tons of paperwork. See all those papers in the corner? This old computer hasn’t been touched in months. And my printer, oh what a paint that was. To print from my computer downstairs and have to run up here to take a look a document only to have it print incorrectly. I was constantly running up and down the stairs!

I wanted to make this space functional. An organized place where I can work without clutter, see my babe playing behind me, and still be fun!

I think I accomplished that with this little transformation. It was out with the old and in with the new in every sense.

Making Home Base Office Nook

For organization, I bought these little pails from the Target dollar section. I painted little chalkboard labels on them. They are great for holding anything. For now they are holding pens/pencils, washi tape , and chalk. Since I did the chalkboard labels I can change them out anytime I need to.

makinghomebase office nook

I created this little mail organizer. I have a lot of note cards and greeting cards that were just sitting in the pile of papers. I like to send little cards to my husband every other week, so having them all organized in this little metal tray is very handy. Also I love having them in plain view so when I’m thinking of a friend I can just quickly write them a note. Who doesn’t love getting mail? By the way, I picked up this little tray for $.50 at a yard sale. Good buy, huh?

office nook organized making home base

This little basket came from Ikea. I spray painted it aqua for a punch of color and it’s perfect for holding my little notebooks. When I was downstairs I had my notebooks laying all over my desk and they were constantly getting buried.

makinghome base office nook transformed

I love love love this magnet board. I got it three years ago from Ikea. It was black up until yesterday and then I spray painted it metallic silver. The new color gives it a whole new look.

makinghomebase office transformation

I framed a few book pages from one of my favorite books. Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Series anyone? They are so light and funny making them perfect for this space. To tie into the metallic magnet board I went with silver frames.

Underneath, I framed a little chalkboard. Perfect for writing little notes and making lists. I totally imagine my husband and I writing notes back and forth here. I know, cute, right?

Making Home Base Office Nook before and after

On the other wall, a couple family photos. No office space is complete without some family pictures.

Making Home Base Office Nook After

Okay, and lastly, I really wanted to get my printer off the desk. It took up too much space. I picked up this cube from Ikea (can you see it peeking out?). It’s the expedit wall hanging cube. Now my printer is cozy in it’s new home on top of this cube. And are you wondering where I put all those papers? I filed them all away nicely in a little bin.So there you have it. My office nook makeover. I seriously love sitting at my desk now.

Thanks for visiting with me today, friends! Have a great week :)

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My Christmas Tree and Merry Christmas

Hi friends! I know it’s already Christmas Eve but I would love to quickly share my Christmas Tree with you all.

Making Home Base.com Christmas Tree Merry Christmas

Our tree is pretty simple. It’s full of special ornaments that we’ve collected over the last six years. This is the  first time we’ve had a tree in three years so it was thrilling getting the ornaments out.

Merry Christmas Making Home base

It was so neat seeing ornaments that we got at special places we’ve been to. This baseball ornament is from our trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame two years ago. I totally forgot about it until I started decorating the tree. I think of my husband when I see it on our tree since baseball is so special to him.

Christmas Tree Making Home Base

And this beautiful ornament from the The United State Capitol, we got while living in the Washington, DC area.

Merry Christmas Making Home Base Ornament

Of course, we’ve added a couple new ones like this baby announcement ornament I made for my daughter earlier this month.

Christmas Tree Makinghomebase.com

I also made some more paper garland to go on the tree. I love the natural brown garland. It gives it a more rustic look.

Christmas Tree Making Home Base Merry Christmas

Here is our tree all lit up. It’s nothing too fancy. But it’s ours.

Making Home Base Christmas Tree Merry Christmas

I just want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I hope that each of you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas making memories with your loved ones. I also want to humbly ask that you keep our servicemen and women in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season as many of them don’t have opportunity to spend this special time with their family. Merry Christmas from my family to yours.


And the angel said to them, “Fear not, for behold, I bring you good news of great joy that will be for all the people. Luke 2:10



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