Florida, We’ve Arrived!

Making Home Base In Florida

We made it! We started this journey almost a month ago now with getting our house packed and loaded into a Mayflower freighter to be shipped across the country. It's been quite a venture. We left San Diego at the end of April and headed to Las Vegas to spend some time with family before we headed out east. Matt had the pleasure (dreaded task really but hey, I've tagged along on the other four … [Read more...]

Florida Here We Come

CA to FL

Guys! This year has been crazy already. I feel like it's already gone by in a blink. I know I've been a bit MIA around here and I can contribute that to the wild preparations that are going on around here. You know that the military life has taken us all over the country, well it's that time again. We're making a big move to....   That has meant ditching everything that won't be … [Read more...]

Military Spouse of The Year


Guys. Something crazy happened. I was nominated for Military Spouse of the Year. It's an honor, and it's humbling, and it's exciting, so naturally I have to share it with you! What is Military Spouse of the Year® (MSOY)?  It's an award that recognizes military spouses’ important contributions and unwavering commitment to the military community and our country. It was founded by Military … [Read more...]

Best Day Ever

View More: http://kristinaelizabethphotography.pass.us/coulstonhomecoming

I thought you all might be interested in Matt's homecoming. I've written about deployments before and how hard the waiting can be. But nothing ever compares to the pure JOY of a military homecoming. Every homecoming for us, has been different. This one almost gave me a nervous breakdown. If you have any experience with the military then you know that time frames are always fluid. And you never get … [Read more...]

It’s Hard Waiting


So, I know you guys come here for DIY tutorials and home decor ideas, but it’s Veteran’s Day and I have to celebrate it. One thing about being a mil spouse is you know a lot of veterans. A lot. Trust me when I say, they are amazing people who sacrifice so much. Today I thought I would do something a little different. I thought I might share a small glimpse into our military life. Not too long … [Read more...]

The Home Depot Celebration of Service


This post is sponsored by The Home Depot Foundation, but all opinions and love are my own. There is something really special about serving others. I had a chance, last week, to experience first hand the energy and spark of The Home Depot's Celebration of Service movement. If you haven't heard of The Home Depot's Celebration of Service program, it is truly extraordinary.  In just two months, … [Read more...]

On Being a MOM this Mother’s Day

To The One Who Made Me A Mom, my thoughts on Mother's Day via Making Home Base

You guys. I'm sharing my heart today...because today's the perfect day for it. I know this is real predictable being Mother's Day and all but today I'm talking about being a mom. If I had to list all the things I love in the world, being a mom would be at the tippy top of my list. As we quickly approach P's second birthday (next weekend!) I'm feeling really nostalgic. I'm sure most mothers feel … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas family photos

Dear sweet readers, Merry Christmas! It's been such a wonderful year for my family. And I hope you all have much to celebrate this holiday season as well. Since I plan to unplug and just enjoy my family, I wanted to pop in and wish you a very merry Christmas.Here's our Christmas card that I never got printed. E-cards are the way of the future I'm telling myself. Also, we just got our family … [Read more...]

Fall Garland

Fall Garland with Dollar Store Leaves

Bits of fall are showing up in my house. And I love it. Fall is such a beautiful time of year. Things just seem more cozy don't you think? I bet it's cooling off in some of your neck of the woods. Maybe the leaves are changing colors. None of this is happening down here in good ol' southern California. One thing I love about moving around the country is that we have the good fortune of "test … [Read more...]

Temporary Wall Treatment Ideas for Renters

temporary wall treatments for renters

If you've been around here awhile then you know we live in military housing. The thing about mil housing is that typically the houses are as basic as it gets. Eggshell white walls, oak cabinetry, cafeteria style tile, brown carpet. The works. But let me tell you, we always rock it. It definitely requires you to think outside of the box. Lately, I've been searching for some alternatives to painting … [Read more...]

A NAVY Homecoming Story

makinghomebase hes home

I'm so excited to share some of my life with you today. A little Navy Homecoming Story, if you will... Tuesday was a huge day for my little family. (If you follow me on Instagram then you got to see this live!) My husband, who had been deployed for eight months came home! For us, eight months translated into many missed holidays and milestones, and my husband watching our daughter grow … [Read more...]

Office Nook Transformed

Making Home Base Office Nook After

So one of the biggest downers about living in base housing is you really don't get to pick your floor plan. Sometimes I wish they were completely uniform all across the country. That way you would know what to expect when you arrive at your next duty station. No such luck. When we moved here, we took our house site unseen. Sometimes you have to do that if you want a place to live right away. And … [Read more...]

My Christmas Tree and Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree Making Home Base Merry Christmas

Hi friends! I know it's already Christmas Eve but I would love to quickly share my Christmas Tree with you all. Our tree is pretty simple. It's full of special ornaments that we've collected over the last six years. This is the  first time we've had a tree in three years so it was thrilling getting the ornaments out. It was so neat seeing ornaments that we got at special places we've … [Read more...]