Marble Painted Succulent Planter

Marble Painted Succulent Planter

Well, hello there, friends. It’s been a hectic few weeks. Two amazing trips in in two weeks have really got my head spinning! I shared a bit about my trip to Hawaii already but I also went to Atlanta for Haven Conference where I got to meet so many incredible bloggers. When I got home my head was spinning with information and I couldn’t stop thinking of all the ways to improve my blog! Now I feel like I’m finally caught up. Hooray!

So, last week I shared my aloha sign (you can catch it here if you didn’t see it.) for my powder room. I loved the color combo so much I decided to give it another go, this time in marble.

I’ve been loving the marble painted trend and have been waiting for the perfect project to give it a try on. It was so surprisingly simple and now I want to marble everything!

Marble Painted Succulent Planter

A few months ago I got a bunch of these little glass jars and they turned out to be perfect for this project. I taped off the top half of the jars because I only wanted the marble effect on the bottom half.

Marble Painted Succulent Planter

I poured a tiny bit of each color on a paper plate. I think two to three color allows for the perfect mix. Any more and it might get a bit messy.

Marble Painted Succulent Planter

I ran a wooden skewer through the paint to run ribbons of one color into the other to create the marbling effect.

Marble Painted Succulent Planter
Next, I very gently rolled the jar in the paint. I set it top down to let the excess paint drip off and allowed it to dry.

The last step was potting the succulent. I also love it as a little bud vase.

I’m working on the powder room and this cute marble succulent planter will be a great edition.

Succlent Planter

So what do you think of the marble painted succulent planter? Are you in on the marble trend? Tell me in the comments. If you have a marble painted project I’d love to see it! You can tag me on Instagram or leave me a link in the comments.

Have a wonderful and colorful day!


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DIY Hand Painted Wood Sign

Earlier this week I told you about my trip to Hawaii. I’m still dreaming about it. Since I couldn’t bring the beautiful beaches back with me I thought I should do something to bring a little bit of ALOHA into my house in the form of this hand painted wood sign.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

I started sprucing up my powder room a few days ago when I realized I’ve had the same decor in there since my first house almost eight years ago (#didijustadmitthat #suredid). I’m planning on a colorful beachy style so I’m starting it off with this aloha sign.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

The sign. It is just three wood planks glued together and secured using another small plank and some finishing nails.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

The color combo. These colors are just samples that I had in my garage from previous projects. I wanted a colorful and beachy look and I love the coral, yellow, mint combination.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

The process. The process of making the sign was really simple. Pretty much just paint brush strokes of the different colors all over the board. I started with coral. Note: If I did it again I would start with the lightest color and move on to the darkest to prevent wasting any paint.

*Make sure to allow for drying time between colors*

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

Take the second color and randomly brush on the paint to fill in some of the blank space.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

With the third color fill in the rest of the blank space. At this point you can also paint over any space where you feel like one color is too over powering. You want to really concentrate on the middle section as that is where your lettering will be.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

Using transfer paper I placed the vinyl lettering on the painted board. I used my Silhouette Cameo to create the vinyl lettering. The font is KG Eyes Wide Open.

Multicolored Hand Painted Wood Sign

Then I painted one coat of white paint over the entire board. After the paint dried I peeled off the vinyl lettering to reveal the perfect multicolored sign.

DIY Painted Sign

It’s just so cheerful and is a gazillion times better than that old powder room decor. I can’t wait for the rest of the space to come together. But seriously, can I just have a multicolored hand painted wood sign for every space in my house now? This was way too fun!

Happy Friday friends!


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DIY Painted Tea Towel – Colorful Citrus Stamped

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I’ve had “paint tea towels” on my to do list for the longest time. I love those flour sack tea towels and they are the perfect blank canvas. Super cheap, large, and bright white! Recently I saw the cutest idea to use fruit as “stamps” and decided to give it a shot on the DIY painted tea towels and they ended up looking so cute and summery.

Citrus Stamped Tea Towels Cute for Summer

Here’s a fun fact about me, I love watching beauty vlogs on Youtube. Anyone else? I get so many great beauty tips, and every now and then I get some DIY ideas too! My favorite of all favorite beauty youtubers/bloggers is Essie Button. She recently shared a fun project where she used citrus fruit as stamps to DIY some wall art. It turned out awesome so I wanted to give it a shot only not wall art but DIY Painted Tea Towels.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Citrus fruit (lemon, lime, grapefruit, etc.) I used only lemon

Paint – I used a multi surface paint but fabric paint would be best.

Paint brushes

Flour Sack Tea Towels* lemon stamped tea towels

A little about the paint. I used this Americana multi-surface paint but I have no intention of actually using these towels. If you plan on using them for more than just decoration you should add some fabric paint medium to your paint or just use fabric paint.

Painted Tea Towels

Stamping tips: The fruit can be pretty juicy so it’s a good idea to blot the lemon half a few times before brushing on the paint. Also, don’t go too heavy on the paint, just enough to cover the whole lemon half, but if you brush on too much you will just get a big paint blob. I tested out a few stamps on a piece of paper towel to get the right amount of paint.

Citrus Tea Towels

Press down on the lemon half onto the tea towel.

You can get creative with it. Different colors and designs. I did a couple of tea towels with scattered stamps and a couple more where I lined the stamps along the edges of the tea towel. Citrus Stamped Tea Towels Cute for Summer

The colors are so bright and cheerful! Don’t you think they are so fun for summer? They will make a really fun one of a kind addition to my summer kitchen decor!

Citrus Stamped Tea Towels

Have you done DIY painted tea towels yet? Oh, and does anyone else follow any great beauty vlogs/blogs? I’m always looking for some new inspiration! I’d love to hear your favorites – and be sure to check out Essie Button!

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Master Bedroom Progress and Plans

I’ve been working on our master bedroom for what feels like forever now.

A year ago I mentioned it in my home goals and I ended up going in a total different direction than what I had originally imagined. I’ve never felt really comfortable sharing my bedroom “in progress” because honestly there wasn’t much to show. Now that we’ve gotten a bit of progress going, I’m going to share a little today!

Master Bedroom Decor

I always thought that I wanted lots of bright colors in my master bedroom. I was headed down that route with the mint nightstand but it never felt right so I started backing off and going for more neutrals. I decided on this white quilt from IKEA which I love. It’s really comfy and I can brighten the bedding up seasonally with a throw!

Sunburst Mirror Bedroom Decor

Finding the perfect piece to hang above the bed was a huge challenge. I searched high and low for something perfect and I was just about to DIY something when I found this beautiful Kenroy Home Reyes decorative mirror from National Builder Supply. They have a ton of awesome products for the home! I love their large collection of home decor items. They have many more beautiful mirrors and I love their selection of lighting. Don’t forget, renters, lighting is a great way to change things up in your rental! Not only do they offer great home decor items, they have much more from kitchen sinks to shower faucets and much more!

Mirror and Master Bedroom Decor

I’m pretty obsessed with my mirror and I think it looks fantastic over our bed. It’s just the right size and I love that it’s a little bit glitzy while the rest of the space is more neutral.

blue dresser

And for a pop of color, you’ll remember my blue dresser from when I showed you the monogram photo clipboard.

I love this blue so I want to find some accessories that can tie together the blue and neutrals. I picked out a few fabrics that I’m loving here:

fabric picks

I have one I’m leaning towards and of course it’s not the same one my husband is leaning towards. Ha.

Going forward here’s what we have planned: 

Pick a fabric lead for pillows and possibly curtains

Hang a small gallery wall on the blank wall

Find the perfect rug

Get a bed skirt!

Hang oversized family photo

So be sure to check back soon because I’ll be sharing all of these projects here on the blog! Oh, and do you have a favorite of those fabric choices? Please leave me a note and tell me which you are leaning towards!

National Builder Supply provided me with the Kenroy Home Reyes mirror but my love for it is totally true and all my opinions are my own.


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$2 Trash to Treasure: Girl’s Room Chalkboard

Happy Friday!

I have a super quick Trash to Treasure project to share today.

If you’ve been around here awhile then you know I love a good thrift store project, like this awesome houndstooth chair or this $14 end table.

My favorite stores have been kinda slow recently but I did manage to find a few things last week so here’s the first trash to treasure thrift store makeover from that haul.

trash to treasure chalkboard for a girls room

So I’m in the middle of updating my daughter’s room from baby nursery to big girl room. She’s almost 2 and recently started escaping from the crib so it was time to switch her to a “big bed.” We went straight to a twin and I have plans to hack her new Ikea bed like one of these. The other plans involve lots of pink, animals, and a gallery wall. Two of her favorite things and one of mine! I’ll let you decide which one of those is mine ;)

4 dollar mirror transformation

So here’s the trash. Ugly mirror found at the thrift store on half off day. It was only $2 and a total score.


Then I needed some paint. Ever heard of Radiant Orchid? It’s only Pantone’s Color of the Year. It’s basically the perfect pink for a girl’s space. I’m planning on using a little bit of it in P’s room and I thought this $2 trash to treasure project would be a great opportunity to try it out.

I painted the whole frame with about three coats of radiant orchid, then taped off the frame and sprayed the mirror with chalkboard paint to create a really cute and girly chalkboard. All just for a few bucks!

Trash To Treasure Mirror to Chalkboard_edited-1

I’m thinking it will be great in the gallery wall I’m planning for Miss P’s big girl room and seriously for $2 it’s a great room accessory!

More trash to treasure projects you might like are:

DIY Upholstered Foot stool Tutorial

Upholstered Foot Stool

Painted Bread Box Making Home Base

Painted Bread Box

For more on my thrift store adventures be sure to follow me on Instagram! I always share my favorite goodies on there right away!

Happy weekend!


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IKEA furniture: Customizing a Kitchen Cart

 I have such a love/hate relationship with IKEA. I love IKEA furniture. I hate putting it together. I love their chocolate. I hate how much I love their chocolate. A few years ago, we bought a kitchen cart and I loved having the extra storage space but I hated how plain it was. After having the piece for over a year it just dawned on me a few weeks ago to actually paint it. Odd considering there aren’t many things that go unpainted around these parts.

customize ikea kitchen cart with paint

Customizing an IKEA furniture with paint.


Since we move a lot, I never know how much storage space I’ll have in the next house. Our house in Texas (two houses ago) had tons of kitchen cabinet space. Our last house seriously lacked in the storage area. We didn’t even have space to put our pots and pans. Insert IKEA furniture to the rescue. We got this kitchen cart to supplement some storage space for pots and pans and other kitchen gadgets. For years it sat naked (well maybe a little dust sometimes) until a few weeks ago.

blue buffet

First, I got the itch to stain the kitchen cart. I’ve been staining a bunch of stuff lately (see bathroom shelves, rustic shelves, chalkboard for proof) so I thought I better settle down or else I’m going to look around and see just a sea of stained wood.

How to spruce up basic IKEA furniture

I ended up compromising with myself and just stained the top. I loved the stained top because it’s really shows off the butcher block wood – so pretty. Then, I painted the rest a really beautiful shade of blue/gray (Behr Calligraphy).

Customize a basic IKEA Buffet

And because it appears that I’m monograming everything these days, I also added a white monogram to the top. I used the same techniques as I did on the monogram photo clipboard.

transform basic ikea buffet

The kitchen cart has a whole new look. It’s remarkable what a little paint can do to a piece of IKEA furniture. Between this and all the IKEA bed hacks from last week I’m not going to be able to stay out of IKEA.

Such a bummer with the yummy chocolate and all… ha who am I kidding??

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How to Paint A Room in Your Rental and Why We Decided To Paint

How to Paint A Room In Your Rental and WHY it's worth it.
So last night I wrote this big ol long post about why we painted the rental. I got really sappy and started talking about the meaning of home and all sorts of gushy stuff. I didn’t publish it and today it just doesn’t feel right so I’ll save that story for another day. Today, I want to talk about the rental and why we painted it and how to paint a room in your rental for cheap…

We painted our living room. Just went for it. I debated it for a long time but no more… I debuted the brand new color on Instagram and my sweet friend Allison from The Golden Sycamore said, “might as well love it from the beginning.” And it’s so true. We can’t all live in our dream house. And sometimes even the dream house needs a little pizzazz. So it was time to start lovin’ this house from the start! I didn’t want to put anything else up on the walls and think this would be beautiful if the walls were gray.

Why We Painted Our Rental. Thinking about painting? Here's what you need to know.

Now the walls are gray. And a lovely shade of it.

Why We Painted Our Rental. Thinking about painting? Here's what you need to know.

It’s a cozy gray, that just gives our space such a calming feel. As soon as we finished painting our house just felt different. Paint can do that, ya know.

So guess what… if you live in a rental or even if you own your home and you haven’t painted yet. If you don’t know how to paint a room, or something is holding you back, go for it. You might as well love it from the start. It’s worth it!

So here’s the thing. We didn’t go and paint every wall in the house since still have to paint it back when we leave. We just painted the living and have plans to paint a couple more walls in the coming weeks.

How to paint a room in your rental: Three things to think about.

Pick a color any color. Okay well maybe not any color. You want to go with something light that you won’t agonize over when it’s time to paint it back. If you are dead set on having a dark colored wall, choose a smaller accent wall.

Don’t go breaking the bank when buying supplies. Don’t invest a ton of money in supplies unless you plan on painting a lot. We paid just under $50 for all of the supplies including a gallon of paint. I went cheap on the rollers and brush. I did splurge on the good tape so the edges were crisp.

Think about your investment. You are investing money into this project. Is it worth it? We anticipate being in this house for at least two more years so $50 dollars about three hours of painting was well worth it to us. And we even had fun doing it.

Why We Painted Our Rental. Thinking about painting? Here's what you need to know.

Oh and the color, it’s Olympic’s Thin Ice.

Happy weekend.

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Navy Painted Media Stand: Repurposed Dresser

Guys! We’ve been painting again… a lot.

Last weekend we painted our living room walls. In our rental. Yeah! I was so wishy washy about it. I couldn’t decide if it was worth the “trouble.” Turns out, I was a fool for waiting so long. :) Our new gray hue has totally transformed the feel of the room. It’s so calm and relaxing and the whole room is really changing and I love it. The gray walls really make my navy painted media stand pop!

Navy-Painted-Media-Stand This little beauty was painted several weeks ago, so if you follow me on Instagram, this is old news but bear with me. I had been on the hunt for a dresser to repurpose into a media stand for a long time. Finally, I found the perfect one.This DresserDressers are great as media stands. They are perfect height, you can pull our drawers to use as cubbies for stash cable boxes, plus there is plenty of storage space! My favorite part though, you can get a fabulous media stand for CHEAP. Finding an old wood dresser to repurpose is easy. Take a peek at Craigslist, thrift shops, garage sales, they are everywhere.

I snagged a dresser for cheap from Craigslist. Once we got it home we immediately got painting. I knew I wanted a navy painted media stand. Our walls are very light, so color was necessary, and I’ve been obsessing over navy and brass for awhile now. The color is Elegant Evening by Olympic paint with beautiful brass hardware. Swoon. I’m loving the results.

Navy Media Stand

I think we’ll end up taking out the top three drawers and making them cubbies for all the technological stuff :) For now, I’m using every since drawer for storage!

Tell me, have you ever repurposed a dresser? What are you using it for? I’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget you can get some behind the scenes sneak peeks by following along on Instagram.

If you like the navy painted media stand, be sure to check out my mint nightstand, or my painted end table.

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Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins

Are you loving fall? I am. Even though it was in the 80s this weekend, we took our daughter to the pumpkin patch. It was so fun! She loved all the pumpkins and the animals and Matt and enjoyed lemon shake ups and kettle corn (that stuff is so addicting). After a fall filled day I was ready to get going on some more fall decorating. It was a really busy week for us last week so it was great to finally dive into some projects this weekend. One thing I’m really loving this season is GOLD. I can’t get enough of the shiny metallics. If you are looking for some fun pumpkin decorating ideas, let me show you my latest obsession, these gold confetti pumpkins!

Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins

Aren’t they GLAM?

You guys know how much I love cheap and easy, and these pumpkins totally are! $1 for each pumpkin, the spray paint and paint had on hand. Even if you have to go out and buy a can of gold spray paint, you won’t regret it – you’ll want to spray everything you own gold, it’s that fun!
Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins

The Dollar Tree has some great cheapie fall/Halloween decorations. These foam pumpkins are the perfect canvas for all sorts of fun pumpkin decorating ideas!
Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins

I spray painted them with gold metallic paint, then painted white confetti dots, with the eraser tip of a pencil. It was so easy and took less than 10 minutes to complete both pumpkins! Aren’t they such a fun addition? Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti PumpkinsThese little babies are hanging out on my newly made over end table, and of course I tossed in my favorite mini white pumpkins. I wish I could have a gazillion of those little white pumpkins. And I know my little one agrees, I catch her at least a few times a day trying to sneak away with them. :)
Pumpkin Decorating Ideas: Gold Confetti Pumpkins I’m always looking for cute pumpkin ideas – this one totally fits the bill, don’t you think? Do you have any unique pumpkin decorating ideas?

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Fall Decorating A Fall VignetteFall Vignette

makinghomebase fall wreathBurlap Fall Wreath

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Updated Storage Baskets with Stain and Number Stencils

Has your decorating style changed over the years? Mine has. Some of the things I purchased when we were first married now makes me cringe. Including one certain little wooden Buddha doll that I was certain would bring good luck to our home. We purchased it in a wood carving shop in downtown Waikiki. It was the very first “home” purchase we made.  Much of it has been passed on but I have bits and pieces here and there, including our little Buddha…and these seagrass storage baskets.
Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

I’m not sure when I purchased them but I know we’ve had them in every house I can remember. Although, I’ve been tired of their look for awhile, they still served a purpose so I’ve held on to them. I’m so glad I did, because they were a cinch to update, and now they are perfect and fit right into my decor!Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

The two storage baskets looked like this before. Just plain seagrass baskets with a canvas fabric liners. The light color is what I liked least about the baskets so I decided to give them a quick stain.
Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

We had Rustoleum Kona on hand so I used that. I lightly brushed on the stain. Then, with a lint free rag I rubbed the stain into all the little nooks of the basket. I saved the liners so if I want to make new ones with fun fabrics I’ll have a template.Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

For even more of a trendy and updated look I added a numerical stencil to the front of the storage baskets. This was a breeze with my Silhouette machine. I cut the numbers out in vinyl and stuck them on the baskets as stencils and painted the numbers on with acrylic paint. Just one coat and and they were perfect!Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

See… they look so much better in the dark color with the pretty stencils. Love.Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

These baskets used to hold old photos and other knick knacks underneath our media center. Now they hold cookbooks on the above cabinet shelf.Update Existing Baskets with Stain and Stencils

I love them in their new home, the bring a nice contrast against the mint frames. I’m so glad I keep these baskets around. They are just lovely now.

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Last Minute 4th of July Decor: 20 Minute Patriotic Placemats

I LOVE 4th of July. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a social studies major or American history lover, but I take so much pride in the day! I love the meaning behind the holiday. I love the summer nights, fireworks, yummy bbq food! I love it all and it’s just quintessential summer for me. I have been so caught up in the summer sunshine that I have gotten a bit behind on my 4th of July Decor. Even though, the 4th is just days away it’s not too late to whip something up. You all know I love a quick and easy project so I grabbed a drop cloth and made a few Patriotic Placemats. In less than 20 minutes you can make some too!

patriotic placemats

I didn’t have time for a big project, so I just wanted to create a few placemats for my kitchen table to bring a little red, white, and blue into our home. They are no sew, (That’s right, you don’t even have to bust out the sewing machine!) so the most time consuming part is cutting your fabric!

Ready for the tutorial? Here’s what you’ll need: an existing placemat for measurements, a drop cloth or canvas material, acrylic paint, paint brushes, stencil.

Step 1: Measure your existing placemat. Mine measured about 17 in x 13 in. Then cut your placemats the same size. No need for seam allowance as this is a no sew project!

Step 2: Pull out some of the threads and allow it to fray. This will give it a more shabby look.

Step 3: Iron placemats.

Step 4: Grab your stencil (I created mine on my Silhouette Cameo), paints, and paint brushes and get ready to paint.

Step 5: Paint graphics onto your placemats.

I painted “1776″ at the bottom of each placemat with stars at the top left. So fun!

patriotic placemats 20 min

I love how the turned out! The perfect patriotic touch for my 4th of July Decor!

20 min patriotic placemats

Won’t these be great to whip up for a 4th of July barbecue? They would be super cute outdoors as well!

Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you have a wonderful and safe 4th of July holiday.

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Vintage Wooden High Chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

 For my little lady’s first birthday party (you can see the party details here), Ever since my I saw this gorgeous Vintage Highchair painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on The Golden Sycamore, I really wanted to find a vintage wooden high chair that I could paint!

 After hunting for a vintage high chair for awhile I finally found the perfect one…

and I’m so happy to share this wooden high chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Vintage Wooden High Chair Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Of course, refinished wooden high chairs are not only hard to find but they are pricey!

Vintage Wooden High Chair Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

So imagine my excitement when I discovered this gem of a high chair at my favorite thrift shop. I snagged this baby up for only $10.

Although it’s condition was poor, I knew it could be gorgeous with a little love and some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
Vintage Wooden High Chair Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

About Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: this was my first project using it and it lived up to it’s reputation. So easy to use, no sanding, super easy to get the distressed look. My husband and I, both, loved it.

Vintage Wooden High Chair Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

We used Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue for this chair. The color went perfect with the pink and aqua colors of the party. We decided to use dark wax for the finish and I’m so glad we did. It gave such a vintage feel. I was so impressed with how little goes a long way.

Vintage Wooden High Chair Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Oh I just love the finished look. The curves are so pretty. I’m so glad we were able to revive it.

Vintage Wooden High Chair Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

My little girl pretty much loved it as well. Here she is modeling her refinished vintage high chair. All excited about being one.

Thanks so much for stopping by today to enjoy this chair with me.

If you are an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint user I would love for you to share your favorite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color with me.

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GLAM Spray Painted Watering Can Vase

Do you ever just want to “glam up” stuff? I bought gold spray paint a while ago for my painted flower pots and ever since I’ve been going around my house picking out things that could use a little glamming up! Because you know, a coat of gold automatically gives anything a more glamorous look. I tried it out with this spray painted watering can vase and it’s true, instant glam! Let’s take a look.


This vase is easy to transform! It’s a perfect addition to home decor but even better, how fun would this be fore fresh cut flowers for Mother’s Day?!! (I’ve got you covered. You’re welcome!)

spray painted water can

If you come around often then you know I love love love a pretty project that is easy and inexpensive!

 You also know that I frequent the target dollar section.

Which by the way is no longer only $1 – What’s up with that Target? 

I picked up this watering can from Target for a couple bucks. I wasn’t crazy about the bright red color so from the beginning I had planned to spray paint it.

watering tin

As well as I said before, I’m kind of on a gold kick so after two coats this became my gold spray painted watering can.

gold watering tin

It makes such a lovely vase! I placed a bunch of faux flowers in the vase but I can see a big bunch of fresh hydrangeas for mom in here too! Wouldn’t that be so lovely?

I seriously love what paint can do. Don’t you?

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Recycled Wood Sign

As the weather get better the beach has been on my mind. When we lived in Hawaii, we had a favorite spot. This absolutely BEAUTIFUL beach called, Lanikai. We used to go grabbed sandwiches at our favorite Kalapawai Market, and then spend the day at the beach. I miss that place so much. Not because it’s the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen, but because of all the great memories.

Do you have a place like that?

Recycled Wood Sign

I told you a few weeks ago that I was re-doing my powder room with a nautical them when I showed you those Sisal Rope Mirrors. Here’s another nautical inspired project.

Barn wood beach sign

I picked up this piece of scrap wood at my local ReStore. It was pretty nasty looking but nothing some sanding couldn’t fix up. I knew it was perfect for a recycled wood sign.

Lanikai barnwood sign

I sanded my board really well then stained it with Rust-Oleum’s Kona (I love the dark richness).

I made a stencil using my Silhouette Cameo and very lightly painted the letters white then distressed them slightly, then covered the whole board in finishing wax.

Lanikai beach salvage wood sign

I don’t know when I’ll make the 2599 mile journey to Lanikai again but I most definitely have a piece of Lanikai in my home now.

Happy Friday my loves!

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DIY Pallet Frame

Happy Friday friends! It has been a long, long week. I am looking forward to moving on into the weekend…

Last week I shared this project at Mom 4 Real and I love it so much I wanted to share it with you guys as well.

A few weeks ago I saw a picture frame at Target that totally inspired this frame.

It was a frame made from “pallet wood” painted white. Very cute, but at 29.99 it was out of my budget so I decided I was going to try  to make a version of my own!

DIY Pallet Frame Making Home Base

Ever have a project when you get about half way through you just aren’t sure if it’s going to work out or not? Well that’s how this project went for me. There were moments when I wasn’t sure it was going to turn out. Then it did and I was thrilled!

DIY Pallet Frame

I made my DIY pallet frame by using a dollar store picture frame, cut pieces of ply wood, three yard sticks (cut into pieces), and wood glue.

DIY Pallet Picture Frame

I glued four pieces of plywood to frame out the dollar store picture frame. Then I painted the whole thing white. After the paint had dried I started cutting pieces of yard stick to fit around the parameter of the picture frame. That was when I wasn’t sure my vision was going to turn out :) I didn’t create a pattern before cutting the yard stick pieces. Huge DIY FAIL. It was a big headache to get the pieces to fit just so. I finally worked it out and I was so glad that I didn’t give up.

Pallet Frame Making Home Base

After gluing all the yard stick pieces into place I painted them gray then, I distressed the whole thing. I love how you can see the ticks from the yard sticks after distressing.

Pallet Frame

It has a rustic look that I adore.

I’m using it in my Spring Vignette but it’s eventual home will be in the master bedroom that’s getting a face lift!

Speaking of master bedroom face lift be sure to check out my master bedroom inspiration board on Pinterest.

Have a great weekend.



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Thrift Store Find Turned Chalkboard Tray

You know when you get something from the thrift store and you aren’t exactly sure what you are going to do with it but it’s so cheap and cool that you just can’t pass it up? Okay, that happens to me so often that I’m beginning to feel like a hoarder.

Anyone else?

Just me?

That’s cool.

Chalkboard Tray Making Home Base

That’s where the story of this little baby starts. Isn’t she pretty? Well she is now.

Tray Upcycle

That tray used to look like this. Picked her up from the thrift store for $.50. I saw that price and it went straight into my cart. Then of course it took it’s proper place in the garage (hoarder status) until I decided what I was going to do with it.

Chalkboard Painted Tray

I don’t know about you but I love me some chalkboard paint :) It’s so fun!

I painted the whole tray white, then painted the inside with chalkboard paint. The bright white against the black chalkboard is a lovely contrast don’t you think?

Thrift Store Painted Tray

This cute little tray has already been used in several rooms in my house. Here it’s being used on my coffee table. That didn’t last long because I have an 11 month old that doesn’t believe anything belongs on the table :)

Chalkboard Tray

I imagine my fresh chalkboard tray will get a lot of use around here. I’m so excited about it. And hello, 50 cents! You all know how I love a cheap transformation! Yay!

Want to see another chalkboard paint project? Be sure to check out my Chalkboard Countdown Sign

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Spring Has Sprung: Painted Flower Pots

It’s true. Spring has sprung! And flowers are blooming everywhere I turn. Literally, driving on the highway I’m seeing gorgeous purple flowers in bloom. It’s my favorite part about Spring, that and sundresses :)

Over the weekend, I spent some time potting flowers for my front steps. It was so lovely to be outside in the sunshine. My mom and my little lady supervised while I did the dirty work. It was great quality time – the perfect way to spend beautiful weekend days…

Painted Flower Pots [Read more...]


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Color Block Recipe Box Recycle

Hi ya friends! I’m finally getting back into the swing of things. I have a long list of projects to complete (anyone else?). I was sluggish getting back to my routine but I’m so glad to be chipping away at my project “to do” list.
Recycled Color Block Recipe Box [Read more...]


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Pretty Ombre Wood Bead Bracelet

Hey hey!! I’ve got a super fun project for you today! If you a Mom 4 Real fan (which you totally should be) then you’ve seen this pretty little bracelet. I shared it over there a little while ago. But… I love it so much I wanted to share it here too! With Easter just around the corner, this is a great last minute project! You can add it to your little girl’s basket or make one for yourself.

DIY Pretty Ribbon Ombre Bracelet [Read more...]


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DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

Today, I want to talk about trends. Well actually, one trend, arrows. I’m seeing them everywhere in home decor and I’m loving it. Recently, Beth from Home Stories A to Z shared a wonderful round up of Arrows in Home Decor and I was completely inspired to begin a project showcasing arrows. Say hello to my DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

I’m currently updating my living room and I’ve introduced some coral (LOVE) and I wanted to incorporate arrows into my living room update as well. And you know I love a good DIY project! So…I ended up creating this DIY stenciled arrow pillow as a throw pillow for our sofa, and I am in love.

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

For my pillow, I already had an 18×18 in. pillow form so I wanted to make my pillow that size. For this size of pillow I created a stencil approximately 11.5×11.5 in, using my Silhouette Cameo. The arrow designs were purchased in the Silhouette web store. I printed the stencil on freezer paper. Freezer paper is an awesome tool for making stencils. Jessica at Mom 4 Real recently shared an awesome tutorial on creating and using a freezer paper stencil. Definitely check it out if you haven’t used freezer paper before, you’ll love it.

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

As I mentioned, I choose to make my pillow 18×18 in. To do so, I cut two pieces of drop cloth canvas material, the same size, 18x18in. I like my pillows to be a little poofy so I leave little room in there.

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

Once my stencil was firmly in place, I started painting on my design. I used a one inch foam brush because it’s what I had on hand. They do make stencil brushes that work great as well. To paint on the design, I lightly sponged paint into the stenciled area until it was completely filled. I did this with all four arrows.

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

Once the paint had dried I peeled off the freezer paper and it was ready to be sewn up! Sewing instructions for this pillow are identical to another pillow I made for Christmas so I’ll direct you to that tutorial for sewing, but it’s simply, pin all four sides, right sides together. Sew all sides leaving a small hole for stuff, and close up with a blind stitch.

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

I’m so pleased with the result and feel so trendy.

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

What do you think? Are you loving the DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow? Or are you loving any other trends? I would love to hear how you are incorporating them into your home decor!


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