DIY Wall Art for Cheap

You all know how much I love a quick and inexpensive project. Well folks, this is about as quick as they come and about as cheap as it gets without being completely free. This project also includes a purchase from Target. Can we talk about Target for a minute? Am I the only one that goes in for one thing and ends up coming out an hour later with a cart full? I can’t resist Target clearance deals! If I had to pick a dream afternoon it would include going to Target, kid free with a pumpkin spice latte. Anyone else?cheap and chic art I always love creating something out of something unsuspecting… like a cocktail napkin? Yeah. Totally did it. And I’m going to show you how I made some DIY wall art (or table art) for SUPER cheap.

Cheap art idea Okay but seriously, it all started out with these cocktail napkins. These cocktail napkins were on clearance at Target and I couldn’t resist tossing them in my cart. They’re so cute. I thought they would be perfect for a girl’s craft night so I grabbed them. When I got home the wheels really started turning in my head and I thought about how cute that pattern would be in a frame…
cheap-art-from-a-cocktail-napkinAnd about 2 minutes later, it WAS in a frame. An Ikea frame, centered nicely, pulled tightly, and secured with tape. I pretty much felt like a genius when I was done and had DIY Wall Art in minutes, plus it cost nearly nothing…Cocktail Napkin Art

I’m using my newly framed art as decor on my newly painted side table.

Don’t you just love it?

diy wall art for cheap outtake

And just to keep it real, that owl stayed on the table approximately .5 seconds before being snatched up by some little girl who takes up residence here. ;)

Before you go, want to share your FAVORITE Target clearance find? I’d love to hear!

I’m sharing this project with some of these great blogs and Savvy Southern Style.


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DIY Canvas Entry Table Sign [Tutorial]

Hi friends! Happy Monday! I hope you guys had a great weekend. Mine was a doozy! My little one thinks sleep is overrated. Silly girl.

So, I’ve been working on my little entry way the last couple of weeks and I am putting the finishing touches on it now (I can’t wait to show you the whole thing). For now, I want to show you this little sign I made for the entry table.

I needed a little sign on the entry table as a reminder of how good we have it. We really do, I woke up this morning and my family is healthy. I sometimes catch myself dwelling on the negative (shame shame). And too often, I’m rushing us out the door without even remembering how blessed we are to have another beautiful day. This little sign is my family’s reminder to be thankful for each day!

entry table sign making home base

Now, how it’s made! By now I’m sure you have figured out that I have tons of old picture frames lying around. Well here’s another use for one!

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