Monogram Tote Bag Tutorial

How about starting the week off with a quick craft.

Are you thinking about Mother’s Day yet? Here’s a Mother’s Day gift that I whipped up. I love it because: a. I love anything monogram and b. it’s so universal. You can take it to the beach, use it for your library books, or in just anyway your little heart desires!

Monogram Tote In Less Than 30 Minutes

Monogram Beach Tote Making Home Base

Originally, I thought this bag would be the perfect replacement to the typical gift bag. And for $2 it was comparable in price but it’s personalized, cute, and can be used for anything!

Monogram Tote Tutorial

Supplies you’ll need:

A canvas tote ( Mine is from Joann’s using a 40% coupon making it $2)


A pencil

A monogram stencil (I made mine using the Silhouette Cameo)

Fabric Scrap

Fusible Webbing (Steam-A-Steam2)


DIY Monogram Tote Tutorial

First, trace the monogram in reverse onto the paper liner of your fusible webbing. You want to trace on the side that stays with the webbing.

Peel off the liner and stick the wrong side of your fabric to the web.

Cut out your monogram, after cutting you can remove the tracing liner.

Mothers Day Monogram Tote

Position your monogram on your bag, once it’s positioned where you want it, remove the liner and press lightly to allow the webbing to stick to the bag.

Press with a hot iron. The Steam-A-Seam directions recommend to press for 10-20 seconds on the cotton setting.

I also ran the iron all over my bag to get out any other wrinkles.

monogram beach tote

Next, you can run a quick stitch around the monogram to make sure it stays on securely. This isn’t required but I anticipate this bag getting a lot of use so I want it to be on there nice and snug.

Monogram Tote

Then, for a little embellishment I added some fabric rosettes.

Monogram Beach Tote Tutorial

Wouldn’t it fun to make one for all the moms in your life? Then you could stuff it with other gifts if you’d like. Moms love love love handmade and personal gifts, don’t they? This monogram tote bag fits the bill for sure!

Another Mother’s Day Craft Idea

Painted Burlap with the dates your Mom became a Mom and Grandma 

Handmade Mothers Day Painted Burlap Canvas #handmademothersday

This tutorial was original shared on Mom 4 Real.

I’m linking this project up to Savvy Southern Style, Coastal Charm, Tiny Sidekick


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Holiday Pillow Ideas: Gold Sequins JOY Pillow

I have more holiday fun for you today.

In the form of something shimmery.

If you’re looking for holiday pillow ideas then today’s your day.

And because it’s no secret that I love shimmery things especially in Christmas decor, I made a pillow with gold sequins.

Sequins holiday pillowI love a festive holiday pillow, don’t you? You first got a glimpse of this pillow last week during my holiday home tour.

Joy Sequins Pillow

Here’s a quick step by step on how I made this festive “JOY” pillow. It’s nothing fancy folks so if you have questions let me know.

Festive “JOY” Sequins Pillow

Supplies: cloth napkins (approximately 20×20), 20×20 pillow form, sewing machine, thread, 3/4 yard of gold sequins, hot glue gun, hot glue, safety pins.

Joy Sequins napkin pillow Instead of cutting fabric, I went the easy route and just used two cloth napkins that I had gotten from Target. I think it was about $5 for four which was a steal.

joy pillow tutorial The first thing you probably want to do is iron your napkins. I skipped this step and it turned out okay once the pillow form was stuffed inside, but it still could have used a good ironing. Don’t be like me and go the lazy route ;)

Then, placing the wrong sides together, pin three sides of the napkins together and sew edges with a 1/2 inch seam. This will leave one side completely open for stuffing your pillow.

So here’s the deal: I used safety pins to discretely close the edge. Since this is a holiday pillow and only gets used about a month out of the year I wanted one edge open so I could easily remove the pillow form. If this doesn’t appeal to you, you can do the envelope pillow cover method instead and still have a removable cover, you just will have to grab and cut fabric instead of using cloth napkins.

diy joy pillow tutorialOnce your pillow cover is securely closed, start laying out your sequins getting the wording you’d like. Sequins can be a bit obnoxious so take your time :)

gold joy sequins pillow After laying out the lettering to my liking, I starting to run hot glue under the lettering. I didn’t glue the entire thing, just dots of glue every half inch or so, all the way through the lettering.

Joy Pillow

I love the finished look. You can’t even tell it’s a cheater pillow cover ;)

For more holiday pillow ideas check out my Christmas pillow from last year.

For more holiday decor ideas check out my holiday gallery here.


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Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

Easy Fall Decor with Decoart Americana Multi-Surface Satin Paints! Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

Happy Labor Day! Even though we are experiencing a HEAT wave down here in southern California, I’m still dreaming of (and decorating for) FALL. I’m in love with fall. The cooler weather, boots, pumpkin anything… I love it all!

For my first project of fall I made this burlap houndstooth stenciled outdoor pillow!

Want to see how I did it? Well you’re in luck! I’ve got all the details for ya, right here!

I love burlap for fall decor! It’s just so cozy! Love it. And seriously, I am LOVING this houndstooth stencil!


Burlap (I used about a quarter of a yard)

Americana Mixed Media Stencil

Americana Paint (Birch White)

Canvas or another material for the backing

Pillow form


Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

The first step is to cut your burlap piece to size. I used a 20×20 pillow form, so I used a 20×20 piece of burlap.

Stenciling the burlap was really simple! Using a form brush or a stencil brush dab brush into the paint, then dab brush onto a paper towel or some other dry surface to dab off a little excess paint. You don’t want a lot of paint on your brush. The start tapping your brush around to cover the stenciled area.

Once you’ve covered the stenciled area. Pick up the stencil (admire your beautiful work) and allow it to dry for several minutes before lining up and painting the next section.

Continue to stencil in sections until the whole piece is painted.

Once your stenciled piece of burlap is dry, you are ready to sew!

I used this awesome simple envelope pillow cover tutorial to complete my pillow! It’s definitely the easiest tutorial I’ve used, by far!

After stenciling, this pillow sewed right up in about 10 minutes!
Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

My first fall decor project is complete! It’s happy on my front porch welcoming fall to our visitors.

Americana Multi-Surface Satins are available for purchase at Michaels, A.C. Moore, Hobby Lobby, and other fine craft retailers.

Fall Decor: Burlap Stenciled Outdoor Pillow

 They are also offering a great rebate on their paints! Isn’t that great for all the crafting you’ll be doing this holiday season?

Here’s to a wonderful season!

Need more fall inspiration?

Fall WreathCheck out my Fall Burlap Wreath

Disclosure: Decoart provided me with the paint and stencils for this project but compensated me in no other way. I truly love the products and all opinions are 100% my own.


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Fabric Scrap West Elm Knock Off Wall Art

Happy Friday everyone!

I have to tell you how excited I am for MAY to be here! There are several really exciting events coming up this month for my family. I can’t wait to share them all with you!

For today,  I want to share a fun knock off project. My West Elm knock off wall art.

Scrappy West Elm Wall Art Knock Off

Last week, I guest posted for Shannon at Fox Hollow Cottage. (I know, right??) I shared my knock West Elm knock off wall art. I love it so much, that I want to share it with you guys today!

West Elm Wall Art

 I love a good knock off project. It’s so rewarding to see something you love and be able to recreate it for a fraction of the price. A few weeks ago, while looking for some decor for my master bedroom makeover, I came across this fabric scrap wall art from West Elm. The simplicity of it caught my eye. It’s just lovely. The colors didn’t work for my color scheme but I knew I could DIY it to work for the space.

Scrappy West Elm Wall Art Knock Off

You won’t believe how easy it was to create. With a RIBBA frame from Ikea I was already half way there. I grabbed a few coordinating fabric scraps from my scraps bins (which totally reminded me why it is I save every little scrap. You just never know when you can use them). I also grabbed a scrap of burlap to fit the frame. I didn’t bother trimming them. I used them as is for the “scrappy” look.

I sewed the scraps onto the burlap. It look less than five minutes to sew the pieces on. All there was left to do was to place it in the frame. BAM! Gorgeous fabric scrap wall art, in minutes!

Scrappy West Elm Wall Art Knock Off

I absolutely love the way it turned out. The yellow and gray are perfect for my master bedroom. And my favorite part is that the West Elm version cost $49.00 but my West Elm knock off version cost $5.00! How’s that for a knock off?

 Have a wonderful weekend, friends!

Linking up to these great parties and Funky Junk InteriorsLolly Jane, Coastal Charm, The Shabby Creek Cottage


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DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

Today, I want to talk about trends. Well actually, one trend, arrows. I’m seeing them everywhere in home decor and I’m loving it. Recently, Beth from Home Stories A to Z shared a wonderful round up of Arrows in Home Decor and I was completely inspired to begin a project showcasing arrows. Say hello to my DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

I’m currently updating my living room and I’ve introduced some coral (LOVE) and I wanted to incorporate arrows into my living room update as well. And you know I love a good DIY project! So…I ended up creating this DIY stenciled arrow pillow as a throw pillow for our sofa, and I am in love.

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

For my pillow, I already had an 18×18 in. pillow form so I wanted to make my pillow that size. For this size of pillow I created a stencil approximately 11.5×11.5 in, using my Silhouette Cameo. The arrow designs were purchased in the Silhouette web store. I printed the stencil on freezer paper. Freezer paper is an awesome tool for making stencils. Jessica at Mom 4 Real recently shared an awesome tutorial on creating and using a freezer paper stencil. Definitely check it out if you haven’t used freezer paper before, you’ll love it.

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

As I mentioned, I choose to make my pillow 18×18 in. To do so, I cut two pieces of drop cloth canvas material, the same size, 18x18in. I like my pillows to be a little poofy so I leave little room in there.

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

Once my stencil was firmly in place, I started painting on my design. I used a one inch foam brush because it’s what I had on hand. They do make stencil brushes that work great as well. To paint on the design, I lightly sponged paint into the stenciled area until it was completely filled. I did this with all four arrows.

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

Once the paint had dried I peeled off the freezer paper and it was ready to be sewn up! Sewing instructions for this pillow are identical to another pillow I made for Christmas so I’ll direct you to that tutorial for sewing, but it’s simply, pin all four sides, right sides together. Sew all sides leaving a small hole for stuff, and close up with a blind stitch.

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

I’m so pleased with the result and feel so trendy.

DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow

What do you think? Are you loving the DIY Stenciled Arrow Pillow? Or are you loving any other trends? I would love to hear how you are incorporating them into your home decor!


I’m sharing this project at some of these parties and The Scoop, Knock Our Socks OffCoastal Charm, The Shabby Creek Cottage, Inspire Me Please, That DIY Party


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Valentine’s Day Sweater Baby Leg Warmers

Happy Friday friends! I hope you guys are having a great week. Mine has been wonderful! My little miss turned EIGHT months old today. Seriously, where does the time go? It seems like yesterday she was trying to get the hang of rolling over and now she pulling herself up on everything. It is so fun to see her discovering new stuff each day. She is just such a joy.

I know we are starting to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit around here. I’ve already shared a couple projects including my Floating Heart Wall Art, and some delicious Valentine’s Candy Bark. How about you? Have you started any fun projects for the day of love? Valentine’s Day is probably one of my favorite holidays (if you can call it that), not because of the chocolates and flowers but because it’s so fun to craft for! I’m a sucker for some pink and red hearts and anything glittery. And since it’s my little girl’s first one, I’m going all out around here! I shared this project last week at Mom 4 Real, but I wanted to share it with you guys too! I made these super cute Sweater Upcycle Valentine’s Day Baby Leg Warmers!

Making Home Base Sweater Upcycle Valentines Day Leg Warmers

If you love Valentine’s Day as much as I do then you’ll love these sweet little baby leg warmers (look at those chunky little legs! I die) I’m going to share with you. And to make them even sweeter; they cost little to nothing to make! Shall we get started?


Old Sweater


Sewing Machine

Felt (1 sheet)

Needle and Thread (embroidery thread works best)

Making Home Base Valentines Day Leg Warmers

As I mentioned, this is going to cost you little to nothing to make! If you don’t have an old sweater in your own closet you can pick one up for cheap at any local thrift store. I had this one sitting in my closet.

makinghomebase sweater leggings tutorial

To start out, cut off the sleeves. If possible, try the leggings on your baby model to get an idea of the length. I cut my sleeve down to about 12 inches for my 7 month old.

sweater leg warmer with heart patch making homebase

Now that you have the length you want, cut off half of the sleeve cuff. For me, that was 2 1/2 inches.

sweater leggings heart patch tutorial

Take the cuff you just cut and pin it right sides together to the opposite end of the sleeve. Sew together with 1/4 inch seam. Now you have one completed leg warmer. Follow those steps to finish your second leg warmer.

makinghomebase sweater leggings with heart patch

Here’s the fun part! Grab your felt and cut out two little hearts. I used red felt but I think pink or purple would be just as fun. Tip: My hearts are about 2 1/2 in x 3 in in size. I used the top of a heart shaped paper mache box I had as my stencil but good old pen and paper would work just fine.

heart patch sweater leg warmers tutorial

Pin your heart in place and grab your needle and thread to sew on your heart patch. I hand stitched the heart on because I love the homemade look. It didn’t take any time at all to sew the hearts on. Probably about 10 minutes for each heart. If you aren’t crazy about hand stitching, you can use your sewing machine.

Heart patch sweater leg warmers

Now, all that’s left to do is try them on your model! Here they are on my 7 month old’s adorable chubby little legs! Cute right? She’s all ready for Valentine’s Day! I’m sending pictures of her in these little leg warmers to her Daddy. I know he is just going to melt seeing his little Valentine in these cuties!

Thanks for visiting with me today, friends. Have a great weekend, xo.

If you like this project you may want to pin these other holiday outfits I’ve made for baby: Ruffle Christmas Tree Onesie and Pumpkin Applique Onesie.



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[DIY] Dec. 25 Canvas Pillow

It’s non stop Christmas around here. Miss P and I are having a blast. I’ve been working on so many decor projects that I’ve totally slacked on my homemade gifts. Anybody else? Luckily today’s project is so quick and easy that it takes no time to whip up. If you follow me on Instagram then you’ve seen a sneak peek of this canvas pillow. Well today, I’m going to show you how to make one of your own!

I have been wanting to try out some heat transfer paper for the longest time now. Thanks to the black friday deal I was able to nab some at a decent price. When it arrived I took it out of the box right away and immediately got started on this pillow!


1/4 y. canvas fabric and coordinating thread  (The pillow measures only 12×12 so it doesn’t take up much fabric at all.)


pillow stuffing

black heat transfer material


Start by cutting two squares approximately 12×12 in. Since you aren’t fitting a pillow form, the size can be as big or as small as you’d like, just be sure to cut your squares the same size.

Cut and place your heat transfer material onto fabric according to your package directions.

Once the transfer has been ironed on, you are ready to sew. With right sides facing together, sew edges leaving a small gap at the bottom to stuff. After the pillow is stuffed you can either do a blind stitch to close your gap or use your sewing machine. I used my sewing machine.

That’s it! Now you have a lovely holiday pillow to adorn your sofa with! So festive right?

Want more holiday craft inspiration? Check out all my holiday projects here!


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Ruffle Christmas Tree Onesie Tutorial

So I’m kind of addicted to onesies. My little baby wears onesies and leggings all.the.time. Yeah, we love dresses too but there is nothing cuter than her little round belly in a onesie! And the best part? Making them! You are going to love this onesie tutorial!

Remember my Pumpkin Applique Onesie from a few weeks back? Well here is round two of holiday baby onesies, A Ruffle Christmas Tree Onesie Tutorial.

For this project you’ll need to grab a few fabric scraps and trim them to 2 in. wide. I used seven strips. Varied lengths is fine, you’ll trimmed them down to size once they are ruffled.

Once you’ve cut your scraps to 2 in. wide strips. You’re ready to start ruffling. If you have a ruffle foot for your machine, great! If not, you can do what I do, turn your tension up as high as it goes. For me, that’s 9. And bump your stitch length up as high as it goes. For me, that’s 5.0. Once you’ve got your settings ready, sew a straight line down the middle of your strips.

Your strips should look like this. Oh, that brown fabric? I played with the idea of doing a brown trunk for my tree but ended up leaving it out.

With your onesie laying flat, start placing your ruffled strips in the ordered you’d like and trim them to make the shape of your tree. Once you’ve figured out the placement. Pin the strips in place, with each strip slightly overlapping the one beneath it. Making sure you’ve returned your settings to normal, sew each strip into place, backstitching at the beginning and end to secure your stitch. I can’t stress enough how important back stitching will be for this onesie. My six month old loved pulling on the ruffles. Had I not back stitched I’m sure she would have pulled some of them right off.

Once you’ve got all your strips sewn into place, you can go through and take out the basting stitch, or the ruffle stitch.

You’re all done! See, now wasn’t that an easy DIY onesie. Wouldn’t this be a fabulous gift?

And because I LOVE showing her off, here is my sweet little babe modeling her new Christmas onesie!

Let me know if you use this tutorial to make one for yourself. I’d love to see it! And be sure to check out my other baby tutorials here.


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