Trash to Treasure: Stylish Octagon Tray

Happy Friday everyone!

Last week I had so much fun sharing a trash to treasure post with the $2 chalkboard that I wanted to do another quick trash to treasure post today.

This one I love love love.

geometric stenciled octagon tray

Check out how I turned this awkward dophin tray into…

A Stylish Geometric Stenciled Tray

Thrift Store Find Turned Chic Octagon Tray

It all started when I spotted this really awkward looking wood tray while perusing the thrift store. It caught my eye because I loved the octagon shape to it. The dophin was missing a chunk out of it’s nose but I figured I could fix that with a little wood filler. I didn’t have an exact project in mind but hey, it was a really cool octagon tray – I knew I find something to do with it! I purchased it for a $1.

Stenciled Thrift Store Tray

I even giggled a little bit at the register when the cashier was commenting on how beautiful it was. I never know how to respond to comments when I know it will be unrecognizable once I’m done. I usually just say, yeah it’s great isn’t it?

Now here’s how it became trash to treasure.

Painted Octagon Tray

The first step, which you can see a bit in the before photo, was to fill a few spots where the wood was uneven with wood filler. I mentioned the dolphin missing a bit of his nose. There were also a few cracks in the wood that I filled with a bit of filler. After it dried, I sanded it so it was nice and even and ready for paint.

I painted the inside and rim a nice off white color. It was Valspar paint that we had left over from the two toned nightstand I shared earlier in the week.

Stenciled Thrift Store Octagon Tray

At first I wanted to put a monogram on this bad boy. But really, I’ve been kind of monogramming everything lately so I thought I better not. All things in moderation ya know?

So I busted out my awesome stencils from Deco Art and decided on this fun chevron design.

Thrift Store Octagon Tray

I painted the design on with some gray craft paint. I just did two light coats. I wanted it to look a little worn as if the design was rubbing off a little bit.

I finished the whole thing with a coat of protective wax.

I’m kind of obsessed with it now.

Thrift Store Tray Makeover

It’s my favorite trash to treasure project so far! What do you think? I’d love to hear what your best trash to treasure project has been. Share with me in the comments!

Happy weekend!

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$2 Trash to Treasure: Girl’s Room Chalkboard

Happy Friday!

I have a super quick Trash to Treasure project to share today.

If you’ve been around here awhile then you know I love a good thrift store project, like this awesome houndstooth chair or this $14 end table.

My favorite stores have been kinda slow recently but I did manage to find a few things last week so here’s the first trash to treasure thrift store makeover from that haul.

trash to treasure chalkboard for a girls room

So I’m in the middle of updating my daughter’s room from baby nursery to big girl room. She’s almost 2 and recently started escaping from the crib so it was time to switch her to a “big bed.” We went straight to a twin and I have plans to hack her new Ikea bed like one of these. The other plans involve lots of pink, animals, and a gallery wall. Two of her favorite things and one of mine! I’ll let you decide which one of those is mine ;)

4 dollar mirror transformation

So here’s the trash. Ugly mirror found at the thrift store on half off day. It was only $2 and a total score.


Then I needed some paint. Ever heard of Radiant Orchid? It’s only Pantone’s Color of the Year. It’s basically the perfect pink for a girl’s space. I’m planning on using a little bit of it in P’s room and I thought this $2 trash to treasure project would be a great opportunity to try it out.

I painted the whole frame with about three coats of radiant orchid, then taped off the frame and sprayed the mirror with chalkboard paint to create a really cute and girly chalkboard. All just for a few bucks!

Trash To Treasure Mirror to Chalkboard_edited-1

I’m thinking it will be great in the gallery wall I’m planning for Miss P’s big girl room and seriously for $2 it’s a great room accessory!

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DIY Upholstered Foot stool Tutorial

Upholstered Foot Stool

Painted Bread Box Making Home Base

Painted Bread Box

For more on my thrift store adventures be sure to follow me on Instagram! I always share my favorite goodies on there right away!

Happy weekend!


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Navy Painted Media Stand: Repurposed Dresser

Guys! We’ve been painting again… a lot.

Last weekend we painted our living room walls. In our rental. Yeah! I was so wishy washy about it. I couldn’t decide if it was worth the “trouble.” Turns out, I was a fool for waiting so long. :) Our new gray hue has totally transformed the feel of the room. It’s so calm and relaxing and the whole room is really changing and I love it. The gray walls really make my navy painted media stand pop!

Navy-Painted-Media-Stand This little beauty was painted several weeks ago, so if you follow me on Instagram, this is old news but bear with me. I had been on the hunt for a dresser to repurpose into a media stand for a long time. Finally, I found the perfect one.This DresserDressers are great as media stands. They are perfect height, you can pull our drawers to use as cubbies for stash cable boxes, plus there is plenty of storage space! My favorite part though, you can get a fabulous media stand for CHEAP. Finding an old wood dresser to repurpose is easy. Take a peek at Craigslist, thrift shops, garage sales, they are everywhere.

I snagged a dresser for cheap from Craigslist. Once we got it home we immediately got painting. I knew I wanted a navy painted media stand. Our walls are very light, so color was necessary, and I’ve been obsessing over navy and brass for awhile now. The color is Elegant Evening by Olympic paint with beautiful brass hardware. Swoon. I’m loving the results.

Navy Media Stand

I think we’ll end up taking out the top three drawers and making them cubbies for all the technological stuff :) For now, I’m using every since drawer for storage!

Tell me, have you ever repurposed a dresser? What are you using it for? I’d love to hear from you. Don’t forget you can get some behind the scenes sneak peeks by following along on Instagram.

If you like the navy painted media stand, be sure to check out my mint nightstand, or my painted end table.

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Upholstered Foot Stool Tutorial: Hello Pretty Yellow Chevron

Fun project alert :) An upholstered foot stool tutorial definitely qualifies as a fun project in my book!

I love color. It’s true. I love a beautiful fresh white space too but when it comes to my own home I always incorporate tons of color. Which you all know since I have a mint nightstand.

Now I also have a beautiful YELLOW chevron Upholstered Foot Stool.

DIY Upholstered Foot stool TutorialThis sweet little foot stool didn’t always look so darling. To really appreciate it you must see the before:

DIY Upholstered Footstool Tutorial

Do your spouses ever surprise you? And in that moment you think, “aw, he really gets me!” That was this foot stool. I’m sure your thinking how in the world did you get that out of a that piece of junk. Well my husband went to the thrift store in search of a desk and came home with this little beauty. He knew I would love it and even suggested that I share it on the blog. Aw, he really gets me!

Okay, I’m sure you want to know how it went from this to the gorgeous upholstered foot stool that it is now.

DIY Upholstered Footstool Tutorial

Here’s the upholstered Foot Stool Tutorial:

1. Clean your foot stool. And paint the piece your desired color. You may decide to sand the piece before painting but with my paint, it wasn’t required.

2. Cut your foam to size. Now, I used two pieces of foam because that’s what I had on hand. It’s better to use one thick piece. A 4 in or 6 in thickness would be ideal. But you know me, I use what I got!

3. Cut batting about 4 inches bigger than your stool. Cover with batting, and staple the underside.

4. Also cut your fabric about 4 inches larger, to ensure it folds nicely over the edges. If you using a patterned fabric, be sure to keep it nice and straight.

5. Staple the underside. The corners are a little difficult to maneuver, and forgive me for not photographing this, you’ll want to fold the edges to one side and then tuck under to staple.

6. Trim the excess fabric and admire your darling new upholstered foot stool.

DIY Upholstered Footstool Tutorial

Ah yes, that’s perfect.DIY Upholstered Footstool Tutorial

I’m loving the combo of gray with the yellow chevron. Yes, I do love some color! DIY Upholstered Footstool Tutorial

Doesn’t she look so happy now? The yellow just makes me smile :)

I hope you enjoyed seeing my before and after upholstered foot stool. Have a wonderful day!

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Succulent Centerpiece from a Flea Market Bundt Pan

Last weekend we hit up one of my favorite places on the planet… The flea market! It is a vintage lovers paradise. I love searching for gems and getting a deal. It’s just so much fun! I got lots of goodies including a junky old tool box, a vintage rolling pin, and a few vintage bundt pans just to name a few. Of course I could use those bundt pans to make delicious bundt cakes like my Grandma’s famous sour cream pound cake, but I had other plans for my newly acquired pans… a succulent centerpiece

Flea Market Bundt Pan Succulent Centerpiece

That’s right, a planter, for my succulent centerpiece.

I love succulents. Truly. They are the only plant around here that sticks with me even when I don’t water it. My poor plants out front have seen better days and I’m certain they are only hanging on because my husband has been rescuing them and nursing them back.

Succulents, though, can survive just fine without getting watered regularly. Perfect for me!

Flea Market Bundt Pan Succulent Centerpiece

Here’s my awesome flea market find! Can you even handle that gorgeous copper color?

The succulent centerpiece planter came together very easily. I decided not to drill holes in the pan because I wanted to use this as a centerpiece and I didn’t want it draining all over my table. Also, in the future if I want to use the pan for something else, I still can.

Flea Market Bundt Pan Succulent Centerpiece

The pan had enough space for eight mini succulents. I arranged them while they were still in their containers that way I could rearrange if necessary. Once I liked their positioning, I was ready to pot them.

Flea Market Bundt Pan Succulent Centerpiece

For the potting of the succulents, I used potting soil made specifically for succulents. It’s a more absorbent soil so the plants don’t get too saturated because they need very little water. This is what it looked like once they were planted.

Flea Market Bundt Pan Succulent Centerpiece

I felt like it needed something more so I added a mason jar filled with driftwood to the center. Then it was perfect! It’s such a fun succulent centerpiece for summer! I could even see a similar version being displayed as a wedding centerpiece!

What do you think? Have you repurposed something unconventional into a planter? I’d love to hear about it!

I’m sharing this project to these parties, and Savvy Southern Style, Liz Marie Blog

Big thanks to a reader who let me know that my new beautiful copper planter is really a jello mold, not a bundt pan! Good thing for you sweet readers or else I may have actually tried to bake my Grandma’s famous sour cream bundt cake in it…whoops :)


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Vintage Wooden High Chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

 For my little lady’s first birthday party (you can see the party details here), Ever since my I saw this gorgeous Vintage Highchair painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on The Golden Sycamore, I really wanted to find a vintage wooden high chair that I could paint!

 After hunting for a vintage high chair for awhile I finally found the perfect one…

and I’m so happy to share this wooden high chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

Vintage Wooden High Chair Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Of course, refinished wooden high chairs are not only hard to find but they are pricey!

Vintage Wooden High Chair Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

So imagine my excitement when I discovered this gem of a high chair at my favorite thrift shop. I snagged this baby up for only $10.

Although it’s condition was poor, I knew it could be gorgeous with a little love and some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.
Vintage Wooden High Chair Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

About Annie Sloan Chalk Paint: this was my first project using it and it lived up to it’s reputation. So easy to use, no sanding, super easy to get the distressed look. My husband and I, both, loved it.

Vintage Wooden High Chair Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

We used Annie Sloan’s Duck Egg Blue for this chair. The color went perfect with the pink and aqua colors of the party. We decided to use dark wax for the finish and I’m so glad we did. It gave such a vintage feel. I was so impressed with how little goes a long way.

Vintage Wooden High Chair Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Oh I just love the finished look. The curves are so pretty. I’m so glad we were able to revive it.

Vintage Wooden High Chair Painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

My little girl pretty much loved it as well. Here she is modeling her refinished vintage high chair. All excited about being one.

Thanks so much for stopping by today to enjoy this chair with me.

If you are an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint user I would love for you to share your favorite Annie Sloan Chalk Paint color with me.

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Recycled Wood Sign

As the weather get better the beach has been on my mind. When we lived in Hawaii, we had a favorite spot. This absolutely BEAUTIFUL beach called, Lanikai. We used to go grabbed sandwiches at our favorite Kalapawai Market, and then spend the day at the beach. I miss that place so much. Not because it’s the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen, but because of all the great memories.

Do you have a place like that?

Recycled Wood Sign

I told you a few weeks ago that I was re-doing my powder room with a nautical them when I showed you those Sisal Rope Mirrors. Here’s another nautical inspired project.

Barn wood beach sign

I picked up this piece of scrap wood at my local ReStore. It was pretty nasty looking but nothing some sanding couldn’t fix up. I knew it was perfect for a recycled wood sign.

Lanikai barnwood sign

I sanded my board really well then stained it with Rust-Oleum’s Kona (I love the dark richness).

I made a stencil using my Silhouette Cameo and very lightly painted the letters white then distressed them slightly, then covered the whole board in finishing wax.

Lanikai beach salvage wood sign

I don’t know when I’ll make the 2599 mile journey to Lanikai again but I most definitely have a piece of Lanikai in my home now.

Happy Friday my loves!

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Thrift Store Find Turned Chalkboard Tray

You know when you get something from the thrift store and you aren’t exactly sure what you are going to do with it but it’s so cheap and cool that you just can’t pass it up? Okay, that happens to me so often that I’m beginning to feel like a hoarder.

Anyone else?

Just me?

That’s cool.

Chalkboard Tray Making Home Base

That’s where the story of this little baby starts. Isn’t she pretty? Well she is now.

Tray Upcycle

That tray used to look like this. Picked her up from the thrift store for $.50. I saw that price and it went straight into my cart. Then of course it took it’s proper place in the garage (hoarder status) until I decided what I was going to do with it.

Chalkboard Painted Tray

I don’t know about you but I love me some chalkboard paint :) It’s so fun!

I painted the whole tray white, then painted the inside with chalkboard paint. The bright white against the black chalkboard is a lovely contrast don’t you think?

Thrift Store Painted Tray

This cute little tray has already been used in several rooms in my house. Here it’s being used on my coffee table. That didn’t last long because I have an 11 month old that doesn’t believe anything belongs on the table :)

Chalkboard Tray

I imagine my fresh chalkboard tray will get a lot of use around here. I’m so excited about it. And hello, 50 cents! You all know how I love a cheap transformation! Yay!

Want to see another chalkboard paint project? Be sure to check out my Chalkboard Countdown Sign

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Thrift Store Find and Painted Chair Legs

Painted Chair Legs Making Home Base

There is a special place I like to go here in town. A fun thrift store that I love to visit with a dear friend of mine. I don’t always find something but I always have a great time. A few weeks ago, my friend and I headed over to our thrift store and I quickly scanned the small warehouse not finding anything that caught my eye until suddenly I saw the back of a chair.

[Read more...]


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Office Nook Transformed

Office Nook Transformation

So one of the biggest downers about living in base housing is you really don’t get to pick your floor plan. Sometimes I wish they were completely uniform all across the country. That way you would know what to expect when you arrive at your next duty station. No such luck. When we moved here, we took our house site unseen. Sometimes you have to do that if you want a place to live right away. And since my husband was going underway within days of our arrival here, I picked a house I had never seen just so I wouldn’t have to move in by myself… with an infant. And I say “I” because really he could have cared less which house we choose as long as it had a garage :)

So this house, has all sorts of funny quirks and one of them was this little computer nook at the top of the stairs. It’s a decent little space but I didn’t see it’s potential at first. When we moved in I took a chunk of the dining room and set up a craft/office space. I mentioned in my 2013 Home Goals post, which you can read here, that I wanted to turn my upstairs storage closet into my craft room. Well, that’s really a two parter and this is the first part. This little computer nook is right next to the storage closet that will be my craft room. My reasoning for doing so is two fold. One, my dining room is a cluttered mess and two, now that Miss P is mobile, I want to have a work space where I can watch her play safely. The dining room has no room for her play yard and this computer nook is right off her bedroom. So I can easily put her play yard in her room and she can play safely within my sight.

makinghomebase before and after

Our computer nook before had absolutely no function at all. For months it served as a catch all for many of the loose papers we have around here. That’s the thing with the military – tons of paperwork. See all those papers in the corner? This old computer hasn’t been touched in months. And my printer, oh what a paint that was. To print from my computer downstairs and have to run up here to take a look a document only to have it print incorrectly. I was constantly running up and down the stairs!

I wanted to make this space functional. An organized place where I can work without clutter, see my babe playing behind me, and still be fun!

I think I accomplished that with this little transformation. It was out with the old and in with the new in every sense.

Making Home Base Office Nook

For organization, I bought these little pails from the Target dollar section. I painted little chalkboard labels on them. They are great for holding anything. For now they are holding pens/pencils, washi tape , and chalk. Since I did the chalkboard labels I can change them out anytime I need to.

makinghomebase office nook

I created this little mail organizer. I have a lot of note cards and greeting cards that were just sitting in the pile of papers. I like to send little cards to my husband every other week, so having them all organized in this little metal tray is very handy. Also I love having them in plain view so when I’m thinking of a friend I can just quickly write them a note. Who doesn’t love getting mail? By the way, I picked up this little tray for $.50 at a yard sale. Good buy, huh?

office nook organized making home base

This little basket came from Ikea. I spray painted it aqua for a punch of color and it’s perfect for holding my little notebooks. When I was downstairs I had my notebooks laying all over my desk and they were constantly getting buried.

makinghome base office nook transformed

I love love love this magnet board. I got it three years ago from Ikea. It was black up until yesterday and then I spray painted it metallic silver. The new color gives it a whole new look.

makinghomebase office transformation

I framed a few book pages from one of my favorite books. Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Series anyone? They are so light and funny making them perfect for this space. To tie into the metallic magnet board I went with silver frames.

Underneath, I framed a little chalkboard. Perfect for writing little notes and making lists. I totally imagine my husband and I writing notes back and forth here. I know, cute, right?

Making Home Base Office Nook before and after

On the other wall, a couple family photos. No office space is complete without some family pictures.

Making Home Base Office Nook After

Okay, and lastly, I really wanted to get my printer off the desk. It took up too much space. I picked up this cube from Ikea (can you see it peeking out?). It’s the expedit wall hanging cube. Now my printer is cozy in it’s new home on top of this cube. And are you wondering where I put all those papers? I filed them all away nicely in a little bin.So there you have it. My office nook makeover. I seriously love sitting at my desk now.

Thanks for visiting with me today, friends! Have a great week :)

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Kate Spade Inspired Vase

Hi there everyone! I want to share with you my Kate Spade inspired vase, DIY style.

I love Kate Spade and I especially love this vase we got six years ago as a wedding gift. The only problem is that it’s a bit small and well I’m really sentimental about it. I love the look but it doesn’t fit my farmer’s market bouquets, and I’m terrified of it getting broken.

I love the vase so much. I love the little polka dots. I love the thick beautiful glass. It’s too small to hold a whole bouquet, but it carries lots of value. For example, it’s been through six moves. That, in itself seems pretty amazing! It was also one of my favorite wedding gifts and I’m kind of clingy to anything that reminds me of my wedding day (sappy, I know!).

So here it is. The inspiration for this project. The Kate Spade vase. I love it. It’s great for a flower or two and I usually keep it in my bedroom (remember: sentimental).

This plain glass vase was $.49 at a local thrift store. It’s been hanging out in a cabinet for at least a month now while I tried to decide what to do with it. I’m so glad I held onto it for just the right project because this was it!

I created a stencil with my Silhouette Cameo, by filling the sheet with circles and then deleted every other one to stagger them. I cut it out on vinyl.

To replicate the etched glass look of the Kate Spade vase, I used Martha Stewart Frost Etching Cream. I got mine from Michael’s. I smoothed out the vinyl around the dots then, using a small paint brush (a stencil brush is recommended but not required) I lightly painted the cream onto the dots. It dried fairly quickly, then I removed the vinyl and washed the vase.

That’s all there is to it. And now I have a larger vase with the same adorable polka dot look!

And this week’s flowers look lovely in it… and remember when I said the vase only costs $.49? How cool is that?



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