DIY Wall Art Animal Prints with Polka Dot Mats

When I shared my daughter’s room makeover a couple weeks ago, I got a ton of questions about the animal prints above the bed. Today I’m spilling the beans on how they came to be. Here’s a quick DIY wall art tutorial for ya! DIY Wall Art Animal PrintsAfter we had completed her upholstered bed I wanted to hang some sort of wall art above it. DIY wall art was the obvious way to go since  this was a budget makeover.

Peighton is obsessed with animals! They are her absolute favorite, so I knew we had to include animals in her room somehow. I found some clip art that I was able to download for free and blow up to fit an 8 x 10 mat frame. After placing them in the frame I felt like they still needed something to make them pop. Polk dots, gold polka dots, did the trick! Let me show you how!

Polka dot mats-1

I picked up these black frames from IKEA. I think the black really pops with the bright pink.

Animal Prints with Polka dot mats

These zots found at Michaels made making glittery polka dotting a breeze!

Polka dot mats-1-3

It comes on this roll with two rows that are offset. Perfect for what I needed. I laid the strip face down and slowly peeled off the backing leaving the glue dots on the the matte. The top and bottom of the matte are wider than the sides so I cut the zots strip in half to add an extra row to both the top and bottom.

Polka dot mats-1-4

Next, I went wild with the glitter. Obviously. Ha. I just sprinkled glitter liberally over all of the dots and then shook out the left overs, tapping the back lightly to get all the loose glitter.

Polka dot mats-1-5

Now you’ve got a cute glittery photo mat.

Polka dot mats-1-3

I placed the animal prints inside and hung them up above the bed.

Polka dot mats-1-6

Peighton loves to point out which animal is which to us all the time.

Polka dot mats-1

I really love how the polka dot mats really tie into the polka dot sheets to make a really polished look.

If you are interested in the actual animal prints – let me know and I will email you the files! xo




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Easy DIY Wall Art for Spring

Spring is in the air or at least it’s all over my house.

Last week I shared my spring home tour as a part of the Spring Parade of Homes with 11 other bloggers.

Check it out here —-> SPRING HOME TOUR

There were a few DIY along the way to get my home dressed up for Spring and I’m sharing one of them with you today.

Easy DIY Wall Art for Spring – Gold Butterfly Art

easy diy wall art

I have two frames on the left side of my media center in my family room. I like to change out the wall art with the seasons. Sometimes it’s easy DIY wall art like today’s project and sometimes it’s recent family photos. I love changing it up for a fresh look.

I got some gold textured paper from Michaels and thought it would be fun to cut out a few butterflies to use as wall art.Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.23.10 AMI found several butterfly images in the Silhouette online store. I lined them up and sized them so they would all be different sizes and shapes.

Tip: Definitely do a test cut on the textured paper. It’s not quite card stock and it’s not quite paper. It took a few test cuts to get the right blade depth for me.

butterfly wall art

After cutting out the butterflies I arranged them on a blank white piece of printer paper. Then I places it in an IKEA Ribba Frame.

Spring Home Decorating Ideas: Spring Parade of Homes

Not a bad little Spring decoration for just a few dollars! I already had the frame so it just cost me the price of the textured paper. $1!

Spring Home Decorating Ideas: Spring Parade of Homes

Have you done any spring DIYs lately? I’d love to check them out! Share them with me in the comments.

Need more spring inspiration? Check out my project gallery. Happy spring decorating!

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Enter here ——> WIN  $150 to Target


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25+ DIY Wall Art Ideas

Happy Friday!

I’ve got a treat for you today! If you’ve been wanting for you spruce up your walls with some new wall art you are sure to find some inspiration here today!

25+ DIY Wall Art Idea

25 DIY Wall Art Ideas

Since we’re renters I try really hard to come up with unique ways to get color and eye catching art on the walls. It distracts from the stark white walls and it makes the house feel more homey. When you put up stuff on the walls it doesn’t just have to be photos it can be ANYTHING that inspires you or that you find beautiful. AND you don’t have to pay a bundle! You can make your own wall art for cheap! Here’s some great DIY wall art ideas to try.

Please pin from original source


Sequin Coat Hanger Wall Art via Rain on a Tin Roof


DIY Abstract Wall Art via Home Coming


Bold Split Photo Art via House By Hoff


DIY Framed Botanicals from Flooring via Persia Lou


DIY Graphic Circle Art via Homey Oh My

diy chalkboard window

DIY Chalkboard Window via House By Hoff


DIY Monogram Photo Clipboard via Making Home Base


DIY Pallet Art Display via The Golden Sycamore


DIY Tea Towel Art via Liz Marie Blog


DIY Wood Shim Art via Upcycled Treasures


Herringbone Watercolor Art via The Embellished Nest


Framed Monogram via Just a Girl and Her Blog


Nursery Shadow Boxes via Delineate Your Dwelling

Create A Custom Chalkboard to Hide Eyesores. Awesome Idea for Renters!! via

DIY Oversized Chalkboard via Making Home Base


DIY Graphic Prints via The Blissful Bee

How To Make DIY Art

DIY Spray Painted Wall Art via Homemade By Carmona


DIY Burlap Flag via The Wood Grain Cottage


DIY Eye Chart Wall Art via Design Dining and Diapers


DIY Giant Wood Wall Map via Migonis Home


DIY Stamped Wall Art via Tiny Sidekick

office art diy

DIY Large Scale Art and Frame via Life on Virginia Street


DIY Wood Sign via The Wood Grain Cottage


Plate Wall via Timeless Paper

Vintage Map in a DIY Rustic Frame

DIY Rustic Framed Map via Making Home Base


DIY Oars Wall Art via The Happy Housie


DIY Silhouette Wall Art via Rain on a Tin Roof


DIY Gold Heart Wall Art via Making Home Base


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Personalized Art Gold Heart “Couples Art”

Gold Heart Personalized Art for Valentine’s Day… or not.

personalized gold heart artI kind of love art with special meaning. Personalized art, pictures colored by my daughter, and things we’ve created are my favorite things to display around our home. Those pieces can’t be duplicated, or purchased in a store, making them way more significant.

I had an idea to do a couple’s art canvas for Valentine’s day but I wanted it to be able to transition it to my bedroom afterwards. And because gold is my new obsession, I had to go with gold. It’s perfect for Valentine’s day but it also looks amazing in my bedroom as well!
you can make this gold heart artDo you know what I’m talking about when I say couple’s art? I don’t know if I’m making that term up or not but it’s like the M+C in a heart kinda thing. Ya know? I just love those kind of things -they are super cutesy but still sophisticated, I think. Anyway, I’ve seen prints like this all over Esty for $20+. I managed to make a canvas for $0 because I had all of the supplies at home. Perks of being a craft supply hoarder I suppose. Even I had to purchase the supplies for this project I still could have done it for less than half of the prices I’ve seen on Etsy; and you know that I like a cheap project!

Here’s the breakdown on the Gold Heart Personalized Art (Couple’s Art):

gold heart canvasPaint a blank canvas with gold metallic paint. I used Martha Stewart brand. It took three coats for full coverage. Also, create a heart stencil. This is really easy if you have a Silhouette. If you don’t – check out and their “Design” feature. You can create an image that is 8×10. Use the Overlay feature to make a large heart. Print and cut. If you have Word, I’m sure you can find a heart clip art and make a stencil that way as well.

Place the stencil on the canvas (once it’s completely dry) to paint. I offset mine a little bit because I like that look.heart art tutorial Paint the heart with white craft paint. About two coats for full coverage should be about all you need. Remove the stencil and touch up any areas that may need it.
heart canvas artNow you are ready for the “personalized art” part. I used my Silhouette to create a quick stencil for the initials but you don’t need it. A gold sharpie and a steady hand will be just fine!
gold heart canvas artI colored the stencil in with my gold sharpie (I love love love the metallic sharpies!).

I kind of love it.
gold heart personalized artCheck out how I’m displaying it in my bedroom gallery wall. Do you have any personalized art in your home? Somethings that you’ve created that are extraordinary? I’d love for you to share them with me! You can post a picture on Instagram and tag me at @makinghomebase. You can also share them with me on Facebook!

Want more Valentine’s Day projects?? Check out my Valentine’s Day Project Gallery

I’m sharing this project at My Repurposed Life


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DIY Wall Art for Cheap

You all know how much I love a quick and inexpensive project. Well folks, this is about as quick as they come and about as cheap as it gets without being completely free. This project also includes a purchase from Target. Can we talk about Target for a minute? Am I the only one that goes in for one thing and ends up coming out an hour later with a cart full? I can’t resist Target clearance deals! If I had to pick a dream afternoon it would include going to Target, kid free with a pumpkin spice latte. Anyone else?cheap and chic art I always love creating something out of something unsuspecting… like a cocktail napkin? Yeah. Totally did it. And I’m going to show you how I made some DIY wall art (or table art) for SUPER cheap.

Cheap art idea Okay but seriously, it all started out with these cocktail napkins. These cocktail napkins were on clearance at Target and I couldn’t resist tossing them in my cart. They’re so cute. I thought they would be perfect for a girl’s craft night so I grabbed them. When I got home the wheels really started turning in my head and I thought about how cute that pattern would be in a frame…
cheap-art-from-a-cocktail-napkinAnd about 2 minutes later, it WAS in a frame. An Ikea frame, centered nicely, pulled tightly, and secured with tape. I pretty much felt like a genius when I was done and had DIY Wall Art in minutes, plus it cost nearly nothing…Cocktail Napkin Art

I’m using my newly framed art as decor on my newly painted side table.

Don’t you just love it?

diy wall art for cheap outtake

And just to keep it real, that owl stayed on the table approximately .5 seconds before being snatched up by some little girl who takes up residence here. ;)

Before you go, want to share your FAVORITE Target clearance find? I’d love to hear!

I’m sharing this project with some of these great blogs and Savvy Southern Style.


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DIY Vintage Inspired State Flash Cards

During my mom’s most recent visit we headed up north to Solano Beach to do some window shopping. They have some fantastic shops along Cedros Avenue in downtown Solano Beach if you are ever in the area. One shop had some awesome industrial inspired items including old mail bags, locker baskets, and vintage flash cards. I fell in love with some of the state flash cards. They were so cool! Today I want to share with you my DIY Vintage Inspired State Flash Cards.

DIY Vintage Inspired State Flash Cards

Since I didn’t buy the flash cards that day (the price was too steep at $5 each), I wanted to make my own.

How fun would these vintage inspired state flash cards be as a home decor piece?

I thought I could do something really fun with these vintage inspired state flash cards by getting one for each of the states my husband and I have lived since we’ve been married.

DIY Vintage Inspired State Flash Cards

These are very similar to the ones I saw in the shop. You can even purchase them here.

DIY Vintage Inspired State Flash CardsI found them to be really easy to replicate. I found images using my Silhouette Cameo and printed them onto the cards. I am sure you could find the images elsewhere and print them that way as well.

DIY Vintage Inspired State Flash Cards

The paper I used was just brown/natural cards stock. Very sturdy and gives a vintage look.

DIY Vintage Inspired State Flash Cards

Here are all four of my vintage inspired state flash cards. I love them! I am saving them for a wall art project in my master bedroom. I love the sentiment behind these flash cards and they are even better homemade!

And if you are like me and love anything vintage be sure to check out some of my meaningful vintage trinkets.

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Office Nook Transformed

Office Nook Transformation

So one of the biggest downers about living in base housing is you really don’t get to pick your floor plan. Sometimes I wish they were completely uniform all across the country. That way you would know what to expect when you arrive at your next duty station. No such luck. When we moved here, we took our house site unseen. Sometimes you have to do that if you want a place to live right away. And since my husband was going underway within days of our arrival here, I picked a house I had never seen just so I wouldn’t have to move in by myself… with an infant. And I say “I” because really he could have cared less which house we choose as long as it had a garage :)

So this house, has all sorts of funny quirks and one of them was this little computer nook at the top of the stairs. It’s a decent little space but I didn’t see it’s potential at first. When we moved in I took a chunk of the dining room and set up a craft/office space. I mentioned in my 2013 Home Goals post, which you can read here, that I wanted to turn my upstairs storage closet into my craft room. Well, that’s really a two parter and this is the first part. This little computer nook is right next to the storage closet that will be my craft room. My reasoning for doing so is two fold. One, my dining room is a cluttered mess and two, now that Miss P is mobile, I want to have a work space where I can watch her play safely. The dining room has no room for her play yard and this computer nook is right off her bedroom. So I can easily put her play yard in her room and she can play safely within my sight.

makinghomebase before and after

Our computer nook before had absolutely no function at all. For months it served as a catch all for many of the loose papers we have around here. That’s the thing with the military – tons of paperwork. See all those papers in the corner? This old computer hasn’t been touched in months. And my printer, oh what a paint that was. To print from my computer downstairs and have to run up here to take a look a document only to have it print incorrectly. I was constantly running up and down the stairs!

I wanted to make this space functional. An organized place where I can work without clutter, see my babe playing behind me, and still be fun!

I think I accomplished that with this little transformation. It was out with the old and in with the new in every sense.

Making Home Base Office Nook

For organization, I bought these little pails from the Target dollar section. I painted little chalkboard labels on them. They are great for holding anything. For now they are holding pens/pencils, washi tape , and chalk. Since I did the chalkboard labels I can change them out anytime I need to.

makinghomebase office nook

I created this little mail organizer. I have a lot of note cards and greeting cards that were just sitting in the pile of papers. I like to send little cards to my husband every other week, so having them all organized in this little metal tray is very handy. Also I love having them in plain view so when I’m thinking of a friend I can just quickly write them a note. Who doesn’t love getting mail? By the way, I picked up this little tray for $.50 at a yard sale. Good buy, huh?

office nook organized making home base

This little basket came from Ikea. I spray painted it aqua for a punch of color and it’s perfect for holding my little notebooks. When I was downstairs I had my notebooks laying all over my desk and they were constantly getting buried.

makinghome base office nook transformed

I love love love this magnet board. I got it three years ago from Ikea. It was black up until yesterday and then I spray painted it metallic silver. The new color gives it a whole new look.

makinghomebase office transformation

I framed a few book pages from one of my favorite books. Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum Series anyone? They are so light and funny making them perfect for this space. To tie into the metallic magnet board I went with silver frames.

Underneath, I framed a little chalkboard. Perfect for writing little notes and making lists. I totally imagine my husband and I writing notes back and forth here. I know, cute, right?

Making Home Base Office Nook before and after

On the other wall, a couple family photos. No office space is complete without some family pictures.

Making Home Base Office Nook After

Okay, and lastly, I really wanted to get my printer off the desk. It took up too much space. I picked up this cube from Ikea (can you see it peeking out?). It’s the expedit wall hanging cube. Now my printer is cozy in it’s new home on top of this cube. And are you wondering where I put all those papers? I filed them all away nicely in a little bin.So there you have it. My office nook makeover. I seriously love sitting at my desk now.

Thanks for visiting with me today, friends! Have a great week :)

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Valentine’s Day Floating Heart Wall Art

Can I just tell you? I am so excited for Valentine’s Day! My house is a bit bare ever since taking down my Christmas decorations. It needs some sparkle! So I’m going all out for Valentine’s Day. Honestly, I haven’t done too much decorating for Valentine’s previously, just a couple hearts here and there (and of course heart shaped pancakes for the hubby) but now that I have Miss P, I’m going to make it a perfect holiday of love for her!heart wall art making home base

So here goes my first craft of Valentine’s Day folks! I’m so excited to share my Floating Heart Wall Art. This fun piece is made using a recycled picture frame, some hearts cut out of card stock, twine, and good ole hot glue. Ready to see how it’s made?makinghomebase heart frame

When I was pregnant with my daughter my husband and I picked up tons of frames at thrifts stores to refinish and potentially use in her nursery gallery wall, you can see that here. We have lots of frames left over. This one was an ugly gold frame, and we just spray painted it white. It’s perfect for this project.

heart wall hanging vday makinghomebase

The first thing I did was lay out my hearts in the frame to position them the way I wanted. I didn’t really get too technical with it, just laid them out. Then I laid the string over top and started gluing. I glued two heart cut outs together that way if they get turned around you don’t see the string or glob of glue on the back side. Lastly, I glued the strings in place onto the frames. Simple as that!

heart frame vday

I love the little bit of aqua in there. So fun for Valentine’s Day! So tell me…have you started working on Valentine’s Day projects yet?

Get inspired with more Valentine’s Day ideas:

Reeses Pretzel Bites

Valentine’s Day Reese’s Pretzel Bites

Valentine's Day Decor: Valentine's Day Wreath

Valentine’s Day Wreath


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Washi Tape Holiday Wall Hanging

I hope you guys aren’t sick of holiday crafts yet! Because I have a really fun one today. This one costs me absolutely nothing because I had everything on hand. Aren’t those the best kind of projects?

Feast your eyes on my old frame turned holiday wall hanging!

I’ve had this frame for ages. I can’t recall where it came from. Maybe Goodwill. It used to be black before it got the spray paint treatment a few months ago. I love spray paint by the way. If I don’t like something anymore it gets a coat of paint and it’s brand new.

Anyway, after my Washi Tape Gift Tags, I wanted to find some more uses for my washi tape this season and I thought it would be perfect to turn this frame into a festive wall hanging.

To create this little wall hanging, I simply taped washi tape to all four sides of the frame. Then I hung these mini ornaments (don’t you love that glittery one?) by hot glueing bakers twine to the back of the frame. Lastly, I hot glued a little piece of ribbon to the top for hanging.

I love this project because I had all the supplies here at home. And, when the season’s over – I can easily peel off the washi tape, and the hot glue off the back and it becomes a frame again. How cool is that?

And here it is hanging on my wall. What do you think?

See more holiday decor and crafts here.




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Tin Ceiling Tiles Wall Art

Happy Wednesday everyone! Today, I want to share with you my vintage ceiling tiles wall art.

A few weeks back while my mom was in town visiting, we stumbled into this awesome architectural salvage shop. They had anything you could dream of from old rustic solid wood doors, to gorgeous brass door knobs, to old vintage ceiling tiles.

These little babies were $8.00 each. I honestly thought they looked perfect just the way they were. If I didn’t have such stark white walls I would have hung them up just like that. I love that you can see the tin showing through and little bit of rust around the edges. It just screams vintage. I spray painted them navy and grey and that really allowed them to stand out.

To hang them up I just hot glued some sawtooth hangers to the back. I love the way they turned out. These little vintage pieces really give the room a great look. Have you come across any great vintage pieces? Tell me about it!

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