Trending: Cane Furniture and Woven Textures

I’ll never profess to be a trendy person but when trends align with my style I get a little giddy. If you’ve been around awhile you know that I love woven textures and driftwood finished furniture. The reintroduction to cane furniture with a modern spin gives me all the heart eyes. I thought it would be fun today to take a look at what’s trending; cane and rattan furnishing and all the woven textures.

Before now, when you considered cane or rattan furniture you may have thought back to the Miami living room of the popular show Golden Girls. The reintroduction of cane furniture is fresh and current. It gives pieces of furniture the perfect amount of texture to be interesting without being over the top.

I still think back fondly of the rattan coffee table I found at a yard sale years ago. It wasn’t in perfect shape and I couldn’t figure out how to replace/repair the top so I eventually let it go but for years I thought, “what I wouldn’t give to get a piece like again.” Now, I pretty much can. There are many options for cane furniture or rattan pieces that would fit in well with my beachy casual style.

Let’s take a look at some of the best rattan/cane furniture and other textured woven pieces.

How to add woven textures to your home

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You can add woven textures into your space in a big way by adding cane furniture or rattan furniture. These will be statement pieces that will really draw attention. This bed is a showstopper for sure (with a price tag to go with it). With a similar statement, this cane headboard is more affordable. This cane daybed is beautiful as well.

Accent chairs can be great statement pieces as well. I found myself gawking over this one (again, a high end piece but so gorgeous). Here’s another great accent chair option that is much more affordable. And how about this bench? It would look great in an entryway.

Larger pieces like consoles and bookshelves are awesome for larger spaces. I love this console and it would have worked so well in our last house. If you’ve got a large wall that needs something – this piece of furniture will make a huge impact. I spotted this cabinet that would be great for many uses. A pantry system, mudroom storage, playroom or living room storage. So many options.

Other than furniture, textured accents are smaller ways to incorporate those woven pieces into your home. Mixing in some woven accessories gives an element of warmth and texture to your home. My favorite accents are rugs and baskets. You can find woven baskets anywhere but I love this one with a cane-like weave. These rattan boxes are also darling. This cane caddy can be used in a variety of ways and would look great on a bookshelf.

Lighting is another accent that can bring texture and style. This rattan pendant light is a favorite of mine.

Shop cane and rattan furniture and accents.

Please tell me in the comments, are you into the rattan/cane/woven texture trend? I can’t get enough. I’m over here trying to figure out how I can work all of these into my home.

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  1. I totally get it . . . if rattan/cane/woven texture is your thing go for it! The pieces can really help “open up” a smaller space but for me . . . bz I was a kid in the late 70’s early 80’s I flash back to my parents home a bit too much.

  2. My mother had an old chair from the 50’s with a cane seat she was going to donate. I asked her if I could have it for my office. All it needed was a good cleaning and it’s perfect. I think the chair is as old as I am!! And thank you for your families service. My husband is retired Navy and loved his time served.

    1. Hi Lynn, oh what a treat! We found a really nice cane topped bench at the flea market this weekend. I can’t wait to give it some love. I’ll be sure to share!