4 Ideas for the Perfect Valentine’s Day Table

Hi friends! More talk about Valentine’s Day! I have a cute little dining table that  I love to decorate. I love seeing it full of  festive decor. Of course, Valentine’s day is no different. I plan on decking my little table out this February as well!  I’ve been brainstorming lately of ideas for this year’s  tablescape. There is so many directions you can go for a Valentine’s Day inspired table. I’ve put together a list of 4 ideas for table styles that would be perfect for this Valentine’s Day!

1. Simple


I love a nice clean simple look. In fact, most of my projects are ones that are simple and don’t take a lot of time. I have an eight month old so I don’t have much time anyway :) To come up with a simple tablescape that doesn’t require a lot of work, table linens are your best friend. You can throw on a table cloth and you instantly have painted a blank canvas. I love this table cloth from Banarsi Designs. The vibrant pink is perfect for Valentine’s Day and you can easily tie it in with some white dinner ware, and a beautiful centerpieces of fresh flowers. How’s that for simple?

2. Kid Friendly

Valentine Apothecary Jars Uncommon 2012

Valentine’s Day isn’t about just couples, I don’t think. I’m having a blast incorporating my little girl into every aspect of the holiday. For the kids I love these Candy Filled Jars by Uncommon Design. What kid doesn’t love candy? They are a perfect centerpiece for a kid friendly table. Couple these jars with some crafts that the kiddos have worked on and you have a perfect Valentine’s Day table that the kids will enjoy!

3. Romantic


And if you’re going to be kid free, then you’ll want a romantic table scape, I’m sure! When I think romance, I think candle lit dinner. How about you? I love these dressed up Valentine’s Day Votives from Julie Ann Art. These lovelies would be a perfect addition to any romantic centerpiece!

4. Elegant



Lastly, maybe you have someone to impress and you are interested in going all out! If you are going for an elegant look, check out this beautiful table runner from Banarsi Designs! It has hand stitched sequins, just gorgeous. I can see tall candlestick holders on this table for sure. Wouldn’t this runner be lovely with some red dinner ware and a grand centerpiece? I think so!

I think I will go with a simple table this year.  What about you, how are you planning on decorating your Valentine’s Day table?


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    Hi Chelsea, those are all great ideas. I especially love the little apothecary jars. Hmm…looking over your comments, looks like I’m not alone! I have a red tablecloth that I will probably use, along with my white dishes, and maybe some fresh flowers in the center. Not sure I’ll have time for much more than that. I’m sure you’ll come up with something Pinworthy! :)


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