rental decorating

Stumped on how to decorate your rental home?

After eight rental homes in 15 years, I’ve gotten pretty good at making rentals feel like home. Adding temporary wall treatments and rental-friendly DIY projects can completely transform a space. Here you’ll find dozens of projects that will inspire you to flip your rental from sterile to stylish!

The Best Rental Decorating Tips & Tricks

My biggest secret when rental decorating…

Come in close, I want to tell you something. My biggest secret to rental decorating is pretty simple, just start. Waiting around for the next house, a bigger house, the house you own, will keep you from having a home you love and life is too short to not love where you live. There are many things that you can do right now to make your rental feel more like home. Let me show you how!

Check out some of my favorite showstopping rental decorating projects