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Hi gals! I hope you are having a wonderful week! I’m taking a quick break from the usual content around here to bring you something a little more fun. Since we are on the brink of summer, my mind has been going a mile a minute with all the feels of my P graduating Kindergarten and leaving her current school for a new one. I needed a fun, therapeutic piece to work on so I thought why not get to know each other better! This post contains a bunch of random facts about me! I’m so interested to hear if any of y’all can relate to these!

Here we go…!

I have a love/hate relationship with moving because of our military life. I find myself antsy to move after being somewhere for three years but I also crave the stability and roots that you don’t get moving constantly. In the last few years, I’ve felt an even stronger desire to stay put somewhere because my girls are getting older. This has also been my favorite place we’ve lived so far so it’s hard to want to leave!

My Starbucks order is always a grande iced coffee with half and half and caramel syrup instead of classic.

I used to hate my curly hair. It’s only been a few years since I’ve embraced having curls and now I can’t imagine myself any other way. I’m also the only gal I know that can literally be ready in 15 minutes post-shower. Curly hair is really low maintenance which makes it that much easier to embrace. You can read my guide on curly hair here.

In my mind, I am a master gardener but in reality, I buy all the plants and then delegate the job of keeping them alive to Matt.

I love TV shows and movies set in the 50s and 60s. Sometimes I feel like I missed my generation. I binged The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel in two days and loved Madmen and the movie Mona Lisa Smile. I also love other TV shows like Parenthood, Suits, and New Girl.

I’m a messy person. I always say it’s messy, not dirty. I’m the girl who will try on six outfits for date night and leave all the ones that didn’t work on the bedroom floor. I’m working on this though because I realized that I’m doing way too much laundry washing clean (yet wrinkled) clothes.

Whenever I’m at a store, restaurant, or any place of service and I sense someone is not having a good day, I give them a little extra. Always a bigger smile, more conversation, just a little something to make me feel like I left a positive impression on their day.

I’m an only child and when I was growing up I always pictured myself having a bunch of kids because I didn’t like feeling lonely. Even now, I’m sometimes depressed that I don’t have siblings to share memories with. I love that I’ve married into a bigger family so my kids have wonderful aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Things that I love doing but never have time for anymore include sewing (I used to love sewing quilts), reading light-hearted fiction (the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich is my all-time favorite), and photographing my kids.

My love language is gift giving. I love giving gifts! I obsess over getting the perfect, thoughtful gift for everyone.

I love the beach and my decorating style reflects that but my ideal vacation would be in a city with lots of art, culture, and food. Some of my bucket list places to visit are: London, Paris, Amsterdam, and the Almafi Coast.

I’m super scatterbrained. I have to rely on lists to stay organized. Whenever I’m feeling unorganized, I just shut down and do nothing. I use digital lists on my phone and a good ol’ fashion paper notebook to keep running lists of all the things.

I love going to the movies. It’s something I always did with my mom growing up and I still love it to this day. Romcoms are my favorite but any historical piece is usually worth a watch in my book as well.

If I had a day completely to myself I would go to Starbucks (walk in, not the drive-thru), then head to the bookstore and walk around for hours. I’d get a manicure, grab a giant greek salad for lunch and take it to the beach. I’d sit, eat, and listen to podcasts (This American Life is my favorite) !

I’m anti-reptile and am equal parts grossed out and proud of the fact that my daughter can and enjoys catching lizards.

I’m a firm believer in saying yes more than no when it comes to my kids. What I mean by that is I try to really think about each question they ask and before I say no, I try to see if I can turn it into a yes. I don’t want them to ever get to the point where they feel like they shouldn’t even ask because mom always says no. So when they ask to watch a movie at 7pm. Instead of saying no, I use my super peppy voice to say that tomorrow after school would be a great time to watch a movie. It doesn’t work every time but it allows me to say yes more and that’s important to me.

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading through! I’d love to hear if you can relate to any of these! Have a wonderful day!







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  1. Morning! I really enjoyed your ‘About Me’ post! I do feel like I know you better and you are not just ‘Chelsea in Cyberspace Somewhere’!! Nice to meet you and get to know more about you and your family. This was a great idea!

    1. Hi Linda! Nice to meet you as well! I hope you are having a great day – and I’m so glad you enjoyed that!

  2. I LOVED this post! And I felt particularly drawn to the point about eating a Greek salad alone on the beach – sign me up for that too!I share your sentiment about being born in the wrong decade and Mad Men is MY FAVORITE!

    1. Surprisingly, it took me a long time to come up with 15-16 things that were random about me haha!

  3. ah chelsea what a super sweet post. you are adorable! thanks for letting us get to know you a bit more.

  4. I could have written a list with at least 10 of these 15 things VERBATIM. This is why we are such good friends. <3 <3 <3

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  6. Hi Chelsea, super excited to find you as I have curly hair and things are getting out of hand, quite literally. I live in London and it’s been a challenge to access curly hair stylists easily (have been searching 3 years) so I hope to take some action about that 🙂
    And I have to tell you I am an amateur DIY-er too and DO NOT do reptiles either!!!
    Thanks for your post and curly hair guide, your photographs are great x

    1. I’m happy you’ve found me as well, Glynis! Curly girls, unite! I hope you are able to find a great stylist and get your hands on some DevaCurl product – that will make all the difference! Happy weekend!

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