Gift Ideas for Little Girls

My girls will forever be my favorite people to shop for. They usually have a few things in mind that they’re hoping for and then I pick out a few things I know they’ll love. Peighton is 7 this year and Millie just turned 4 so we’re out of the baby/toddler stage which has been fun because many of the toys they want they play with together. Each year I try to share some ideas of what we’re gifting the girls so if you have any little girls in your life you can get some inspiration.

My girls do a lot of imaginative play so playhouses, dollhouses, dolls, markets, and play food are some of their favorite things. For Millie, there’s no such thing as too many dollhouses. She loves to make little villages or neighborhoods and it’s really cute. I’ve gone back and forth on this dollhouse contemplating whether it’s too late to buy one since she’s already four but this one is wood and I think could be a keepsake toy that we save for their children one day.

Millie also specifically asked for this baby with a high chair and yesterday she requested that she get a stroller to go with her baby as well (the lists get longer as the days go on).

Peighton really wanted an activity tracker this year. I have one and she is always interested in how many steps I’ve taken each day. This kid’s activity tracker will be perfect for her. I can already see her setting up step count competitions.

Peighton’s best friend has one of these Instax cameras and it’s so fun. It reminds me of the old polaroid cameras. The quality of the pictures isn’t great but it still is fun to use and a quick and easy way to save memories.

I will never not love seeing a little girl in Hunter boots. They’re just so cute. The girls have both grown out of the ones I got a couple of years ago and these are 30% off.

I have to mention the Sophie Mouse book series because all of us are obsessed with it. I first picked one of these books up at the library when P was in first grade to practice reading. We would read it together at night. That’s continued to be a tradition because Millie and I love the books so much we never let Peighton just read them on her own, we have to do it all together.

For stocking stuffers I was excited to find this alphabet chalk. I wish there were more options for chalk in fun shapes and colors. I also love gifting accessories like hairbands or necklaces. We grabbed this cute little joke cards for Peighton as well as this Cat’s Cradle book (brings me back to when I was a kid and was a MASTER at this). Millie is going to be pumped about the feeding accessories we got to go with her baby/high chair.

Here’s all the items I mentioned plus a few more that I think are absolutely adorable and would make a great gift for any girl 4-8!

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