Miss P’s Birthday Smash Cake with Von’s $5 Birthday Bundle

Have you noticed that smash cakes are all the rage now? It is so fun to commemorate your little one’s first birthday with photographs of them diving into a little cake made especially for them. And since little lady’s birthday is only days away it was time to a smash cake photo session.

First Birthday Smash Cake With $5 BundleIt’s quite a production to make the smash cake, decorate it, and get ready for pictures. So I was so excited to be able to save time (and money) by picking up the $5 Birthday Bundle from my local Vons.

First Birthday Smash Cake With $5 BundleCheck it out! The Birthday Bundle includes 2 two-liter 7UP brand sodas, one box of Betty Crocker cake mix, one tub of Betty Crocker frosting and a box of Rainbow Striped Betty Crocker candles. All of that for just $5.00.

First Birthday Smash Cake With $5 BundleYou get to save a ton of time by making a box cake mix, and you get to reward yourself with diet root beer when it’s all over!

First Birthday Smash Cake With $5 BundleHere is sweet P’s smash cake before she dove in.

First Birthday Smash Cake With $5 BundleAnd here is during…

First Birthday Smash Cake With $5 BundleAnd here is after. I’m pretty sure she loved it and we got some great shots! Wonderful photos to save and cherish.

Do you have a birthday coming up that you need to bake for? The Birthday Bundle is available at ALL SAFEWAY, VONS, or PAVILIONS stores from April 24, 2014 until May 21, 2013.

And let me just remind you, it’s always a good time to have cake!


This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and SAFEWAY  but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #BirthdayBundle  http://cmp.ly/3/8vNxcO

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  1. Oh man! I adore the picture of her diving in! And what a great deal for all that you were able to get. Love!

  2. She’s so darn cute!! Happy belated birthday to the little miss! 🙂

  3. Cute Cute Cute! WOW this is a great idea.. and love this cute girl! She got after that cake…good for her!

  4. She’s such a cutie!! I did a Smash cake photo session for our little guy turning one with my birthday bundle too… great minds think alike! And guess what?! We had his big party this past weekend and it was such a whirlwind of fun & excitement that I barely even got a chance to watch him with his cake and I kept thinking that I was SOOO glad I did a Smash Cake photo session with him ahead of the actual party. Happy Birthday to your cutie! xoxo

  5. oh chelsea, little P is the cutest! I love the cake you made this is such a fun idea. I wish I would have done it with E, oh well I have another one on the way 🙂

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