Glitter Heart Garland

I kinda love all thing glittery so strings of glittery hearts made total sense to me as Valentine’s Day creeps up. My daughter calls them sparkly shinies that’s exactly what they are; sparkly shiny, strings of glittery goodness. I love fun quick projects like this glitter heart garland – it brings me instant joy.

DIY glitter heart garland

You’ll appreciate the fact that this was a zero dollar project for me. I had everything in the depths of my craft storage. The only thing it cost me was about an hour of time looking for the elusive Mod Podge which is never where it’s supposed to be.

Glitter Heart Garland-2-2

If you don’t have tubs of random craft junk you might have to go out and get a few things – here’s what you’ll need:


Heart stencil (you could also use a cut machine – I used my Silhouette to cut about 30 hearts)

Mod Podge (matte)

Paint brush



Glue gun

Glitter Heart Garland-1-2

I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out about 30 hearts approximately 2 inches in size. If you don’t have a cut machine, no worries. Just grab a heart shape that you desire, trace it on to card stock and cut out about 30 hearts.

Glitter Heart Garland-3-2

Use the Mod Podge to generously apply the glue to make the glitter adhere to the paper.

Glitter Heart Garland-4-2

Generously sprinkle the glitter.

Glitter Heart Garland-1

I used both very fine glitter and very chunky glitter – each have very different looks but I like them both. The chunky glitter pieces are a bit stubborn and don’t adhere as nicely as the fine glitter, as you can see. Nevertheless, I still love the gold hearts just as much.

Let dry for several hours before stringing together.

Glitter Heart Garland-2

To string together the glitter heart garland, grab some twine and a hot glue gun. One at a time, run a small line of hot glue on the back of the glitter hearts and place the string overtop, pulling it taut.

Glitter Heart Garland-4

All that’s left is to hang it up and admire.

Glitter Heart Garland-5

There’s so much to love about this glitter heart garland, but I especially love that you can really do this for any occasion. I think it would look incredible to do a lot of strands to create a colorful photo backdrop for an event or party (which I’m totally filing away in my brain).
Glitter Heart Garland-3-3

Also, I have to share this print I just ordered from Lindsay Letters. I got for our bedroom but it seemed really fitting for Valentine’s Day, so I’m using it in a vignette for a few weeks before it goes to it’s permanent home.

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  1. I like the chunky gold glitter best! LOVE IT. I think I habe quite a bit of glitter paper in my stash so I may skip straight to cutting hearts out!

  2. SO dang cute! I love love love this for a shower. I am throwing two baby showers this year, and this would be a great (and inexpensive) decor idea that the mamas-to-be could take home.

  3. This is my kind of DIY–simple and sparkly! Love these garlands for a Valentine’s theme photo backdrop or a little one’s birthday party!

  4. Love that heart garland! So simple & so adorable 🙂 I’m not a big valentines day person buuuut if I find out I am having a girl, I will definitely be doing a similar craft with her someday! <3
    xoxo, Sam @