Good Stuff Saturday

Happy weekend sweet friends! It’s time for Good Stuff Saturday – where I share all things good that I’ve discovered this week.

Off the bat, these cuties. The other morning I caught these two snuggling. P said to M, “I jut love you, Millie” and then Millie leaned in for a kiss. It was the cutest thing ever [EVER].

This week Peighton and I toured an elementary school. My baby is going to Kindergarten in the fall and I’m totally not okay with it. Millie learned a new word: Cheetos and can legitimately spot the a bag of Cheetos from across the room. My main accomplishment this week was deciding on a paint color for our living room.

I had almost given up after $40 worth of paint samples, I decided on Chantilly Lace by Ben Moore – it’s white. How ironic is it that when I lived in rentals I couldn’t wait to paint my walls anything but white and now that I can paint my walls any color in the world, I pick white! More to come on that…

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I bought these two dresses this week [white eyelet | embroidered chambray]. It’s pre-summer here in Florida and they are both on major sale.

I scooped up  this quilt for my bed and I’m so excited about it because tassels! It’s on sale + an additional 20% off.

These concrete planters at Target. Love em’

And hey, I saved the best for last – my best bloggy friend, Abby is also a blogging genius and has a passion for helping people get started on their blogging journey. Since I know some of you may have an interest in starting your own blog I wanted share this free training that Abby’s hosting (there are a bunch of times available) on finding your perfect blogging niche. If you’ve ever wanted to blog but hushed those dreams with the thought “I don’t know what I would write about” then, this free training is definitely for you. You can sign up here.

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  1. Oooooh that picture of the girls melts my heart! I know what you mean about moments like those. There are few things better!

  2. I saw somewhere that the purple colour and its family is the trending colour. I love your girls . Adorable god bless them