content_media_kit_headshotHey friend! I’m so glad you found me! The blogosphere is a huge place, but you found your way to our little oasis, and I’m so happy!

I’m Chelsea, the accidental decorator behind this blog, where I write about decorating, DIY projects, and other creative ideas. For years, I struggled with finding my signature decorating style, giving up plenty of times along the way. When I started shifting my focus away from the house itself and onto my family, everything changed. Now, I love encouraging others to decorate for their people not for the house.

I’m truly passionate about loving where you live. I believe in creating a space that reflects the people who live in it. I subscribe to the Don’t Wait, Decorate philosophy and believe you should start where you are, with what you have and make your home as beautiful as you are.

I don’t do design rules, call me a rebel, but I decorate our home for us. Some people think I’m crazy for having a white sofa with two kids but it works for us. I also enjoy saving a bunch of money by DIYing a lot of projects and making my own decor.

I reallyyyyy believe in decorating for right now, where you are, with what you have.

my-home-tour-2Our current home tour

While I wish I could say that my house looks like that all the time, but the reality is I have two kids and most days my house looks more like this [real home tour].

You’ll find hundreds of blog posts related to home decor, decorating, and DIY ideas here. I hope you’ll be inspired whether you are tackling a major kitchen renovation, or trying to figure out how to hide some sort of rental house eyesore. I know about both! Where to go from here?

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