Decorating With Detail – How to Style Your Space

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Do you have a space in your home that just feels unfinished? It’s okay but not great? It’s decorated but it doesn’t wow you? I’ve had that. Actually, I still have that in several rooms of my home. Sometimes we do just enough to get the space presentable slash liveable but we don’t close the deal by finishing it. To create a finished, well-decorated space, you have to decorate down to every last detail.

Decorating With Detail - How To Style Your Space

That last bit of decorating – how to style your space, is my favorite part. It’s how you bring the whole room together, so it’s really important. It’s the most fun, yet it can be paralyzingly brutal to do if you don’t know your decorating style or if you aren’t so confident in your decorating. I think that’s why many of us just skip that part and stick with the livable stage of our homes. Styling your space is picking throw pillows, adding wall art, selecting vases and frames. It’s finding the right lamp, picking the perfect hardware, and hanging wall treatments. It’s the nitty gritty of decorating and I think it’s where most of us just give up because frankly there are too many decisions to make and there’s money on the line so we don’t want to mess it up.

Today, I want to show you a few spaces in my own home where I think I’ve done a pretty swell job at styling and explain my thought process to you – hopefully, it’s helpful!

Master Bedroom MakeoverOur  bedroom – When I set out to decorate this room, I really wanted a calm and relaxing room. My decor tends to be simple and that’s what I did here. Blue and white is the name of the game for the bedding. I wanted to add a layer of glam to the space without being too overstated so I opted for brass accents here. Brass hardware, brass mirror, and even the lamp has a touch of brass. I think it gives the right amount of luxe to the space without being over the top. When I decorate a little vignette like this nightstand, I like to use objects of varying heights so the taller candle holders with the smaller plant is a good mix. Also, having objects in the background and foreground create layers within the vignette which give more visual interest. So having the lamp which sort of steals the show in the center with other objects in the background and foreground to balance out the lamp. I also love mixing wood with metallics so the wood candle holders are the perfect contrast here.

DIY Oversized Wall Art

This shot of our old living room still gets a lot of attention and I think it’s the oversized wall art. This space was really simple. We had a large blank wall behind the sofa that needed something to put on the wall that was of large scale. My DIY 20×40 wall art trio worked perfectly in this space. The wood wall art plus the blue and white pillow combination created a perfect coastal tone for the space that I totally loved. Both of these styling decisions were very simple but have a huge impact. Wall art and pillows can make grand statements.

WOW this girl reveals all of her throw pillow sources.

Our current living room – This is the room that I feel like most represents my style in my house. It’s been my experiment for the longest time. Accent furniture plays a major role in the styling of this space. The nailhead ottoman, coffee table (and accent chair just to the right of this shot) all provide functionality as well as design. For this space, the pillows were the first styling selection, after I selected the colorful floral pillow, I wanted to tone down the overall look of the room so I added this abstract piece of wall art. The blue hues complement the floral pillow. I still wanted the dominant color here to be blue, so additional blue pillows and a blue and white striped throw help achieve that goal. Additionally, I try to add greenery in every space. The greenery is an element of nature that I love but sometimes paired with blue it can feel a little cold. Adding in the seagrass baskets gives a warmer tone that balances out the cool blues/greens.

I sincerely hope that this helps you when you are deciding on how to style your own space.


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