Something’s Blooming

somethings blooming


It wasn’t enough excitement to just go and move across the country…

so we decided to toss another baby into the mix.

Yep! I’m pregnant!

baby number 2

See! I have a nice little burrito baby bump to prove it.

This isn’t a baby blog but I felt really bad about not sharing such a huge life event with you guys!

I always love reading about other women’s pregnancies so I thought I’d leave this here and you guys can read it or skip over it if you want.


Baby number: 2

How far along: 20 weeks (I know can you believe I kept a secret that long??)

Due Date: Official due date is October 6 but P was 2 weeks late so I’m not holding my breath.

Gender: Girl (I’m not good at waiting so we found out as soon as we could)

How I’m feeling: Pretty great now. The first few months were rough. I was super sick all the time, plus trying to keep up with a toddler left me totally drained. You probably noticed by the lack of productivity here on the blog. Things have completely turned around and I feel great and have a lot of energy now!
Craving: Watermelon, sushi, and pretty much all the carbs.
Time: Time is going by so fast. I can’t believe I’m already half way through this pregnancy. We completely plan on this being the last one so I’m trying to enjoy every moment.
Names: We waited until the very end to name P and I imagine that we’ll do the same this time around.

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  1. Chelsea!!! YAY! Congrats friend! You guys are just the cutest family, and I’m so happy for you to add another sweet little girl to the mix! How wonderful! xoxo

    1. You are so sweet! I can’t believe it’s another girl but I’m thrilled about it! So glad I saved alllllll of P’s baby stuff! xo

  2. Congratulations–so exciting! We threw moving to a new house, new job for DH, and our 4th baby all into one year, too….it was a crazy year, but so far we haven’t regretted any of them 😉

    1. Thank you Gretchen! So glad you can relate to this kind of crazy! It’s going to be one memorable year, that’s for sure!

  3. Congrats!! Doing everything at once is what makes life so fun! So happy for y’all! 🙂

  4. Congrats! How exciting. It’s a good time to be craving watermelon. At least it isn’t the middle of the winter. 🙂

  5. What wonderful news! You are an amazing woman to be pregnant while moving! Hope you enjoy living in Jacksonville. My BIL and his wife live in St. Augustine and we love visiting as there is so much to see and do in the area. Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and new baby!

    1. We LOVED St. Augustine! We’ve been playing tourist basically since we arrived and took a trip down there a couple weeks ago. It’s a beautiful little town. I really enjoyed it. And I don’t know about amazing – I think silly is more like it 😉

  6. Many many happy congratulations on baby girl number two! Yay! I totally understand about running after the first during pregnancy with number two … I gave birth to my second son about five months ago and it was SO tough at times keeping up with my four year old son. But as mothers, we find that innermost strength to pull from. Keep us updated and enjoy the energy of the second trimester.

    1. oh Natalie – I’m so glad you can relate! I totally agree we really pull from that innermost strength just to get by. Moms are pretty special, I think 😉 Hope you are having a great day!!