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Fall Favorites 2019

I’ve discovered another positive to living in the high desert of California is it actually feels like fall. We don’t have any leaves changing colors but the air is crisp and you need a sweater in the mornings. We went apple picking a couple weekends ago and I’ve already made two apple crumbles so it’s official now. We might be a little bit late to the game but once it feels like fall, it’s fall and I love all the coziness that it brings. Grab a warm drink and let’s chat about our fall favorites.

For your convenience, this post may contain affiliate links. That means, at no additional cost to you, I may make a small commission on your purchase. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

If you’re planning on swapping out your pillows for fall this year, check out Walmart first. I found so many great pillows that have zipper enclosures so you can swap out the polyfill if you prefer (I love my down-filled pillows).

Pillows | These are all amazingly priced at $15 or less and are neutral enough that you could use them all year long.

Sweater | This oversized sweater has my name all over it. I love the blue stripes and the oversized fit. It’s perfect with skinny jeans and booties.

Mini Cypress Tree | We got a new dining table last week and I got these trees to decorate the tabletop. When decorating tablescape having some variation in height is always a good thing so something like this is great for that.

Lace up wedge booties | Wedges are my go-to heel. They are always the most comfortable for me so when I saw these I fell in love. I found a similar pair for Peighton and she loves them too.

Tea Kettle | I gave up coffee about a month ago for various reasons but I missed having a warm mug of something in the mornings. I swapped coffee for caffeine-free tea so I still have something warm to sip on in the mornings. I’m new to hot tea (I’ve been drinking sweet iced tea forever) but I’m loving this tea kettle. Also, if you have tea recommendations – I’d love to hear them!

Dutch Oven | I also couldn’t get by without dutch oven. I’ve had the same one for about 13 years now and I’m ready for an update. This creamy white looks a lot like a Le Creuset but it’s significantly less expensive.

I’d love to know what you are loving this fall season especially if they are super cozy finds. Let me know in the comments!


Simple Fall Home Tour

A simple fall home tour that adds layers of cozy without being over the top. 

Hi pals! It’s been a little while since I played around with decor in the living room and in preparation for fall, I wanted to add some layers of coziness. I’ve been craving some warmth and some textures after having a very cool and casual space through the summer. I’ve shared with you previously that decorating seasonally doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money, or decorating outside your comfort zone, it can mean adding a few subtle touches and that’s exactly what I did here. This simple fall home tour is exactly what I’m cozy loving heart needed!     

All I need this fall is cozy sweaters, pretty pillows, and all the little white pumpkins… you too?

Welcome to my fall home tour.

For your convenience, this post may contain affiliate links. That means, at no additional cost to you, I may make a small commission on your purchase. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

I spotted these rich, textured throw pillows and loved the color for fall. I paired them with this diamond textured pillow. I love the richness of the plum colored pillow against the backdrop of our casual blue and white room.

Remember when we built these bookcases? They’ve been so fun to decorate. Nevermind that I still need to add hardware to the doors 😉

I also added these gorgeous pillows to my favorite IKEA chairs. I cannot get over the texture on these guys. I wish I had a link to share but I found these at Home Goods (this week so run to your local store to see if they’ve got them in stock). So pillows were one major element of my fall decorating plan, the other element, pumpkins.

Decorating for fall this year came very simply and really feels very authentic to my taste which was really important to me. One thing that I could never compromise on though, is pumpkins. Is it even fall without pumpkins? I picked up a dozen small white pumpkins from the grocery store and they all had very whimsical looking stems like this one. I love that.

The other main section of our living room is this sitting area with the fireplace. Decorating the mantel is my favorite thing ever. I am so grateful to Matt for building this gorgeous fireplace surround and mantel  for us for this exact purpose.

The white pumpkins found their place on the mantel and I am all about them. I also swapped out the beach print for this class brass round mirror. This mantel is a switch for me because it’s so neutral. Last year’s blue ombre pumpkin mantel still has a big piece of my heart.

Thank you so much for visiting with me today! I hope you enjoyed this little peek into our home for fall. I’ve linked a lot of the items in our home below if there’s something that interests you, you can use the widget below to check it out further! Happy fall!


Our Fall Bucket List

A classic fall bucket list – things to do this fall with your kids

I made a list of all the things I wanted to do this fall with my girls. I love this time of year so much. Fall for me is like the last hurrah of the year before things begin to get really crazy with the holidays. This may very well be our last fall in this house and maybe even in Florida as we don’t know what the future brings for our family in the coming months. I want this season to have memorable moments that we can treasure together. I think bucket lists are so fun and they’re especially great with kids. My girls love taking the maker and checking things off as we go. Not to mention, having a bucket list puts your plans on paper and reminds you each day to make plans to actually go to that apple orchard or finally bake all those dang cookies. Life gets so busy and making a list that we can physically check off as we go along helps.

I discussed with my girls and we came up with this simple list of fun and festive things to do this fall.

A classic fall bucket list - things to do this fall with your kidsHere’s what’s on our fall bucket  list:

Go pumpkin picking
Make caramel apples (this will be a first for us and I’m so excited)
Play in the leaves
Have a family movie night watching our Halloween favorites (mainly Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin)
Carve Pumpkins (this will be a first for Millie)
Take a trip to an apple orchard
Bake pumpkin treats and deliver to friends
Make s’mores
Visit the mountains
Take a hayride
Dress up and take fall pictures 

What to do with your kids this fall - a fall bucket list  I printed out our list, popped it in a frame and plan to use a dry erase marker to check off each of our adventures. I think it’s a fun inexpensive decorative piece for fall.

Fall bucket list - what I'm doing with my girls this fall

I’d love to hear some of your favorite fall traditions or things you love to do as a family! If you’d like to make your own fall bucket list I’ve got a couple free printables for you! I’m sharing our bucket list if you’d like to use it or you can also download a blank version and either type in your list using Microsoft Word or simply write it in.

Our Fall Bucket List - 10 things to do this fall

Download our fall bucket list here | Download blank fall bucket list here

Pin the fall bucket list for later:

More fall inspiration:

Decorating your home for fall without changing your color palette


Decorating Seasonally without Changing Your Color Palette

I just ordered some fresh pillow covers for my living room for fall. I learned several years ago that I prefer to mix in seasonal decor with my usual color palette. I do this because it’s budget-friendly, and it feels authentic to my personal style. If you don’t have a color scheme that naturally lends well to traditional seasonal colors consider these tips for decorating seasonally without changing your color palette.

Gorgeous fall decorating inspiration in this fall home tour. The painted pumpkins are my favorite.

Add texture, warmth, and cozy
Adding warmth to your home for fall doesn’t have to mean in color palette. You can easily add warmth and coziness to your space by adding in chunky knit throws, quilted pillows, velvet or linen textiles. This time of year I put away the lighter weight blankets and throws. I add flannel sheets to the beds (yes, even in Florida!) and prepare the house for all-out coziness.

What does fall look like to you
Breaking out of the commercial look of fall and embracing what fall means to you gives the freedom to decorate exactly how you want throughout the season. What are some things you love doing in the fall? What kind of feeling do you want your home to have during the season? Placing orange pumpkins around the house can definitely symbolize fall but if you don’t love the color orange, is that really the best way to decorate your space? If you love setting a fire, putting on cozy socks, and making soups all autumn long then adding elements of cozy to your home is the perfect way to decorate for fall.

Get creative – DIY when you can
Retail stores will always have pumpkins, scarecrows, and leafy themed things this time of year but if you aren’t sure about theme-y decor, step outside the box. You can easily have a beautiful and modern vignette of pumpkins by painting them to fit within your color palette. Blue pumpkins, white pumpkins, pink pumpkins, green even – those all can have such a modern and unique look.

More fall decorating ideas:

Coastal Fall Mantel

Gorgeous fall decorating inspiration in this fall home tour. The painted pumpkins are my favorite.
Tips for Adding Simple Fall Touches


Decorating 101

Tips For Adding Simple Fall Decor

When I shared my fall mantel, I shared with you that I’m not fussing over too much fall decorating, this year. I’m adding simple fall decor to my home by updating my mantel. I will also add a few pumpkins to my porch because like every woman in American, I can’t resist a pumpkin this time of year. After talking with many of you on Instagram, I learned that most of you don’t deck your homes out for fall either. In years past I’ve done other simple fall decorating that can be done with little money or even with what you have. Today, I’m going to share some tips for adding simple fall decor to your home in hopes of inspiring you to bring this renewing season of fall into your home.

Tips for adding simple fall decor to your home to make it cozy and festive this season.

Adding Simple Fall Decor to Your Home

How to bring coziness to your home this fall by decorating simply

Keep Your Color Scheme

I love the idea of using non-traditional colors for traditional seasons. Since calming shades of blue and white are my typical favorites, I carried them over into my fall decorating. Blue pumpkins are pretty popular right now anyway so I did an ombre collection of mini pumpkins to place on my mantel. I’m honestly surprised that faux pumpkins aren’t coming in every color under the sun yet (although I have some tips to help you paint your own). I did have to paint these but this project took just around an hour and cost very little money. You can also find gorgeous velvet pumpkins in almost any shade to fit your decor.

Decorate simply and add elements of cozy throughout your home with these tipsAdd Texture

Instead of adding colors like orange and brown into your decor (unless that’s your thing), you can add the feel of coziness for fall by layering more hearty textures like fur throws or pillows, soft velvety pillows, chunky knits, and wood tones. I keep a stash of fall and winter blankets and pillows (because I am basically a hoarder) and I start pulling them out around this time of year. If you purchase anything, buy items that will transition into the winter months so that you can get the most use out of them. Not only are they insane cozy, they are perfect decorative pieces for fall that are perfect for adding simple fall decor to your home.

If you are sick of the traditional orange pumpkins and faux autumn leaves, check out these tips for decorating for fallUse What You Have

You can use what you already have in your closet and around the house as fall decor. Scarves and blankets can double as a table throw. Riding boots can be the perfect accessory for your front entryway. A market tote can hold some faux greenery. Collect all of the candles from around the house and create a cozy mantel vignette. You likely already have tons of darling accessories you can use to decorate your home for fall. Shopping your own home is often the best way to decorate seasonally. You can decorate without the guilt from purchasing items that are not permanent.

Easy 5 Minute Fall Porch Decorating

Pick Up  A Few Pumpkins

I mean, you know you want to. I don’t know what happened in the last few years, probably bloggers contributed to it, but there is an obsession for all things pumpkin this time of year. I’m not saying I hate it because actually, I think pumpkins are the cutest ever. It’s the end of September and basically, every store I’ve been to in the last several days has had pumpkins for sale. Whether you just buy a handful of the cute mini white pumpkins or you head to the pumpkin farm for the gorgeous Cinderella pumpkins, nothing says fall like a group of pumpkins.

Gorgeous fall decorating inspiration in this fall home tour. The painted pumpkins are my favorite.Free Printables

Another way of adding simple fall decor to your home is to add some decorative pieces like wall art or garland. Another great thing about the blogging community is that there are tons of amazingly talented people out there willing to share their talents with us for free. FOR FREE. If you google “free fall printables,” hundreds will appear. Find one (or a few) you love and use them as seasonal artwork. I’ve created several fall printables in past years and I’ve partnered with other bloggers on blog hops to share 20+ fall printables at a time. There’s a variety of printables out there from art prints to printable garland, placemats, thankful trees, and more. You can print this fall printable here.

Give me your best tips for adding simple fall decor throughout your home. How do you make your space feel cozier without going overboard?


Dining Room

The Art of Tablescaping – Setting A Harvest Table

Hi sweet friends! I’ve missed ya’ll. Last week we experienced our first real Florida hurricane as hurricane Matthew breezed through the southeast. While it was eventful and frightening, we made it through completely unscathed and feel very blessed about that. Unfortunately, we did lose our beautiful maple tree in our front yard. As the storm was moving through Matt and I were watching our tree carefully as it sits pretty close to our house. As the winds were blowing you could see one of the major branches on the tree splitting away from the trunk so we knew at least that branch wouldn’t make it through. As the night went on the rest of the rest started to split down the middle. Yikes. While we only lost the major branch of the tree (it fell and miraculously didn’t damage a thing) we had to cut down the remainder of our tree this week. We are already missing it since it provided so much great shade. How did you other east coasters fare through the storm?

Since we didn’t lose power, I spent a lot of time on Pinterest trying to figure some decorating strategy for my dining table. Ha!

You know that one thing in your house that you can never seem to get right?

The thing that you leave undecorated because it’s easier than figuring out how to decorate it?

Mine is my dining table. It’s so hard!

Honestly, if I had one decorating nemesis, it would be the tablescape. I’m not sure if it’s my small, round table or if it’s just me but I can have this amazing, elaborate tablescape in my mind yet it never translates to the table. Well, the past week I decided to take the time to finally tackle tablescapes and figure out what exactly works best for this little table of mine.

With Thanksgiving around the corner (yes, it will be here before you know it) I thought now would be the appropriate time to try to master the art of tablescaping and tackle the budget friendly tablescape. I started out by doing tons of research.

I googled tablescapes like it was my job. I took note of different elements and paid particular attention to tables that were small and round. I noticed that I was particularly drawn to tables that had layers, was balanced, and included natural elements.elements-of-a-harvest-tablescape-3

Next, I went shopping. always has the best seasonal stuff, I knew I would find what I was looking for there. I went for the harvest/fall decor but quickly realized that they had everything I could possibly need to create the perfect tablescape. They literally have every department you can imagine: seasonal decor, kitchen and dining, wall decor and other accessories. I found this beautiful houndstooth runner at At Home for just $9.99. It’s so versatile and I’ll be able to use it for any occasion! Layering it over a plaid blanket creates the perfect base for my table.

At Home always has the latest high end looks at reasonable prices plus their selection is amazing! They literally have every department you can imagine: seasonal decor, kitchen and dining, wall decor and other accessories. I went for the harvest/fall decor but quickly realized that I would find everything needed to create a perfect tablescape. This beautiful houndstooth runner from At Home was just $9.99. It’s so versatile and I’ll be able to use it for any occasion! Layering it over a plaid blanket creates the perfect base for my table.


Next, I wanted to layer pretty dishes. The plaid plates are also from At Home and I felt like I hit the jackpot when I found them. They will transition so well into Christmas too!


When I was brainstorming ideas for this tablescape I envisioned having colorful layers and this table setting is exactly that. The napkins from At Home compliment the dishes perfectly. The colors just work so well.

I used pinecones as little place card holders. They are also from At Home and not only do they just smell like fall, they, along with the maple branches bring a natural element to the table that feels very fall to me.

Before we lost our maple tree in the front, I had imagined using this decorative bird cage from At Home as my centerpiece. I stuffed it with pumpkins and surrounded it with candles.

elements-of-a-harvest-tablescape-12While it looked cute, it was missing some greenery. So when my maple fell, it made perfect sense to bring in some of its branches. I put them in a pitcher and used them the centerpiece with my vintage brass candlestick holders on either side.

I couldn’t part with the bird cage though so I created this little vignette on the storage bench and I just love it.

I can’t say that I’m a tablescape master quite yet but this whole deal is a far cry from the totally bare table I had before AND this looks high end while being a totally budget friendly tablescape. I’m calling it a win! What do you think?


This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of At Home. The opinions and text are all mine.


Painting Faux Pumpkins = Saving Money

Hey friends! I don’t have the most original project ever today, but I think it’s still worth sharing because hello, have you seen the price of pumpkins? I paid $6.99 for a white pumpkin and it wasn’t even one of those cute little heirloom ones. So… in an effort to save my money and yours (because let’s be honest we’d rather spend it on things at Target), I’m sharing how painting faux pumpkins is the way to go. Last year I painted some cute little dollar store pumpkins navy blue, and they stored so well that I wanted to try to paint even more this year.

Gorgeous fall decorating inspiration in this fall home tour. The painted pumpkins are my favorite.

For your convenience, this post may contain affiliate links. That means, at no additional cost to you, I may make a small commission on your purchase. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.

Supply list:


I picked up these pumpkins at Walmart. They had tons of varying sizes with varying prices. The largest was about $6 while the baby was $.99!


The first step to painting faux pumpkins is to take off the stem. To remove the step, gently shimmy it out being careful not to tear the pumpkin.

Rustoleum sent me this spray paint in Heirloom White and it ended up being perfect for painting faux pumpkins. The color is spot on for pumpkins and the paint bonded perfectly.

I laid out a sheet in my driveway and laid out all of my pumpkins and gave them a few coats of paint.

I sprayed two coats, allowing them to dry between coats, then flipped them upside down and got the bottom half.

Lastly, I used hot glue to attach the stems back on.

I love the way they turned out! Spray painting faux pumpkins took me maybe an hour (including dry time) to paint about seven little pumpkins. My favorite part is I spent about $20 on the fake pumpkins and I get to use them year after year now. That’s a steal when you think that one real heirloom pumpkin would be about the same cost!

Oh if you are interested in doing the navy pumpkins like the ones I did last year, just spray your pumpkins navy blue, and instead of just leaving the stems as is, give them a blast of glittery gold spray paint! I love how they look!


“If you love pretty white pumpkins, painting ugly faux pumpkins will save you a bundle on your fall decor!

5 Minute Decorating – Fall Porch

Hey sweet friends! If you are visiting from Blesser House, welcome! Lauren always does such a fabulous job and her fall porch didn’t disappoint! Fall is starting to reveal itself here in Florida. The temps are down to the 80s (ha!) and I was actually finally able to find real pumpkins last week! All this week some of my blogging buds have been sharing some inspiring fall porches/outdoor spaces. I want to share my front entryway with you today and my favorites quick tips for decorating your fall porch.


Quick tips to decorating a fall porch

I have to tell you that this front porch was whipped up in no time because time is not something we’ve had a lot of lately (keepin it real). So this is my 5 minutes fall porch.

My vision for our entryway was just lots of pumpkins and mums. I would have loved to have found some pretty ornamental pumpkins for our fall porch but no such luck this early in the season here in Florida. I did find some cute orange ones with these long stems. They look so whimsical, don’t you think?


I’m loving the bright yellow mums paired with the pretty purple ones. Here’s my tip for quickly decorating for fall. Plants + ornamental objects (pumpkins) + wreath = easy and quick fall porch!




I have this galvanized “C” wall art that I bought from Hobby Lobby years ago, it makes a fun alternative to a wreath, I think. I just tied some fabric around it to hang it on the door.


So, that’s pretty much how I whipped up some outdoor fall decor in 5 minutes.

Now, you have to go check out my girl, Chelsea’s, from Two Twenty One, fall porch decor!

And, if you are just jumping in on the hop make sure you check out allllll of the beautiful porch posts below!

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My Home

Fall Home Tour

Hey, friends! It’s fall home tour day! I’m going to show you how I’ve transitioned my home from summer into fall (goodbye beautiful floral throw pillows). 

Oh and before I get started, I feel the need to preface this by saying that I shared my “real home tour” earlier this week so while you won’t see any pink castles or circus tents in this home tour, they’re still there and my two kids humored me for a couple of hours so I could shoot this fun tour! 😉

For your convenience, this post may contain affiliate links. That means, at no additional cost to you, I may make a small commission on your purchase. Click here to read my full disclosure policy.



When you first step in our home, you’ll notice this entryway that I’ve cozied up for fall. Our DIY wood organizer is usually full of backpacks and bags so it was fun to add some fall touches. I especially love this oversized print I had printed at Staples for a few bucks and just created a simple hanging frame.


Our living room is the heart of our home. It gets the most use by far. You’ll usually find us all pile on the sofa or the floor watching movies or playing My Little Pony. My favorite thing in the world is packing this sofa with cozy throw pillows. For fall, I wanted simple and warm. My striped pillows have made it through several seasons now. I love how they can transition through.


Blue Solid Pillow Cover | Gray Velvet Pillow Cover | Plaid Blanket (Scarf)

I added another solid navy that I added some fun yarn pom poms to.  I also mixed in two other solids with texture. I love mixing colors and textures to create a layered look, especially when I’m using solid colors.


Ottoman | Console | Striped Pillow | Striped Throw

The console table got a few touches of fall as well. I added some eucalyptus branches and a few pumpkins.


Rug | Rope Basket (similar)

And who can resist a basket full of mums?


Especially pretty, yellow ones! 

I loved adding fall touches to my decor while keeping with my signature blues and whites. Last year I spray painted these navy pumpkins with gold stems and they held up well in the attic. Not bad for a $1 faux pumpkin!


In the breakfast nook, I wanted to create a cozy table vignette.

I used a scarf as a tablecloth, pulled out my plaid pillow covers from last year and littered the table with faux pumpkins and artichokes.


I also made some pumpkin cupcakes because: fall.


And I’ll leave you with my favorite shot from this fall home tour! I wish you a season of joy filled memories and pumpkin everything!


DIY Fall Sign – Free Printable

It’s that time of year again, friends. Boots and long sleeves, porches full of mums, and pumpkin everything.

And of course, our annual printable blog hop organized by my sweet friend, Kristen from Ella Claire Inspired. 🙂printable-fall-sign-5

I’ve seen this quote floating around for awhile, and I just love it. There’s something about fall that feels so new.

This year, for the blog hop – I wanted to something a little different than the framed printables I’ve done in the past.

I had this one printed at Staples as a 18×24 engineering print. I wanted something bigger that I could hang.


After picking it up, it was a little too bright white for the look I was going for, so I gently painted over the paper with some tea water – just one tea bag to create a very slight weathered paper look). After it dried, I framed it.printable-fall-sign-2
To create this hanging fall print, I cut two pieces of a 1×2 pine board about an inch and a half larger than the print (about 20 inches). Matt stained the wood with Minwax Mission Oak (my current fav).


Next, I used FrogTape to secure the print onto the wood so Matt could staple the print to the wood frame.
printable-fall-sign-4 After stapling all the way across, we removed the FrogTape and then added some twine for hanging.


Download your “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall” sign HERE.

Upload it to, have it printed as an engineering print (18×24 is the size I selected) for less than $2 and secure it to wood with a staple gun. Viola!

“I love this fall quote! It's even better on this large hanging sign. It's a free printable, take it to Staples and print for $2! Awesome!


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Fall Printable Tour

Happy Fall Ya’ll by Happy Housie | U-Pick Apples Chalkboard by Clean and Scentsible | Tiny Trio of Leaves by Town and Country Living | Halloween Potion Labels and Dictionary by Bless’er House | Make it Be Be Beautiful Autumn by Nest of Posies | Autumn Leaf Banner by Happy Happy Nester


5 Minute Fall Craft – Fall Garland

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to spruce up your home for the seasons. In summer, I like adding pops of color, or things that give a more warm and beachy vibe. In the fall, I like fall decorations that are too over the top, but just enough to feel cozy. I like utilizing non-traditional colors with traditional fall items like navy painted pumpkins or gold painted leaves. Each year, I like to come up with a few fall decorating ideas to set my home apart and that usually includes some fall crafts like this super easy and fun fall garland.

Fall Garland in 5 minutes

Make fall decorations in five minutes – Fall Garland Tutorial

Supplies needed:

To make this darling little fall decoration you’ll simply sew a bunch of leaves together creating the perfect fall garland. Start by sewing a straight line down the center of your first leaf. Then, push your next leaf through keeping a running seam. Continue to do that with as many leaves as you would like to create a create a custom fall garland.

Fall Leaves Garland - A Quick Fall Craft for fall decorations

If you’re hosting any events in the coming months, this fall craft makes the perfect fall decoration for a table or to even hang around your door. Do you have any go-to fall decorating ideas or fall crafts you love? I’ve done some other fall crafts that are equally as lovely. These painted leaves are the best for fall decorations and this fall wreath is another great fall craft.

Fall Leaves Garland - A Quick Fall Craft for fall decorations

Each year, I share a home tour of my home decorated for the seasons. You can also view the most recent tour of my home for fall here.


Painted Leaves Fall Decorations

So, not to rush summer out or anything, but I am super excited about fall. Not sure if it’s the crazy hot heat or the fact that I just love wearing sweaters and boots but I’m ready. For my fall decorations this year I want to bring in some non-traditional colors. I like using blues in my everyday decor, so it kind of just makes sense and everything can transition pretty easily. I’m also excited about the idea of painted things non-traditional colors. Like leaves. In an afternoon you can make leaves any color you want and it’s a fun fall craft too.

Painted Leaves are the perfect fall craft to step up your fall decorations this year

If you enjoyed my fall garland, you guys are going to love this super simple fall decorations.

Painted Leaves in non-traditional colors is the chicest fall craft to step up your fall decorations this year

I snagged this bag of faux leaves (affiliate link) for just a few bucks. There is a variety of sizes and colors (which totally doesn’t matter since they are all getting painted, anyway). I laid them out on four pieces of cardboard making sure I got a good mix of sizes in each group. Then I went a spray painted each group a different color.

Painted Leaves in non-traditional colors is the chicest fall craft to step up your fall decorations this year

It took me less than 10 minutes to spray them all. You want to do this on a day when it’s not so windy because the leaves are really light and tend to get picked up easily (clearly, I attempted this on a windy day – it was a disaster).

Painted Leaves in non-traditional colors is the chicest fall craft to step up your fall decorations this year

After the leaves were all dry I wanted to string them up on large twigs to create large scale fall decorations. To do this I gave each leaf a very small cut (you could use a hole puncher if you have one handy) just to create a little hole to string some raffia through. I tied different lengths of raffia to different leaves and tied and the other end to the twig. No measuring, I just kind of eyeballed it.

Painted Leaves in non-traditional colors is the chicest fall craft to step up your fall decorations this year

Currently, this is hanging above my chalkboard. I love the black background since it really makes the color of the leaves pop.

Fall Garland in 5 minutes

Also check out the faux leaves garland you can whip up in 5 minutes for just $1!

Painted Leaves in non-traditional colors is the chicest fall craft to step up your fall decorations this year