Painting Faux Pumpkins = Saving Money

Hey friends! I don’t have the most original project ever today, but I think it’s still worth sharing because hello, have you seen the price of pumpkins? I paid $6.99 for a white pumpkin and it wasn’t even one of those cute little heirloom ones. So… in an effort to save my money and yours (because let’s be honest we’d rather spend it on things at Target), I’m sharing how painting faux pumpkins is the way to go. Last year I painted some cute little dollar store pumpkins navy blue, and they stored so well that I wanted to try to paint even more this year.

Gorgeous fall decorating inspiration in this fall home tour. The painted pumpkins are my favorite.

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Supply list:


I picked up these pumpkins at Walmart. They had tons of varying sizes with varying prices. The largest was about $6 while the baby was $.99!


The first step to painting faux pumpkins is to take off the stem. To remove the step, gently shimmy it out being careful not to tear the pumpkin.

Rustoleum sent me this spray paint in Heirloom White and it ended up being perfect for painting faux pumpkins. The color is spot on for pumpkins and the paint bonded perfectly.

I laid out a sheet in my driveway and laid out all of my pumpkins and gave them a few coats of paint.

I sprayed two coats, allowing them to dry between coats, then flipped them upside down and got the bottom half.

Lastly, I used hot glue to attach the stems back on.

I love the way they turned out! Spray painting faux pumpkins took me maybe an hour (including dry time) to paint about seven little pumpkins. My favorite part is I spent about $20 on the fake pumpkins and I get to use them year after year now. That’s a steal when you think that one real heirloom pumpkin would be about the same cost!

Oh if you are interested in doing the navy pumpkins like the ones I did last year, just spray your pumpkins navy blue, and instead of just leaving the stems as is, give them a blast of glittery gold spray paint! I love how they look!


“If you love pretty white pumpkins, painting ugly faux pumpkins will save you a bundle on your fall decor!

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