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I can’t even believe we’re just days away from the girls going back to school. We’ve had one heckuva summer and I’m not quite ready to go back to early mornings and packing lunches. Peighton, on the other hand, is thrilled about her new school and the fact that she’ll have recess and get to each lunch in a cafeteria! As we prep all things back to school, I thought I would share some our favorite back to school things.Where to shop for the cutest back to school clothes for little girls

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Peighton was really excited about her glittery aqua backpack. I love these because they come in multiple sizes. I got the small for P. It’s perfect for little ones but it will still fit all the necessities.

I always stock up on tees and leggings for the girls for back to school. Peighton likes to wear a lot of dresses so having leggings allows her to wear them into the fall/winter. I love this knot tie tee and these leggings are my favorite because there are so many great prints (I mean this kitty print is so dang cute) to choose from for like $4!

The hunt for shoes for Peighton this year was way more tedious and difficult than I ever imagined. Both of us were really picky but we finally agreed on these cuties. I love New Balance for myself and this style with this print is just darling. I also love that they’re velcro because we still haven’t mastered shoelace tieing. We also have these lightweight slip-on sneakers that I swear by. Perfect for right when school starts and it’s still warm.

Who can resist an adorable llama sweatshirt? Perfect for Millie.

For lunches, these bento boxes are our favs. The girls love having a little bit of everything in their lunches so the bento style boxes with 5 compartments are perfect. I love that they are easy to wash and don’t have a million pieces. I toss them in their lunch boxes with these cold packs.

While I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to the late night ice cream runs and elaborate weekday breakfasts, I am really excited for the girls and their new adventures!

I hope you and your sweet kiddos have a great first week of school as well!

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  1. I love those little tulle skirts!! ?I think I might have to go for the bento box too. I have my tried and true favorite, but it’s metal and a little too heavy for my preschooler.