Our Must-Have Back to School Items

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One perk of moving across the country has been two extra weeks of SUMMER. Peighton goes back next week and I’m definitely in team “sad to see ya go.” We love the lazy days of summer and I will always prefer having the girls home. While I love having my kids home with me, Peighton is anxious to get back at it. She’s ready to meet new friends and get back into routine – who can blame her?

We hit up Walmart earlier this week to stock up on all of the back to school essentials. We made sure to get the requested items from the list as well as some of our must-have back to school items that we keep at home. I love Walmart for Back to School because it’s so easy to shop. Our store had all the Back to School items right in the front so we didn’t have to spend a ton of time looking for particular items. As busy as we all, those extra conveniences are so nice.

Last year, I really struggled with staying organized so this year, two of my back to school must-haves were two calendars: a planner and a whiteboard calendar. The planner I’ll keep with me and keep track of all the things. The whiteboard is a perfect family calendar to keep in the kitchen so we can stay on top of all the school activities, extra-curricular activities, work events, etc.
Yoobi Scissors – Peighton’s preferred pair of scissors, mostly because they come in fun colors.
Pink Pearl Erasers – The holy grail of erasers especially for early elementary kids. We got two packs so we have some to keep at home as well as some to send to school.
PaperMate Flair Pens – I always buy a new pack of these during back to school. I love how smooth they write and they’re great for color-coding particular things (like planners).
Composition Books – A must-have for back to school. I’ve found them to be on most school supply lists. We always stock up on them this time of year since they are very affordable. My kids use them as journals at home.
Highlighters – Favorite highlighters ever.
Yoobi Coin Purse – We snagged this cutie for P to put hand-sanitizer, chapstick, and extra hair elastics in. It’s great because you can snap it right onto your child’s backpack.
Pencils and Colored Pencils – We got several boxes of each so we have some for home and some for school.
Cutest See-Thru Backpack – I’ve seen these all over and I think some schools require them. Our school doesn’t but with the rainbow strap detail, we couldn’t resist.

Back to School Must-Haves for Elementary Aged Girls

I am totally one of those people that love all office supplies/school supplies so back to school time of year is one of my favorites! The girls and I had a blast loading up on all of their school needs at Walmart. What are some of the things on your must-have list for your children or for yourself for back to school?

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