Benjamin Moore White Dove – A Favorite Warm White

Benjamin Moore White Dove is probably one of the most popular white paint colors for interiors. It’s not a wonder why. It’s a reliable go-to paint color for anyone looking for a warm, soft white. It’s creamy without being too yellow or off-white. 

Benjamin Moore OC-17 White Dove - warm, soft white

What Color is Benjamin Moore White Dove?

BM White Dove is a solid white paint color. It’s not bright white, it’s softer than that but it’s also not so creamy that it turns yellow. It’s considered a Best Selling Color by Benjamin Moore and it is a part of their Off White Collection. It’s a favorite paint color among design professionals and home decor enthusiasts because of its softness.

How Light is White Dove?

In terms of lightness, White Dove paint is light. It’s not an LRV of 85. It’s lighter than some other classic white paint colors but it’s still not true bright white. In natural light, it looks like a true white.

What is the LRV of White Dove anyway?

The Light Reflective Value or LRV of Benjamin Moore White Dove is 85. 

LRV is a useful tool for finding how light or dark a paint color is (100 being the whitest white and 0 being the darkest black). Keep in mind that “light” refers to Light Reflective Value, meaning the amount of light reflected. The more reflective the color, the brighter it will appear. This paint color is “white” so it has a fairly high LRV but you can see that it’s not the purest white (100). It absorbs some light giving it that creamy softness that makes it so inviting.

Is White Dove a Warm White?

Yes – White Dove would be categorized as a warm white. Although Benjamin Moore categorizes this color as an “off-white,” it’s solidly white. It does have some warm undertones that provide just a subtle softness.

What Undertones Does White Dove Have?

Speaking of undertones, White Dove has just a drop of yellow undertones and maybe even a slight leaning of gray as well. The undertones are subtle enough to make white dove walls look soft. There’s no starkness to this color. It’s just a subtle creaminess without any off-white cast. 

If you are ever unsure about undertones, you can always hold it up against a similar paint color. Typically, when seeing two similar colors together you’ll more easily be able to notice subtle undertone differences between the two. With White Dove, held up to a cooler paint chip, say, Chantilly Lace, you may notice that it looks slightly yellow. The yellow doesn’t read on the walls making it a solid choice for white paint colors.

Is White Dove a Cool or Warm White?

White Dove is a solid warm white. Its yellow and very slight gray undertones bring it easily into the warm white category.

Lighting and Benjamin Moore White Dove

It’s important to be aware of the lighting conditions in the room you’re painting. What direction is the light coming from? According to Benjamin Moore, “paint colors can cast differently depending on the lighting in the space. The brightness of light, especially natural light, will affect how a color looks in any given space. The angle of the light plays a role in how the paint color will appear. Some rooms and window positioning are more favorable to paint colors than others. Here’s a brief guide to directional lighting.

North-facing Rooms

Light in north-facing rooms is usually more muted and cool, with a slight blue undertone. Lighter colors will appear even more subdued while brighter colors will stand out. Warm white paint colors look good in north-facing rooms because they balance out the cooler lighting. White Dove is fantastic for north-facing rooms.

South-facing rooms

In south-facing rooms, the sun’s rays are usually quite bright throughout the day. Warm and cool undertones are appropriate for south-facing light. Colors will seem more vivid as a result of this light, which makes darker colors appear even brighter.

East-facing rooms 

East-facing rooms have the brightest light in the morning, with warm undertones. Take note, if an east-facing room will be used regularly in the evenings, a warm color scheme may help to offset the lack of natural light.

West-facing rooms

In the morning, west-facing rooms receive more indirect and somewhat subdued light, while stronger direct sunshine prevails afternoon. The natural light in a room with western exposure is typical of a warmer hue. White paint colors with cool undertones, like Chantilly Lace, is better suited for west-facing rooms. 

It’s a really great idea to stick paint samples of your desired color in the space you’re thinking about painting and check in on it at varying times throughout the day to get a true, accurate idea of what the color is going to look like in your space.

What’s a Good Trim Color for White Dove?

With white paint colors, I’m a fan of keeping things simple and using the same color on trim as you do the walls. You can change it up by using a different sheen on the interior walls and the baseboards.

What Paint Sheen Should I Use for White Dove?

I often advocate for an eggshell finish for interior walls. If you want to use White Dove on trim, go with a semi-gloss paint. It’s simpler to clean and provides a barely noticeable variation when compared to the same hue used on the walls and baseboards.

Where to use Benjamin Moore White Dove

Benjamin Moore White Dove OC-17 is one of the best white paint colors so it’s used everywhere from interiors to exteriors. I think it’s a good wall color, it’s also excellent for ceilings and trim. And because of its warmth, I think it’s one of the most gorgeous shades of white for kitchen cabinets.  

Is White Dove a Good Exterior Paint Color?

Benjamin Moore White Dove is enchanting as an exterior white paint color. Because of the full natural light exposure, paint colors on exteriors appear lighter than they would inside. White Dove is a beautiful, soft, velvety white that looks wonderful with black trim. Whether you are painting siding or brick, White Dove is a classic color that stands out on the street giving your home instant curb appeal

Benjamin Moore White Dove in Real Spaces

We can talk about White Dove endlessly but no words work as well as just seeing the paint color in real spaces. How does it look in a bathroom? What about with marble? Let’s dive in and see how White Dove fares.

White Dove Exteriors

benjamin moore white dove home exterior
via ADŌR
gorgeous white exterior with black windows
via ARCH Studio

I love White Dove as an exterior paint color. White exteriors with black trim is a popular trend and I’m here for it! White Dove is a stand out paint color when it comes to white exteriors. It’s a reliably white color that doesn’t change much with the harsh natural light. It’s white with just a touch of softness.

White Dove Interiors

warm white painted cabinets
via Ohara Interiors
vertical and horizontal shiplap living room painted white dove by benjmain moore
via Laura Hay Decor & Design

Love the unique shiplap design in this great room. It’s so cozy with the softness of White Dove

transitional living room painted soft warm white
via The Design Atelier

Look at how crisp White Dove is in this space. It feels bright but not sterile. I love this color paired with the marble countertop and bold, unique tile.

How does Benjamin Moore White Dove Compare to Other Popular White Colors?

Benjamin Moore is arguably the best soft white paint out there but there are other top options in the category. Some of the other really good white paint colors include Sherwin Williams Pure White, SW Alabaster, and Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. Let’s see how each of them compares to White Dove.

BM White Dove OC-17 and SW 7008 Alabaster

Sherwin Williams Alabaster is a top warm white paint color among designers and home decor enthusiasts. A solid creamy white paint color that has designers and homeowners alike using it all over their homes. Its LRV is 82 which is just a touch darker than White Dove. Alabaster has more beige undertones and looks beautiful in rooms with a lot of natural light. The paint color is fantastic for farmhouse style, traditional, and transitional homes. It even works beautifully in coastal design as well. If you want a color with a touch more depth that leans more off-white, Alabaster is a good option.

BM White Dove OC-17 and BM Chantilly Lace OC-65

Another all-time favorite among designers, Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace is a solid white paint color. It’s considered a cool white paint color with more gray/blue undertones. You can see the very slight difference in undertones when compared side by side. White Dove is warmer while Chantilly Lace is brighter. Chantilly Lace has a high LRV of 93 which, in the range of white paint colors, is significantly higher than White Dove’s 85. Both are great options but if you’re looking for a warm white then White Dove is your best choice here.

BM White Dove OC-17 and SW 7005 Pure White

Another crowd-pleasing white paint color is Sherwin Williams Pure White. When held up next to White Dove it is narrowly cooler. I would say that Pure White has a more neutral base and while it is an inviting color, it doesn’t have the warm undertones that White Dove has. Comparatively Pure White and White Dove are close in terms of lightness, they have similar LRVs with White Dove at 85 and Pure White at 84. I think you’ll find that White Dove is just slightly softer while Pure White feels a touch more neutral.

BM White Dove OC-17 and BM Swiss Coffee OC-45

I feel intimately familiar with Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee. It was the paint color for every single wall in our rental home. I love Swiss Coffee because it’s a versatile paint color that works well in a variety of lighting situations. It’s considered off-white with warm, yellow undertones. It’s LRV is 84 which is nearly the same as White Dove. Side by side, they look very similar with Swiss Coffee being a little deeper in color. Both are great choices but if you want a paint color with a little more depth, Swiss Coffee beats out White Dove, just barely.

Coordinating Colors to Consider

White Dove looks great with other warm earthy tones like the classic gray paint color Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter, but also deep cool colors like navy blue, Hale Navy by Benjamin Moore is a popular one.

Final Thoughts on Benjamin Moore White Dove

Overall, Benjamin Moore White Dove is a wonderful white paint color to consider if you want to create a warm and welcoming environment in your house. This paint color has subtle yellow/beige undertones, making it less harsh than some cooler white paint colors. It will be both cozy and inviting. It will offer the ideal setting for a comfortable and welcoming home. It’s a gorgeous backdrop for any room you choose as well as home exteriors and kitchen cabinetry.

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