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If you are considering an exterior home makeover that will provide a stylish and elegant update to your home, take a look at one of the most classic color combinations of all time: white and black. When it comes to painting your home, there’s nothing quite as timeless as white and black. It is a color pairing that will never go out of style, and the combination of a white house with black trim has grown in popularity over the past few years. It’s a trend that I don’t see going out of style for quite some time. If a white house with black trim is something you are considering read on as we explore some gorgeous examples of white house black trim done right. 

The first thing to consider is whether or not a white exterior will work with the architectural style of your home. The good news is that the white house black trim combination works well with so many architectural styles including farmhouse, modern, Spanish style, and European, among others. If you are deciding to paint your home white, here’s what else you should consider: the material of your exterior, whether or not your windows can be painted, and front door color to name a few.

10 Examples of White Houses With Black Trim

When it comes to home design, there’s no wrong or right answer. However, if you are hoping to update your home’s exterior – one thing that is for sure is that you can’t go wrong with a sleek, modern update on traditional architecture. Adding black trim really emphasizes the natural elegance of a home’s exterior. Let’s take a look at some examples of how clean and contemporary white houses with black trim can be.

Transitional Black and White Home Exterior


This transitional home’s exterior is a modern spin on traditional. The bright white exterior with contrasting black accents such as the trim, black window, roof, and garage doors is easy on the eyes. This is the perfect execution of the white house black trim trend. I imagine this same style of house with red brick and a colorful front door and it just doesn’t look as elegant as this showstopper. Right?

White House Black Trim Farmhouse Exterior


In this example, the white exterior is very authentic to the house’s architectural style. A very modern farmhouse exterior, this white brick house takes the black accents to the next level with the modern black door and by carrying the black paint to the board and batten on the right. I love the painted brick that comes up just a quarter of the way. Other features that need to be mentioned are the chunky wooden accents and black light fixtures. These elements are tied together to create a gorgeously elegant modern farmhouse that will have all the neighbors wanting to paint their brick.

Southern Transitional Home with Black Trim


A traditional/transitional white house exterior with black trim. This one boasts a different shade that is warm white and has a creamier look. The exterior is a mix of Hardi board siding a brick.  I especially love the chunkier windows as they are wood windows that have been painted black. The trim color is stunning against the warm white. The entire exterior design of this home is gorgeous and inspiring!

Black and White Ranch Reno

white house black trim - ranch update

Let’s take a look at a farmhouse-style ranch home with an updated exterior. I love this example because it feels achievable which is always an inspiration for me. The homeowners here completely transformed the front porch which opened it up so nicely. The white siding was original they just painted it and added board and batten to the porch. The exterior trim is black with black windows that have been painted to match. The homeowner explains how they considered adding paint to create black shutters but opted to leave them off altogether. To really get a true sense of how great this transformation is you have to click over to see the full before and after.

Black and White Showstopping Renovated Tudor

white cottage with  black trim - gorgeous renovated home

The attractively renovated tudor wins my heart with its combo of warm white stucco, arched window, and fresh landscaping (that trellis!!!). The author of the article says this about the home, “The look is Old World yet fresh: a serene blend of classicism and modernism, with European flourishes such as walls finished in Venetian plaster, black accent paint on the home’s exterior, modern art, and the occasional rustic texture.” 

White House with Black – Accents Matter

You can see from the pictures above that a white facade is enhanced by dark trim. It beautifully adds depth, dimension, and contrast. A classic exterior home design that is sure to be around for a long time is black metal roofing, white brick, wooden beams, or wooden front doors, combined with large black window frames. White house designs paired with some natural wood accents, neutral tone finishes, and black trim are an absolute winning combination.

Best Exterior Paint Colors for White Houses with Black Trim

Let’s talk about paint colors for a white house black trim exterior color scheme. Selecting a paint color for an interior wall can feel daunting. Painting the exterior of your house can feel downright intimidating. Breaking down a few different shades to consider for both the white exterior and the black trim you can decide which colors will suit your home’s exterior best.

Popular White Paint Colors for White House Black Trim Exteriors:

Sherwin Williams Alabaster

white house painted alabaster by sherwin williams

Alabaster is a favorite among designers as an exterior white paint color because of its creamy, almost off-white color. The hue is prevented from becoming too warm or looking yellow because of its neutral base making it a great option for a white house exterior color.

Sherwin Williams Natural Choice

White House Painted Natural Choice Paint Color

I love this shade for an exterior paint color. Natural Choice is so creamy and inviting. It’s an elegant paint color. It reminds you of something familiar and I love that. Paired with one of the black trim colors below, you’re sure to have the perfect white house black trim combination!

Benjamin Moore Simply White

Benjamin Moore Simply White Painted Exterior

Here’s another beautiful white shade to consider for your exterior paint color for a classic white house black trim update. Benjamin Moore Simply White is another well-liked paint color. You see it used frequently in interiors and as a preferred trim color.

Popular Black Paint Colors for White Home Black Trim Exteriors:

Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black 


While doing research for this post over half of the images I found used Tricorn Black as the black shade for the eaves and trim. It’s a popular shade of black for front doors and exteriors. I think Tricorn is really great option as it looks amazing with both cool and warm shades of white.

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore

Sherwin Williams Iron Ore Black Trim Color on a white house

Another really popular color for exterior accents such as black trim and black painted windows, Iron Ore is a stellar choice. It’s a shade lighter than Tricorn Black making it a deep, dark charcoal gray but in contrast to white, it looks black.

Sherwin Williams Black Magic

Black magic paint color exterior accents

On the same paint card as the two above, Black Magic sits right in between Tricorn Black and Iron Ore. This is probably my favorite of the three black shades for trim. It’s a true black, with considerable depth. I can’t even explain how incredible it looks on an exterior just take a look above.

Benjamin Moore Black Top

southwest style house with benjamin moore black top trim color

Black Top is a fantastic option for exteriors including accents, such as black trim and black-painted windows. It’s a deep, dark charcoal gray, but it appears black in contrast to white.

Love black and white but want to go more bold? Black painted houses will give you a gorgeous home that stands out!

Wrapping Up

All in all, there’s something very beautiful about the forever class color duo of a white house with black trim. The colors are a perfect and subtle combo that will give you elegant and classic results that can be used on both new builds and exterior home renovations. Do you have a color that’s not mentioned here that you love? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks for this. I recently updated my home to black and white and I absolutely hate it. I think the stark difference has been too much for me and I am trying to figure out ways to break up the black and white some. Any suggestions.

    1. Are we talking about the exterior? Do you have shutters? Could you paint them another color to soften the contrast? Greenery also can help. What color is your front door?