Black Dining Chairs – Contrasting Dining Table and Chairs

I’ve said this a million times, my favorite spaces are ones that have a collected over time feel. Some new pieces, some old, some with different finishes – yet pulled together for a harmonious, layered look. It’s easy to describe but hard to pull off. One way to accomplish this in a dining room is to mix wood finishes. I think it’s safe to say that matching dining sets are a thing of the past, which means we now have to select the perfect chairs to go along with our dining tables. I love the contrast you get by mixing wood tones. Today, I’m sharing the trend of black room dining chairs and how we’ve mixed black dining chairs with our gray wash table.

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gray wash table, black dining chairs, with blue and white rug and wallpaper.

Listen, I think there are plenty of great design secrets out there to creating the perfect space but one element that has always helped me to make a room pop is adding contrast. After we purchased our gray-washed dining table, I wanted to add contrasting dining chairs to make this space really come together. I settled on black dining chairs because I think the black chairs are a surprising element in my home that has a very light and airy feel.

I’ve refrained from using much black (or any black at all) in my home because I tend to prefer a more light and airy look and black can feel heavy. In the right circumstance though, black works perfectly. It adds just the right amount of contrast without taking away that light and airy feel. In fact, that contrast can take a space from flat and bland to layered and lovely.

Here are some examples of dining rooms that use black dining chairs to create a lovely, collected over time look that I love.

Source: House & Home

Source: McGee & Co.

Source: Kate Lester Interiors

I love the contrast of black dining room chairs with a lighter wood-toned table. So, now you want black dining room chairs but which ones? I’ve rounded up some really gorgeous options below.

How to use black dining chairs as a contrast

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