Arched Cabinets: Trend Alert 2023

I’m trying to recall if I’ve been more obsessed with a trend than I am with all the arched cabinets, mirrors, and architectural details that I’m seeing in the interior design world right now. After a long trend of clean lines and minimalism, I’m happy to see some arches and details. I love the whimsical element that arches bring to space. Today I want to focus specifically on trending arched cabinets and bookshelves that we are seeing everywhere. Arched cabinets make storage look elegant and elevated. Let’s take a look.

Arched Cabinet Inspiration and Where to Buy them
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Where Should You Use an Arched Cabinet or Bookshelf?

When I think about arched cabinets my mind immediately goes to a kitchen or dining room with an arched cabinet filled with beautiful dishes. You can use this type of storage in any space your design-loving heart desires. In addition to a dish storage cabinet, you could use an arched cabinet for books, collectibles, ceramics, artwork, and pretty much anything else you could think of. Consider an arched cabinet for a living room or home office in addition to a dining room or kitchen area.

Should I Splurge on an Arched Cabinet?

One thing I noticed when I was curating this list was that there aren’t a lot of budget-friendly options for an arched cabinet. If you do love the design of an arched cabinet, then you may be willing to splurge on it and you’ll find a lot of variety to choose from. Budget options like this black woven arched cabinet from Target are a nice alternative that is significantly more affordable than other options but you get the same elevated look. Additionally, there are many arched bookcase options, like this one, that are in the $200 range giving you a similar look for a fraction of the price.

Where to Buy Arched Cabinets

The good news is, no matter where you search you’ll probably find a version of an arched cabinet simply because they are trending right now. There are several retailers that I think are worth calling out because the style of the arched cabinets they offer is just really good.

Arched Cabinets at Urban Outfitters

Arched Cabinets from Urban Outfitter
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UO has some stunning furniture pieces including this lineup of arched cabinets. They are reasonable in price compared to competitors and they are modern in design. I love the arched cabinet with the cane cabinet doors. They also offer a really beautiful arched bookcase that would be a lovely cost-effective alternative to an arched cabinet.

Arched Cabinets from Anthropologie

Anthropologie arched cabinets
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Anthropologie is another retailer that has unique and on-trend furniture pieces so, of course, they have arched cabinets. Anthro’s offerings include colorful arched cabinets like the Fern Storage Cabinet which comes in five different finishes including sage green and blue. The Fern line also has a bar cabinet as well as a bookcase which also come in different colors.

Arched Cabinets from Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn arched storage cabinets
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For a more traditional twist on an arched cabinet, try Pottery Barn. I love all of the options PB offers especially the driftwood-finished cabinet on the right and the leggy cabinet front and center. Each of these has higher price tags but in my opinion, the details make it worth the splurge. The budget-friendly option from Pottery Barn would be this arched bookshelf.

Arched Cabinets from Crate & Barrel

Crate and Barrel Arched Cabinets
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Crate & Barrel has several stunning arched cabinets that we have to mention here. For a natural wood piece with a modern flair, this arched storage cabinet is a nice choice. I like that the cabinet doors aren’t glass so that you can hide any disorganization that you have behind the doors. Alternatively, this cabinet is more traditional and has glass doors but would look beautiful with books, decorative objects, or even dishes.

Finding The Perfect Arched Cabinet

To find your perfect arched cabinet, make sure you are using the correct search terms like, “arched cabinet,” “arched storage cabinet,” “arched storage cabinet with doors.” If you don’t find an arched cabinet with those search terms then you may need to navigate to the storage section of the retailer’s webpage and scroll through. I found many arched cabinets in the storage sections after not getting any results when looking up “arched cabinet.”

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Final Thoughts on Arched Cabinets

Arched cabinets are an excellent way to add a unique touch that serves as both storage and decor. They have a classic look that can be both contemporary and timeless, depending on the style you choose. With so many options available, you’re sure to find one that is perfect for your needs! If you’ve found the perfect arched cabinet be sure to share it in the comments below!

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