Decorating Cinnamon Rolls Trees

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This time of year is so busy. I always have a long to-do list of things I hope we can accomplish and never quite get through it. I roll things over for next year and hope I have more time then. This year I really wanted to stay present and focus on making memories for our family. I feel a little wiser because I’ve taken a few shortcuts to make things easier during this busy time. I shared earlier this week how much I love homemade cinnamon rolls. They are wonderful and delicious but they are time-consuming and impossible to get on the table by breakfast time. I wanted a festive morning with the girls and to make it simple I grabbed a few things from Walmart to make cinnamon rolls trees!

I was inspired by these cinnamon roll Christmas trees and thought it would be easy yet fun for my girls and me to do together to create some holiday memories. I placed my grocery order on and got all the ingredients I needed to make these. I used the Pillsbury cinnamon rolls to save some time then made some homemade icing to go on top of them.

Since we’re not going anywhere this year the girls put on something festive from their closets and we got to work prepping the cinnamon roll trees!

To start, I unrolled all of the rolls and then rerolled them in a zigzag to create that tree shape.

I baked them as directed and they came out golden brown and delicious (a requirement for cinnamon rolls). While the rolls cooled I made my homemade icing which is just a block of cream cheese, two cups of powdered sugar, a splash of milk, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract. I also added some green gel food coloring.

Using a star tip I pipped on the frosting and the girls got their toppings ready for decorating.

Millie enjoys a heavily decorated cinnamon roll tree. So she went all in on the m&ms and sprinkles.

After they decorated their trees we jammed a piece of pretzel rod in the bottom of the cinnamon rolls to create a little tree trunk. I love the way they turned out – they’re quirky and full of personality, just like we are. The girls had so much fun and they were so proud of their work. Memories made!

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