DIY Framed Corkboard

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Arrow Fastener. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’ve been dreaming about making a corkboard for awhile now. Something to hang the girls’ artwork on throughout the year, but I really thought it would be great for Christmas cards this year. So far it’s blank, but I thought as the cards come in it will be great to fill this corkboard up with the faces of our amazing family and friends. A bulletin board is a great DIY project (especially for a first project) to get a custom-looking corkboard for less.

Here are the materials you’ll need:
20×30″ foam core board
a roll of cork
(2) 6′ 1×2 boards
Arrow Fastener MT300™ mini glue gun
Arrow Fastener E21 Cordless Electric Staple Gun
Arrow Fastener 5/16″ staples
Wood Glue
A pair of scissors or a rotary cutter


To begin, cut a piece of cork the size of your foam core board. To do this easily, I laid the foam core board on top of the cork and used it as a pattern. I then used a rotary cutter to cut the cork to size.

Next, I used the Arrow Fastener MT300™ Mini Glue Gun to hot glue the cork to the foam core board. About every two inches or so I added a line of glue down the length of the foam core and pressed the cork firmly to it.

Matt made the frame for me pretty easily. He used his miter saw to cut the wood to size. Our goal was to cut the wood for the frame giving us a half inch clearance on all sides to make sure we had enough surface area to attach the frame to the cork/foam core. He cut the longer pieces at 29″ and the shorter pieces at 19″ – be sure to measure twice before you cut.

To put the frame together we used some wood glue in the corners and allowed it to dry before using the Arrow Fastener E21 Cordless Electric Staple Gun to staple the corners together with 5/16 staples for extra hold.

Lastly, we put the frame face down on the ground with the cork/foam core face down on top of the frame and used the staple gun to secure it all the way around the frame.

I hung it over here near our tree and I think it will be lovely filled up with Christmas cards in a few short weeks! Please let me know if you decide to make a DIY bulletin board of your own! I’d love to see it. You can also check out other #MadewithArrow projects on the Arrow Fastener website!

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