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Casual Coastal Bedroom Decor Ideas

For whatever reason, whenever we move – our main bedroom is always the last one to get attention. It typically sites untouched with just some throw pillows before months sometimes years before I get around to decorating it. That’s the thing about moving every three or so years, you decorate everything perfectly just in time to move! It’s been many weeks since I started pulling our casual coastal master bedroom together. Remember, I even shared this main bedroom mood board with you to give you a visual of some bedroom decor ideas and overall, what kind of space I was hoping to achieve. Today, I’m thrilled to share the final result with you. I’m so happy with the way it turned out. It’s casual, it feels luxurious, it’s sophisticated, and the best part is that we were able to achieve this in a rental! It’s pretty amazing when you consider the blank canvas we began with.

A Modern Coastal Main Bedroom in a rental home and more bedroom decorating ideas

The biggest transformation of this space has been the wallpaper accent wall that we added behind the bed. I always try to do some sort of wall treatment in every room because base housing typically has a yellow-ish white wall color that is never my favorite but I don’t loathe it enough to paint every wall. Wallpaper accent walls are a good compromise for me. Adding the wallpaper was the perfect solution. I have a full tutorial on how to install a peel and stick wallpaper accent wall as we did here. I will say that it took us about an afternoon on weekend to do the one wall. In my opinion, the effort was worth it because it completely transformed the room.

Modern Coastal master bedroom and bedroom decorating ideas

Moving onto some of the other bedroom decor ideas I had in here. These nightstands were such a great find. I had snagged these nightstands as soon as they became available because I loved the small scale (this is a small bedroom after all). I also love the color and the hardware. The deep blue goes with the casual coastal look I’m going for with a modern twist.

styling a bedside table in a casual coastal bedroom

My only complaint about the nightstands is that they don’t have much surface area on top for anything more than a lamp but honestly, it’s for the best that way I can’t collect junk on my bedside table. A lot of bedroom decor ideas include elaborate bedside table decor and in such a small space, I think it’s best if less is more.

Rental bedroom with peel and stick wallpaper and more bedroom decorating ideas
coastal inspired bedroom pillow mix

My favorite decor item in this space has to be the juju hat above the bed. It’s the thing I was most excited about for this space. I’ve always struggled to find the right something to hang over this bed. Since the headboard has a bit of an arch anything with straight lines never seemed to work well. Additionally, we live in California and earthquakes happen. Do I really want something heavy hanging above my head at night? The large round juju hat is light and the shape and texture work perfectly. It’s so well made and I love the softness that it brings to this space.

Coastal Casual inspired bedroom and more bedroom decorating ideas

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What’s a post about bedroom decor items without a discussion about accent pillows? In the main bedroom, I focused on texture more than patterns since we already have a pattern on the wall. I did three dark blue euro shams in the back, two wide striped throw pillows, and a long lumbar pillow to go across the front. I searched far and wide for the perfect lumbar and ended up just using this one I had gotten from Home Goods years ago. If you need a little more guidance on throw pillow styling, check out my guide to styling throw pillows.

bedroom decorating ideas
bedroom decorating ideas

I always splurge on bedding because I love going to bed and feeling like I’m in a luxurious hotel. I am all about upgrading anything that helps you sleep or brings peace. From the mattress to the pillows, I think it’s important to go to bed in a space that feels luxurious. I finally upgraded our sheets when Boll & Branch sent their Hemmed Sheet Set in the color Shore and after sleeping on them for a while now, I really love them. We live in a really warm climate and these don’t get too hot in the summer. I also added this linen diamond quilt for the winter months and it’s probably my favorite bedding item we own. It’s a perfect weight and just so cozy.

decorating ideas for a main bedroom

The wall to the left of the bed needed something but there isn’t a lot of space over there. I opted to hang a floating picture shelf that we built. I’m still waiting on most of the art to arrive but all of the pieces I purchased are symbolic to our family. I think it’s really important when you are decorating a personal space such as a bedroom that you have just as much meaningful decor as you do pieces that are just for styling purposes.

Main bedroom decorating Ideas

And we can’t not talk about this rug. The original rug I was thinking of arrived and the texture wasn’t what I was hoping for. I was really disappointed because it was more of a mat and less of a rug. It was not going to work so I sent it back and I went back to the drawing board. Funny enough, I ended up getting this rug which is actually the same exact rug we have in our living room in another colorway! I guess I liked it so much that I bought it twice. That’s saying something!

Main bedroom decorating ideas

Rudy is a fan of all the changes and we find him laying around up here on the regular.

I want to recap with just a few bedroom decor ideas that you can take away that will hopefully help you as you begin the process of decorating your own space.

Bedroom Decorating Ideas:

Think About Coordinate Instead of Matching
Whenever I see those “beds in a bag” I kind of cringe a little bit. If that’s your thing, keep on it, no judgment here. I prefer to have my bedding pieces coordinated instead of matched. I do that by creating layers on the bed with colors, patterns, and textures that work together to create a cohesive feel.

Incorporate Personal and Meaningful Decor
I believe that a space as personal as a bedroom should have some meaningful decor. Items like artwork that has a special meaning or items that you’ve picked up while traveling, etc. What I’m saying is, don’t just add a bunch of finds from Home Goods to a personal space like a bedroom. Make sure there’s some significance to at least some of the items in the space.

Make The Bed Luxurious
I mentioned this but it’s worth repeating. Make your bed as luxurious as you can. I haven’t always been this way but there’s two reasons why I make my bed luxurious. One is when I have good quality bedding I actually make my bed every day. I love the way it looks so I’ll go through the effort of doing it. This helps me in multiple ways. I’m more productive from the start of my day when I make my bed. My room looks more put together. I feel more put together. Also, having luxurious bedding gives me a true sanctuary and we all need one of those. Get the good sheets and the fluffy mattress topper. Get four pillows instead of two. Style it with throw pillows. When you go to hop in bed at night and see such a beautiful and comfy bed, you’ll be thrilled.

Don’t Forget a RugA lot of bedrooms are carpeted and that’s fine but I still believe a rug is always necessary. You might be thinking but Chelsea, really? A rug over carpet? And my answer to you is yes, really! Just scroll up a little bit and see how much depth the rug I have brings to my room. It really finishes the space so nicely. Without it – it’s not nearly as polished looking. It feels like something is missing. If you are hesitant still, I suggest trying it, and if you hate you can send it back.

That wraps up our main bedroom reveal and my bedroom decorating ideas. Below you’ll find all the links for the products in this space. Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Thank you so much for giving a breakdown of everything!! I’m buying my first house and can’t tell you how much this has helped!!

  2. I wallpapered my bathroom which had many obstacles like light fixtures and a toilet. There was much cursing! My favorite tip is to use a blackboard eraser as a smoother instead of a credit card. It worked great! Your room looks beautiful!