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Transforming Your Fireplace: 14 Brick Fireplace Ideas for a Lovely Refresh

14 of the Best Brick Fireplace Ideas

If you’re like me, you understand that a brick fireplace can be the heart of a home. But, maybe your fireplace is beginning to feel a little outdated, or it just doesn’t reflect your personal style anymore. Remodeling your brick fireplace can be an exciting way to infuse new design elements into your living space. Whether you’re aiming for a rustic charm, a modern twist, or something totally unique, I’ve gathered 14 incredible brick fireplace ideas that will inspire you and transform your fireplace into a beautiful focal point that you’ll love for years to come. 

Fireplace Brick Ideas

Here are some of my favorite fireplace renovation ideas. Some are as simple as a quick paint job while others involve more than a DIY and involve changing the brick pattern. Whatever design you choose for your remodel make it yours and ensure it fits your overall design style.

Black Fireplace Bricks

If you have been following the blog for any length of time you likely know I am not usually a big fan of anything black. This design though is absolutely beautiful. What I love most about black brick for a fireplace is that it truly blends in with the firebox. Usually, the firebox is an eyesore but here in this example, it blends in so seamlessly that you hardly notice it. Additionally, often the fireplace tends to get blackened anyway due to smoke this design makes that less of a concern. For a truly unique fireplace design consider using a similar black brick fireplace design when doing your fireplace makeover.

Gray Brick Fireplace

Again this is another unique fireplace design that I adore. I never would have considered using gray bricks in this way but this design nails it. Gray bricks are once because they coordinate with any design style from farmhouse to coastal and everything in between.

White Brick Fireplace

I have looked at black and gray fireplaces so naturally I have to review a white fireplace. Using white bricks for your fireplace design is a great way to lighten up the room and make it feel more open. If you have a small space this can be essential in helping your room feel larger. I like that this design uses mainly white bricks and the occasional gray bricks to mix up the design a bit. Adding in the touch of gray allows the gray hearth to seamlessly blend in with the design. 

Brown Brick Fireplace

Looking for the perfect fireplace renovation idea? Brown brick fireplaces are a classic look that can bring warmth, coziness, and texture to any room that has a fireplace. Before doing this blog post, I would have never considered brown or tan bricks for a fireplace update. But I love the idea of brown bricks for a fireplace. Maybe because it makes me think of my grandma’s brick fireplace. Either way, they truly are a great design choice and are a perfect fit for any design style.

Classic Red Brick Fireplace with Gray Grout

If you are looking for a traditional fireplace design you can not go wrong using classic red bricks with gray grout. This classic design will stand the test of time and will always look amazing. If you are looking for a timeless fireplace design this is the design for you. The thing about this design that is most appealing to me is that it is truly a classic and can coordinate with any design style so if you are doing a fireplace makeover on a home that is not your forever home this may be the go-to design for its versatility and widespread appeal.

Classic Red Brick Fireplace with White Grout

For a small twist on an old classic consider using the ever-popular red bricks but using white grout instead of the traditional gray grout. Gray grout tends to blend in with the bricks so it’s not much of a design element but as you can see the white grout stands out just as much if not more than the bricks. This is a great way to update your brick fireplace. I also love the herringbone pattern it adds that unique touch and ensures the fireplace is the focal point of the space. Another great feature of this design is the fireplace shelves they are the perfect touch in this white wall living room.

Modern Brick Fireplace

If you want to update your fireplace and give it a modern twist, consider using thin bricks instead of the traditional thicker ones. This creates a sleek and contemporary look that is perfect for any modern home. I have seen similar bricks in tons of other colors and textures so the possibilities are plentiful. I would be careful with a truly modern look such as this as it might not be for everyone and since a fireplace is a huge focal point it may turn off potential buyers should you ever decide to sell your home.

So far all the brick fireplace ideas have been a lot of brick with the fireplace design often reaching the ceiling but what if you only want to add a few bricks to your fireplace makeover? These next two brick fireplace designs are for you.

Rounded Red Brick Fireplace Surround

Curven fireplace with bricks and a large piece of artwork over the top of the mantel.
Childress Interiors

This simple yet beautiful design is a subtle way to introduce bricks into your living room design without going overboard. This design is perfect for this small living room. It adds the perfect “POP” of color to this space. The rounded traditional red brick design is a great way to personalize your design and make it your own.

Flat Red Brick Fireplace Surround

Classic red brick fireplace with a curved top and a large piece of art over the top.
Jean Huang Interiors and Staging

Like the example above this is a simple and subtle way to introduce brick and color into your living room design. This is exactly the design I think about when I am picturing a red brick fireplace. I would consider adding a few live plants onto the fireplace mantel to highlight this design further and add a touch of color to the space. 

Painted Brick Fireplace Ideas

Here you will find some of my absolute favorite painted brick fireplace design ideas.

White Washed Fireplace

Before you say it I know this isn’t exactly a pained fireplace design idea but I think it’s close enough. I love love love this fireplace design idea. This idea is the perfect combination of rustic and unique. You can go as heavy with the white or as light as you want depending on your design preferences. Whitewash goes with any design style so it’s sure to fit in perfectly no matter your home decor style. I love this design with lots of greenery for mantel decor. It looks so good against the rustic brick.

White Painted Brick Fireplace

I love the look of a white painted brick fireplace – it’s timeless, clean, and fresh. It’s also a great way to update an old or outdated brick fireplace and give it new life. I like how this design incorporated a rustic wood mantel it coordinates well with the clean look of the white paint. As far as a white paint color to choose I like the bright white color, Behr Whisper White. I think this shade of white is perfect for accenting your fireplace design.

Gray Fireplace 

Gray fireplaces are the perfect combination of modern and classic, making them a great choice for any home’s fireplace remodel. The gray hue softens up the brick and adds a cool tone to the space. It’s also a great neutral color that pairs well with almost any other color so you can easily decorate around it. I love this design as well because it is not overdone and will be the focal point in your living space. A great gray paint color that I would consider using is Sherwin Williams Worldy Gray. To me this is the ideal color for a fireplace redo since it is still gray but a subtle gray and not so outrageous that it becomes a design distraction in the space.

Blue Painted Fireplace

If you are feeling bold or looking for something bold and unique, why not paint your fireplace blue? This is a fun and unexpected way to incorporate color into your living space. Blue is a calming and soothing color that adds elegance to any space. The fact that I love this design so much shouldn’t be a shocker since I am a sucker for all things blue. This fireplace design would be best for a coastal or beachy living room design but can be paired with just about any decor style. Adding greenery to the fireplace mantel decor is a lovely touch to coordinate the blue tones.  A blue paint color that I think would pair amazingly with a brick fireplace redo is Benjamin Moore Cloudy Sky. This is a subtle blue that won’t overpower the space but will still highlight the fireplace and make it a real focal point in your home.

Black Painted Fireplace Brick

Last but certainly not least we have a black painted fireplace design. Black is a bold and dramatic color making it perfect for those who want to make a statement with their fireplace remodel. It’s also a great color to use if you’re going for a modern or industrial look in your home. I love this design because it adds depth to the room and makes the white accents truly pop. I wouldn’t recommend a black fireplace for a basement or small living space since they already tend to feel cramped and darker focal points only accentuate that even more. My all-time favorite black paint color that I just know would look amazing when paired with a fireplace refresh is Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. This is the most perfect color to highlight anything in your home from doors to cabinets and certainly fireplaces.

Fireplace Makeover Conclusion

As you can see there are so many amazing options when it comes to fireplace makeovers. Whether you want to completely redesign your fireplace or simply add a fresh coat of paint to your brick fireplace, the possibilities are endless. Remember to consider your overall design style and vision for the space before making any drastic changes. And don’t be afraid to get creative and make it your own! Your home should reflect you and your own design style.

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