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Summer in Florida can seem pretty dreadful. I’m guilty of saying “It’s so hot.” “I think I’m melting.” at least five times per day. I mean, I think my car registered a temperature of 96 degree before 10 AM this morning. Even so, being outside and enjoying our patio is still one of our favorite things to do (we just do it in the early morning and evenings with umbrellas and cold drinks).

Summer Backyard Garden Party-10When my friend Ursula from Home Made By Carmona invited me to participate in her Garden Party I was pretty excited because ever since we made over our patio this spring it’s become my favorite space to be, even in the hot summer months.

If you’ve been around my blog awhile you might remember what the patio looked like before. image1

This picture may jog your memory. It was a major eyesore and we never used it. In the spring it got a major facelift with the help of my good friends at The Home Depot [Full Patio Makeover].

Summer Backyard Garden Party-2

Now, it’s the perfect outdoor retreat! I love sitting here in the mornings and enjoying my coffee before the crazy morning rush of getting my kids ready to be out the door for summer day camp.

Summer Backyard Garden Party-3

We also love sitting around the table while Matt grills dinner. Nothing better than dinner on the grill in the summer time.Summer Backyard Garden Party-4

Part of our spring patio makeover was the addition of this amazing table set. I changed out the cushions from red to blue and I love it even more.Summer Backyard Garden Party-5

I keep the patio decor to a minimum because we get a lot of rain in the summer. We usually get a daily afternoon downpour that cools everything off. I did add a new, larger rug that happens to be an easy DIY project I’ll be sharing soon. I think it adds the perfect pop of color.

Summer Backyard Garden Party-6
Summer Backyard Garden Party-7

I love these big philodendron leaves. We have several plants in our backyard and I love clipping the leafs to decorate with.Summer Backyard Garden Party-8

It wouldn’t be a proper garden party without some vegetation. Potted plants and I don’t always get along but the ones in the backyard usually do pretty well because my husband is in charge of watering them. 🙂Summer Backyard Garden Party-10

Summer Backyard Garden Party-11
Summer Backyard Garden Party That’s the end of my backyard tour but there’s still so many beautiful and inspiring outdoor spaces that you don’t want to miss. Just click the images below to see more! Also follow along on social media by searching #gardenparty!

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  1. Wow! What a dramatic before & after!! As soon as I pick my jaw up off the floor, I’m going to pin the heck out of this post. 😀 Girl, it is so lovely!! Thanks for joining in the fun. 😉

  2. What a gorgeous patio! Love how it went from BLAh TO Awwe!! And your photos are gorgeous, fresh and tack sharp! Bravo! Xo!( See you soon:-))

  3. You made that into such a fun inviting space!! Hope you get to use it at least a little bit without the blazing east coast heat! Love it!

  4. I just love your patio transformation, Chelsea! Such a beautiful and inviting space – all of your pretty details are perfection. xo

  5. Love this space so much! I too, am waiting on the temps to cool down to really enjoy being outdoors!

  6. Gorgeous space Chelsea! I love everything about it! So glad to have been a part of this tour with you!

  7. Hi Chelsea! Wow, what a transformation! Congrats on the beautiful space. I love all of the glass vases and jars on the table 🙂 I’m so happy to have been on this tour with you, XO!

  8. Hey Chelsea! It’s so fun to see you’ve settled in in Florida and that patio is probably thanking you for making it look so pretty! Such a great place to hang! Hoping to bump into you again in real life some day and so happy you are doing well.

  9. I love your patio set and the colors you’ve used out there are just perfect!! Those grapefruit sodas look sooooo good right about now 😉