Gift Ideas For Your Bestie

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do gift guides this year because as a consumer of online content, it does feel overwhelming when you are getting tons of gift guides thrown at you this time of year. Instead of doing the usual “gifts for her” or “gifts for him” I’ve tried to think of some out of the box ideas to come up with truly helpful guides for those you are buying for. One tricky gift receiver can be your bestie – whether she has everything or you just can’t come up with the perfect gift idea, fear not! There are some great options out there. When selecting items for this guide I only chose items that I would be EXCITED to receive. I think that’s the bar for buying for your bestie anyway.

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Pajama set | I love the idea of giving pajamas because we don’t buy cute jammies for ourselves often enough. This pajama set is so dang cute. I love the lace trim, it’s the perfect feminine touch. Of course, I love the blue and white stripes but it comes in other color options as well.

Leather Pouch | I love pouches like this for going out. They’re the perfect clutch for date night or girls night but it’s also small enough that you can use it every day by putting essentials in it and tossing it in your bigger bag.  I think this pouch stuffed with a few things like nail polish or lip gloss would be the perfect bestie gift.

Cozy Slippers | These are the coziest slippers in the prettiest shade of gray. They come in a couple of colors and are super affordable.

My favorite earrings | I’ve been obsessed with Kate Spade studs for forever. I love getting a new pair each year. I’m excited to see these new glittery earrings. The color is so vibrant (comes in a bunch of other colors too). I promise these will end up being your bestie’s favorite earrings too!

My favorite mascara | I think splurging on something you’re bestie might not normally splurge on is another great gift idea. I am in love with this mascara – it’s so good and to me, worth every penny but I know it can be pricey. Gifting this mascara and one other piece of quality make up would be so well received, I’m sure.

Cookbook | I really love Chrissy Teigen and her recipes are amazing. I follow her on Snapchat just to see what she’s cooking. This is a must-have for any food loving gal.

Fav Nail Polish | You could grab one color or a bunch but I love Essie brand nail polish. The colors are the best and it makes at home manicures a breeze. Wouldn’t a little manicure in a box be an adorable gift? You could include a polish and some other items that would allow your bestie to have everything she would need to complete a manicure at home. Perfect for those mamas that just don’t have type to get over to the salon but still want to feel fancy sometimes.

Cozy socks | A must-have for this time of year. It’s like a hug for your feet. Grab some matching ones for yourself too!

Enameled Dutch Oven | I was given this by a dear friend almost ten years ago and it’s definitely one of my favorite gifts of all time. It may even be one of my most frequently used gifts of all time. I get so much use out of it throughout the year. For your pal that loves to cook, this affordable yet well made piece is a very thoughtful gift.

Letterboard | These are on trend for sure. How cute would it be to add a funny saying that only your bestie would appreciate when you give it to her?

Lip Balm | Another personal favorite of mine and a go to when I’m thinking of a good gift. Something you don’t know you want until you get it, then you can’t live without it!

Sweater | For your elegant bestie, a cozy sweater is a great gift idea. I live in sweaters like this throughout the winter. I love them because paired with dark denim, you can look put together pretty snappy with minimal effort – we can all use that in our lives!

I’d love to hear what you’re getting your best friend for Christmas. What kind of stuff is she into? Or what would YOU like for Christmas?


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