White Denim Review

Hey friends! I’ve always thought that finding the perfect pair of jeans is right up there with finding the perfect bathing suit and finding white jeans can be even worse. Amiright? I took one for the team and tried out five differen’t pairs of pretty popular pairs of white jeans and I’m revealing here which ones worked, which didn’t, and which is the best pair of all!

White Denim Review

I purchased five pairs of white denim in my search for the perfect pair! I’ve reviewed them all here in order of my favorite to least favorite. For reference, I’m 5’2, I typically wear a 6-8 or 28/29 in pants.

High-rise ankle jeans | $45

Wearing a 29S here, this pair is my top pick. Price point, fit, opacity, pockets, this pair of jeans wins all of the categories. At only $45, these are the most classic pair of jeans. They are thicker more jean like material, not your usual thin stretchy denim. They still have some stretch so you aren’t fighting to get in them but they aren’t so thin that they’re see through. The short length was absolutely perfect for me. These are high-waisted and hit right above the belly button. One thing about this pair of jeans is that the color is more of a creamy white while all of the other pairs are a true white, just something to note. Overall, I’m obsessed with these jeans. They are the first pair I grab when I need some white jeans.

Affordable: Yes Flattering: Yes

High-rise Madewell skinnies | $128

Perfect white stretchy denim. I ordered a 29S and the length was perfect. I love the ankle fit and they are very comfy. These are not see through, they offer a three-inch panel to protect from being too see-through which can look a little obvious in the wrong outfit. They work perfectly for a longer top like the peplum one I’m wearing here. Unlike some other white denim, I’ve tried, these have a functioning pocket (important to me). I love the 9-inch rise, making these a go-to for running around with the girls this summer. The price is higher than I’m normally comfortable with but for a really good go-to pair of jeans, I ended up splurging on these and I’m glad I did because I feel really confident in them. I usually save these for days Matt and I are out kid free. 🙂

Affordable: No, but might be worth the cost Flattering: Yes

Mid-rise skinnies | $64

Wearing a 29 here, this pair of jeans seem a little magical. They come in one length and are too long but wow, they make my legs look just as long don’t they? For less than $70, I’m a big fan of these jeans. They are super stretchy, not see through, and very flattering. They have a more traditional mid rise and that may be why they look more flattering for my shorter frame. I ended up buying these in the store and tried them again at home loving them just as much. They don’t have functioning pockets so that is a con but I’m seeing past that because they make my legs look like sticks 🙂

Affordable: Yes Flattering: Yes

High Waisted Crop skinnies | $79

I ordered a 29 in these and really loved them at first try on. Since they are an ankle fit, they ended up being the perfect length for me. I felt like they were super slimming and were fairly opaque. I think the price point is about right. $80 for a good pair of jeans is not bad! I got a little hung up on the fact that they don’t have functioning pockets. I would trade that for the slimming factor of these though. Overall, I would definitely recommend!

Affordable: Yes Flattering: No

High-rise J.Crew Toothpick skinny jeans | $105

Wearing a 29 here, these ended up being my least favorite of the bunch, mainly because of the bad fit. They were too long, they didn’t offer a short version, so I rolled them up. You can see some bunching which is a sign of a bad fit. They also weren’t as opaque as the other options. You could see the outline of the pocket and the seam down the side. I did like the high rise and the stretchy material. Overall, these didn’t work for me but I think if you are taller and slimmer, these may be a better option.

Affordable: No Flattering: No

If you purchase any of these, I’d love to know which ones you go with! Or, if you’ve purchased white jeans this season let us know in the comments which pair you decided on!

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  1. White denim can be so hard! I have both the Levi 721 and the JCrew high-rise matchstick and love them both, but for different reasons! Plus, I got the JCrew ones with a coupon, so it made the price tag a little more digestible! Loved this post 🙂

  2. I loved this post! Not only are white jeans just about one of the hardest things to buy, I’ve been seeing them everywhere and I’m dying for a pair. The breakdown and pricing are super helpful;-) Thanks!