Personalized Wall Art Ideas

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One of the biggest challenges of moving into a new space for me is always figuring out what’s going to go up on the walls. No house is ever the same so it never fails that I end up completely starting over when it comes to wall decor. That’s definitely been the case in our new house. With almost double the space we have a lot more walls to fill up.  Lately, I’ve been working on wall art galore. I’ve scoured my local shops, made a few (you know I love a good DIY wall art project) and most recently, I had a few personalized prints created on Shutterfly.

Personalized Wall Art-2

My current project has been working on our master bedroom. It’s a huge blank canvas and I love it, but it has been overwhelming to decorate. I really wanted some personal touches in this space when it came to the wall art.

Personalized Wall Art-4

You might recognize the framed canvas. I created this calm watercolor brushstroke printable (it’s a free printable) a few weeks ago and loved it so much I uploaded it to Shutterfly and had it printed on a 16×20 canvas. Prior to this, my dresser was bare. It really brings the calming coastal feel to the space I’ve been looking for.

Personalized Wall Art-8

Personalized Wall Art-11

Another space in my master that I’ve been hoping to tackle was this blank wall space above my ottoman. This space is right as you walk in the room, to the right is a wide hallway that opens up to the rest of the space. This wall begs for a table of some sort but for now my ottoman is serving nicely.

Personalized Wall Art-9

I mentioned that I really wanted a personal touch when it came to the art in our master bedroom. This print is a snapshot that I took while on vacation in Key West. That trip was really special to us as it came just after he came home from his first deployment.
Personalized Wall Art-10

While I could have shopped around and found a beach-inspired framed print for this space, this one has so much more meaning because it’s us. It’s my photo, it was our trip, and it brings so many happy memories when I look at it.

I love having pieces of “us” in our space and using wall art is such a great way to get that personal touch.

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  1. I love how personal your art choice is – and that printable watercolour brush strokes is amazing. So brilliant to print that in a large size like that!

  2. What a beautiful way to bring special memories into the space. Subtle but has so much meaning.