Decorating Large Walls – 10 Blank Wall Solutions

You guys know I’m always on the hunt for great wall art ideas. I feel as though in a rental, especially if you don’t paint, wall art is crucial to making it feel like home. One of the biggest challenges can be decorating those large blank walls. You know the ones, where your 11×14 family portrait looks like the size of a post it. Here’s what it comes down to – scale. It’s really all about scale. If you have a huge blank wall, it won’t look right if you put a few 8×10 picture frames up. You will have to go big, and by big I mean oversized. And by oversized, I mean the perfect size.

DIY Large Scale Wall Art Ideas

Check out these 10 blank wall solutions that will help you with the task of decorating large walls!


Framed wrapping paper for above the sofa


Framed Poker Card Posters


HUGE feather prints


Oversized Typography

DIY Oversized Wall ArtOversized Geometric Wall Art Made From Plywood


Hang An Area Rug on the Wall


Blow Up and Frame Your Travel Photography

Vintage Map in a DIY Rustic Frame

DIY Framed Map


DIY Your Own Giant Wall Art


Statement Piece From a Shower Curtain

These unique ideas are great for covering those large wall spaces.

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  1. Wow! It’s amazing how those additions totally transform their rooms. Livening up walls is so important — but who can forget the floors? Our rugs would put the perfect finishing touch on some of these spaces!

  2. I just did the same with a piece of marble paper and had no idea the KFD Designs post existed. It was like a time warp!

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  6. Wow! What a great idea. I have many blank walls in my house and I always think about how I am going to decorative it. Thx so much! Come check out my blog when u have a chance!

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  12. What are the rules with hanging a piece of art in an empty space. I have 7ft height x 9 feet long free and would like to hang a 4×4 painting. Do I center it? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Kristy, depends on what else is on the wall. The general rule would be to have the center of painting at eye level.

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