Pura Home Fragrance Review

I have tried many different scent diffusers over the years but I always have the same problem.  I either leave them on all day and eventually they run out of water and oils or I never turn them on because the water dried up and I don’t replace it. As I was searching for yet another fragrance diffuser I came across Pura smart home fragrance diffuser and decided to try Pura and I haven’t turned back since. Here I will do a Pura home fragrance diffuser review and give you my thoughts about this fragrance diffuser.

How to Use the Pura Smart Home Diffuser

The compact Pura smarthome diffuser plugs directly into any home electrical outlet. This style of diffuser eliminates the need for a long and usually unsightly electrical cord, and the Pura home fragrance doesn’t take up valuable countertop space like a lot of other diffusers do. It also adds flexibility as to where you can place the Pura fragrance diffuser in the home. Have a small bathroom without much countertop space? A direct plug in Pura Smart home diffuser may just be the solution.

Prior to first using the Pura you will want to download the App (seriously there’s an app for everything nowadays). The Pura Smart Home Fragrance Diffuser allows you to customize every detail of your Pura device all right in the Pura app. The Pura app allows you to switch between one of two installed scents, adjust scent levels, set timers for the fragrances, create schedules and control the nightlight.

When you first install a new scent, you will be notified in the app to enter the scent code located on the Pura scent bottle. This allows the app to know what scent you just installed so that the app can show a picture of the scent in your app and make it easier to choose between one of the two scents you can have installed.

One downside to the Pura scent bottles is that once the scent bottles are opened and loaded into the Pura Smart Home diffuser you have to be sure the diffuser stays vertical at all times. If you allow it to go horizontal, the fragrance liquids will spill and make a mess.

The electrical plug prongs on the Pura diffuser do rotate so that you can always point the Pura Smart Home diffuser in the upright position regardless of the positioning of the electrical outlet. This should solve most of you problems and prevent unintended leakage of the Pura fragrances.

Through the Pura app you can create scent schedules so that your scent runs only at the times and at levels you desire. Additionally, if your scent is starting to run low the Pura app will send you a notification. The app does have the feature to order scents directly through it but I haven’t used that feature. I order the Pura scents directly from another retailer like Amazon.

How long do the Pura Scents last?

As a rule of thumb and directly from Pura’s website, each Pura scent vial will last for around 100 hours at an intensity of 5 if you run the Pura for 4 hours every day, that is almost a months worth of usage from one Pura scent bottle. The Pura app keeps track of the hours and intensity each fragrance bottle has been used for and it uses this data to estimate how much scent is left in the fragrance bottles.

In my experience the app does a pretty good job of letting you know how much fragrance is left but you could always pull the casing off of the Pura diffuser and inspect the vial to see how much Pura fragrance is left.

Pura Smart Home Scent Variety

Pura’s large variety of fragrances are definitely the greatest thing about it. They’ve teamed up with numerous popular candle companies to create Pura diffuser scents based on existing candle scents. They’re always adding new and exciting fragrances so check their website often for new and exciting scents. I’ve tried around 8 different fragrances so far, and I haven’t been disappointed yet.  My all time favorite Pura scent is the Capri Blue Volcano scent. I used to buy the Capri Blue Volcano candles and burn them all the time but as time moved on I found it harder and harder to justify the expense.  The Pura smart device has been an excellent compromise.  I still get the same Capri Blue Volcano smell its just cheaper and I don’t have to worry about lighting a candle.

Can you Combine Two Pura Smart Home Diffuser Fragrances?

The Pura holds two scents at a time, allowing you to alternate between two fragrances as you wish. Another feature I wish was incorporated in the Pura smart device is the ability to combine two scents but the Pura device doesn’t have that feature. If you try and turn on one Pura scent while another scent is already on, the other will be simply be turned off and the second scent will be activated. You can however have separate schedules for each Pura scent if you would like. In a way you can combine scents in that you can schedule different Pura scents back to back.

How Big of a Room Does the Pura Diffuser Cover?

Through the app you can adjust the intensity of the scent to fit the size of the space and your personal preference. If you have a larger room or a room where the pets stay you may want to be on the higher end of the intensity levels, with a smaller room you will want to be on the lower end of the intensity levels to ensure the Pura home fragrance isn’t too over powering. This will take some adjusting to figure what works best for you and your space. I have my Pura fragrance diffuser in my living room/ dining room combo and what I thought would happen was that the fragrance would be super strong near the Pura Smart diffuser, but that hasn’t been true. It is true the Pura fragrance is certainly stronger the closer you are to the Pura device but the aroma does spread throughout the room quite nicely.

Scheduling Pura Scents

The Pura Smart Home app also allows you to create custom schedules for when the Pura home fragrances will turn on and off. The scheduling feature is absolutely my favorite feature of the Pura home fragrance device, when I had other diffusers I would inevitably stop using them for a variety of reasons, like forgetting to add water or never remembering to turn them on.  I don’t have that problem with the Pura Smart Home diffuser.  

Away Mode Feature

One other Pura Smart Home feature I like is the auto away feature. This feature allows the Pura device to use the location of your phone to turn your Pura scents off when you are away from your home. You do have to make sure the Pura device has access to the locations so you may have to adjust your phone settings to properly use this feature

Smart Home Integration

Since the Pura Smart Home diffuser is a SMART device. You can connect your Pura to other SMART devices like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. From your home assistant devices you can change the light color, change the intensity if scent among other taks associated with your Pura. This makes the Pura Smart Home diffuser truly a SMART device and makes for a great addition to any smart home.

Pura Smart Home Diffuser Cost

In closing , if you’re looking for a smart diffuser that not only provides a great fragrance but also offers some cool features, the Pura fragrance diffuser is definitely worth checking out. Whether you want to use the Pura Smart Home diffuser with your home assistant device or just simply set it on a schedule, the Pura fragrance diffuser has everything you need to get your home smelling great. Hopefully you found this Pura diffuser review helpful and you decide the try a Pura diffuser yourself.

The Pura Smart Diffuser has a base cost of $44. One refill bottle of Capri Blue Volcano costs $17.  Totaling $61 in set up costs. To me that is a great price point considering one Capri Blue Volcano Candle can cost in excess of $40.

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