Small But Mighty Powder Room Ideas

Have you ever noticed when thumbing through design magazines or scrolling through Pinterest interiors that powder rooms oftentimes feel full of design and personality? In a small space, it’s easy to “go all in” and design in a way you may not consider in a larger space like a living room or bedroom. In the typical home, powder rooms are often overlooked and end up lacking that character that we see in professionally designed homes.  You can create a gorgeous powder room full of character by following the tips in this guide to decorating powder rooms! 

Powder Room Ideas

It’s Not Just a Half Bath

A powder room isn’t a half bath, it’s an opportunity. These small bathrooms may seem insignificant in terms of square footage, but powder baths have the power to make a big impact allowing you to show off your design style. You have the chance to play around with fun patterns and bold colors without overwhelming the space. You also aren’t tied to a specific home color palette or design guide. You can just go with it. With the right powder room ideas and decor, you can create a stylish and functional space that will wow anyone who steps inside.

Powder Room Ideas

Wallpaper Wallpaper Wallpaper

The number one design element that you see in beautiful powder room designs is wallpaper. Not just any wallpaper but bold, unique, and fun wallpaper. Wallpaper is a popular choice for powder baths because the space is small enough that it won’t be overwhelmed by a bold pattern choice. You certainly could do any type of wallpaper in a powder bath but some popular options are modern floral wallpapers and options with colorful patterns. Wallpaper is an easy way to add some major visual interest in a small space like a powder room. It’s also a great way to show off your own personal style with a unique wallpaper selection. With endless options, from bold prints to subtle textures, you can find the perfect wallpaper that will elevate your powder room.

For example, a tropical printed wallpaper can bring island vibes to your space. This wallpaper would likely be overkill in a larger space but as a base for a powder room, it’s perfect. It’s colorful, it’s organic and lovely. 

Another joyful wallpaper is this bookshelf wallpaper. It’s unexpected and playful but it works beautifully with the rest of the design in this space.

Use of Bold Colors

Another way to flex your creative muscles is through the use of bold color with paint. You can use a deep, bold color as an all-over paint color or as an accent wall in your powder room. This is a great option for those who may not want to commit to wallpaper but still want some color and personality in their powder room. In a small room, you can use bold pops of color without overwhelming the space. Colors that tend to do well in powder bathrooms are medium to dark blues, different shades of green, and pink and mauve.

In the tiny bathroom above we see how gorgeous navy blue can be on the walls of a powder room. Dark, rich blues can feel very moody but in this space, the contrast of the white tile makes the room bright and open.

Blush pink is another great option for a powder room. Perhaps it’s a color that you wouldn’t use in your living room but it’s cheerful and can be sophisticated and chic with the right fixtures, hardware, and accessories. This pink bathroom is so happy yet feels really luxe. 

That Tile Though

I will always be a lover of beautifully tiled bathrooms. I will always pick tile over everything because it can feel more thoughtful and high end. Powder room ideas that involve visually interesting tile are definitely my cup of tea. 

Can you even with this contemporary tiled powder room? The floor to ceiling green tile makes a bold statement but in a very chic way. There is no doubt that guests leave this bathroom inspired by these design choices. 

Gorgeous penny tile statement wall in a powder room
via J Henderson Interiors

If you tell me that bold design really, truly isn’t your style then I will show you equally visually interesting spaces that avoid the use of dark or bold colors. Enter: the penny tile. The white penny tile with a dark grout gives plenty of visual interest to a powder bathroom you don’t even need a bold paint color or busy patterned wallpaper. This black and white bathroom is simple and stylish with a lot of contrast. 

(Make a) Statement Vanity

moody powder room ideas
via Flavin Architects photo by Nat Rea Photography

So far, we’ve learned that there are many ways that you can step up your powder room and bring in some bold design. Beautiful powder rooms don’t have to have bold walls, they can be bold in design with the installation of a unique vanity or countertop that makes a statement. 

powder room ideas
via Anne McDonald Design photo by Scott Amundson

Both of the above powder bathrooms offer gorgeous examples of bold, statement vanities. One a chunky wood vanity and the other a gorgeous concrete vanity. Both spaces offer a different feel to the space yet, both are bold and unique in their ways. The chunky concrete vanity is softened by the blush-colored wall tile while the cool, black tiled walls are warmed by the wood vanity selection.

Smart Storage Space

Organization isn’t something you typically think of as an option for a powder room but there are some smart storage solutions that you can employ, even in a tiny bathroom. This powder room uses floating storage shelves that are built into the wall. This is brilliant as most powder room are tight on spaces, have shelving that is is flush with the wall doesn’t take away from the space.

Here’s another look at this brilliant storage solution for a powder bath, another shelving unit that’s built right into the wall, this time above the toilet. 

Powder Room Mirror Ideas

A powder room is ideal for playing around with a statement mirror. Forget the builder-grade oval mirror and pedestal sink and opt for something bold and interesting. Think about the size and scale when selecting a mirror, also consider adding something with a unique shape or distinct design element.

Check out this arched mirror over a powder bath vanity. Clean lines are great, especially in minimalist spaces but sometimes the charm of curvy shapes win out and I think that’s what’s happening here. The arched mirror completes this space beautifully.

This coastal powder bathroom boasts a coral framed mirror and is a great example of how you can stick to your style in a powder room while also adding in some interesting and bold elements.

Fabulous Fixtures

No matter the bathroom, I always encourage you to choose good fixtures but if there’s one bathroom where it really matters, it’s the powder bath. Everything in a powder room has an opportunity to make a statement. You might consider a mixture of metals or go all gold but whatever you pick, make sure you love it.

gorgeous gold fixtures and hardware in a powder room
via Dual Concept Design

We love the brass fixtures in the powder room above. The gold complements the navy blue really well and has an overall luxurious feel.

Don’t Forget The Flooring

You can even use the flooring of your powder room to make a bold statement.

For inspiration, feast your eyes on this bright and cheery patterned tile floor in this bathroom. The room has a calming feel and then the floors bring the perfect punch of color that gives the entire room a bit of vibrance. 

Lighting is Everything

blue and gold powder bathroom
via Riverside Custom Homes photo by Laurey W. Glenn

The first step to a well-designed powder room is to immediately remove the builder-grade above-the-vanity light fixture because it’s not giving what it needs to give. You can easily install wall sconces that will set the appropriate mood for the space. Sconces are the ideal lighting option for a powder bath. You can opt for two sconces that flank either side of the mirror or you could try out one, larger sconce, with a folding arm, above the mirror. Either choice, sconces will level up the bathroom with little effort at all.

Add Some Charm

With every space we design, we want to add some character or some charm. Something that feels like us. This can be a piece of art, some vintage items, antiques, something dramatic, or something plain gorgeous. Think of it as a statement piece that can bring the space together. 

Check out how fabulous these vintage hand mirrors are hanging on the wall. They are such an eye-catching focal point and make excellent powder room decor.

Final Thoughts on Powder Room Ideas

Really, there are endless possibilities when it comes to decorating a powder room and we just only scratched the surface here. I think the main take away from these powder room ideas is that if you ever wanted to play around with color and pattern, now is your chance. The powder room is your chance. I bet with a little creativity you’ll find an abundance of confidence from decorating your powder room in a way that suits your design style. From bold walls or statement vanities to unique mirrors and fabulous fixtures, every personal element will contribute to creating a stunning space that you love and that guests will remember. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and let your powder room shine with your own personal style!

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