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Your garage or workshop is a versatile space – it can be used for parking your car, storing supplies, or as a workroom. But just because it’s versatile doesn’t mean it has to be boring! Why not give your garage or workshop a facelift with some new flooring? There are many options available, and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get great results. In this blog post, we will discuss some garage floor ideas that will help you update this space quickly and easily. So read on for inspiration on some of the best garage floor coverings and garage floor paint ideas.

Garage Floor Paint 

One of the easiest and most inexpensive garage flooring options is this garage floor paint idea. Simply painting your concrete floor using a special garage floor paint can make all the difference in this often overlooked space. This type of coating comes in various colors, so you can choose one that suits your style and preferences. It’s also durable, easy to clean, and won’t break the bank. The downside of concrete paint is that it will not hide cracks or other imperfections such as oil stains in your workshop or garage floorings concrete slab. Using this garage floor paint idea you would want to re paint the flooring every 5 years or so as you would want to take a look and see if any new cracks appear in the flooring.

Epoxy Floor Coating

Another popular option for updating your garage floor is to use an epoxy coating or stamping system. These systems are typically more expensive than concrete paint, but they offer increased durability and longer-lasting results. They can be used on new or existing concrete floors, and come in a variety of styles and finishes, including traditional looks like stone or marble patterns. Using epoxy garage flooring is also easy to install and could easily be done as a DIY project over a weekend. Simply buy an epoxy garage flooring kit from a home improvement store and follow the directions and in no time you’ll have a beautiful refinished concrete slab garage floor.

Polished Concrete Garage Floor

If you’re looking for a truly unique garage flooring option, consider using polished concrete. This is a more advanced DIY project that requires professional tools, but it can give your concrete slab garage flooring an amazing waterproof look.  

Laminate Garage Flooring

Laminate flooring is a type of synthetic flooring composed of multiple layers. It is designed to look like real wood, with the core layer made primarily from melamine resin and fiber board material. The top layer has an imprinted textured image that gives it a realistic (often wood) appearance.

Laminate as a garage floor would not be as durable as some other garage flooring options like an epoxy floor coating or painted concrete, and it may not hold up as well to the heavy traffic garage flooring typically encounters. Also, since laminate flooring is made of a wood composite, it is more susceptible to being damaged by moisture than other types of garage flooring.

Laminate flooring in the garage would be really nice feature, but I would say if you are like me and don’t ever park your car in the garage and your garage is mainly used to store things laminate flooring in the garage would be okay. If you are a heavy user of your garage or park your car in the garage it may be best to select another garage floor idea.

Rubber Mats as a Garage Floor

Another option for garage flooring is to use rubber mats. These are ideal if you want a softer and more comfortable material to walk on. They also tend to be easy to clean, and can even help keep the garage space warmer in colder months. However, with this type of garage flooring you won’t get the same level of durability as some other options, so it may not be the best garage floor idea for busy garages that see heavy use.  Rubber mats would be ideal for someone who has a large home gym in their garage.

Garage Flooring Carpet

Another way to give your garage flooring new life is by installing a carpet to cover the non-insulating, ugly cement floor. When considering garage flooring ideas carpet may not immediately come to your mind but more and more people are using carpet and carpet tiles as their garage floor. It might seem like a good garage flooring idea to use recycled indoor carpeting in your garage, but it’s actually not recommended. Indoor carpets are not waterproof and would therefore not make a good garage floor idea.

If you are dead set on using carpet or carpet tiles for your garage flooring I would recommend using either outdoor or automotive carpets which are made of fire-resistant, anti-slip, non-absorbent materials that can withstand tough handling and heavy loads. In the long run, they’re less costly than indoor carpets because they last longer under abuse as garage flooring without wearing out. 

There are some manufactures that are specifically designing carpet for use in the garage it may be worth while to check those out before deciding on whether carpeting or carpet tiles are the right flooring for your garage.


Snowy winters and hot, humid summers are no problem for Swisstrax garage floor tiles! Made from a high density polypropylene materia the interlocking tiles come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes to fit any need, both commercial and residential. Swisstrax interlocking floor tiles are also easy to install yourself everything just snaps together and all you will need is a few hours of time and no special tools! 

Swisstrax garage flooring website has an online tool that easily allows you to make a custom design for your garage floor. Whether you’re looking for extra durability or just want to spruce up your garage flooring, Swisstrax has the perfect solution for you. 

With Swisstrax garage flooring everything is snapped together and nothing is bolted or glued onto the floor so to clean up simply lift up the tiles and sweep or vacuum up the accumulated debris. Additionally because Swisstrax garage floors aren’t permanently affixed to the garage floor that makes them portable so you can take them with you if you decide to move to a new home. 

Roll Out Vinyl Garage Flooring

Another option for garage flooring is to use vinyl tiles or sheets. These are often seen in commercial establishments and can also be used at home. Vinyl garage flooring comes in a variety of colors, patterns, and styles to fit any need, so you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to choosing the best garage flooring idea for your space. Vinyl garage flooring material is easy to clean and stand up well against heavy traffic and moisture from vehicles, making them a good choice for busy garages that may require extra durability. 

Garage Floor Concrete Stain

If your garage floor is in good condition and you’re looking to make a quick, inexpensive change, consider staining the concrete slab. Concrete stains come in a wide variety of colors and allow you to add a more personal touch to your garage space. Concrete stains as a garage flooring idea is easy to apply with an applicator pad or roller so long as the existing concrete slab is not contaminated with glue, paint, oil, grease, other sealers, or anything else that could prevent the concrete floor stain from soaking into the pores of the concrete slab flooring.

In closing, whether you’re looking to add a pop of color, improve durability, or just jazz up your garage flooring, there are plenty of options available that can meet your needs. Whether you go with carpet tiles, Swisstrax garage floor tiles, vinyl sheets or rolls, or even something as inexpensive as concrete stain, you can find the best garage floor ideas to suit your needs.

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