Sherwin Williams Stardew SW 9138

Blue paint colors can pose a challenge – finding the right blue that isn’t too bright or too pastel-y can be tricky. Sherwin Williams Stardew is a really nice medium blue paint color that is subtly muted with blue-gray undertones that make for a really nice paint color.

About Sherwin Williams Stardew

Sherwin Williams describes the paint color Stardew as a cool crisp blue. I think that’s the most succinct description of this paint color. If you’re looking for a coastal-inspired, medium blue paint color, I think this one is a good pick. Stardew or SW 9138 is a part of several Sherwin Williams collections including 2017 Holistic, 2020 Haven, Dreamer, Living Well – Unwind.

Is it a Blue or Gray Paint Color?

Stardew is a strong blue paint color that has cool undertones. It has the tiniest bit of green undertones but I would confidently call the color a really crisp, medium blue.

What is the LRV?

The Light Reflective Value or LRV of Stardew is 43. LRV is a good tool to use to determine how light (100 being white) or dark (0 being black) a paint color is. The operative word here is light. Light Reflective Value means how much light is reflected. The lighter the color the more light can be reflected. It is almost right in the middle at 43. It is not a light color but it’s not dark either – it’s a good medium paint color that appears darker with less light and a bit lighter with more.

Small Laundry Room Makeover

Is Stardew a Cool or Warm Paint Color?

This paint color is indisputably cool but you don’t have to be afraid of it going too cool that it turns purple. There’s nothing worse than when you are looking for a solid blue paint color, getting a purplish-blue paint color. Stardew is a calming, muted blue that looks great in coastal-inspired spaces, beach houses, and lake houses. If farmhouse style is your thing, this color also works really well with that style.

How Does it do in Low Light Situations?

In my opinion, Stardew shines the most in low light or artificial light. When splashed with warm artificial light, Stardew lifts up and becomes a little grayer in the best way. We have this color in our laundry room which has zero natural light. With no light, it is the perfect medium blue that we already talked about but with the artificial lighting it pulls slightly gray and I love that color.

Stardew in Real Spaces

What I love about this color is that it looks great in small and large spaces. Whether you have a lot of natural light or none at all the paint color looks really lovely. Stardew also can work in many different design styles including coastal, farmhouse, traditional, and transitional. Stardew looks really lovely with bright white trim, a color like Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore goes great with it. I also love the look of Stardew floor to ceiling with the same color on the walls and trim. Because of it’s pretty muted blue color, it definitely makes a great coastal paint color. It also goes well with other colors like deep browns, bright whites, pinks and mauves, as well as muted greens.

Laundry Room Ideas for a small laundry space
Sherwin Williams Stardew in my laundry room
Sherwin Williams Stardew paint color
Stardew in a bathroom via HomeBunch from AGK Design Studio
Details about Sherwin Williams Stardew paint color
Stardew on kitchen walls from Sherwin Williams

I love the how the white window trim and the mauve-y cabinet color compliment Stardew in the kitchen above.

Mixing Stardew with Other Paint Colors

Did you know you can mix paint colors? If there’s a paint color you love but it needs to be tweaked just a bit you can have them mixed 50/50 with another similar color. Or you can have them mixed at just 90% pigmented or even 50%. Playing around with paint mixing is fun and you can create a custom color for your home.

Sherwin Williams Stardew
Stardew mixed with Uncertain Gray for a custom color via Addison’s Wonderland

The cabinetry above is 50% Stardew 50% Uncertain Gray. Adding Uncertain Gray gives the color a more of a powder blue look than the medium blue Stardew is all on it’s own. It’s a really pretty variation.

Sherwin Williams Stardew v. Jubilee

Star dew v. Jubilee comparing Sherwin Williams blue paint colors

Sherwin Williams Jubilee is another popular paint color that is sometimes compared to Stardew. In the paint cards that you see above, they seem very similar in color but they actually are quite different once on the wall. They both have a LRV of 45%. Jubilee is more of a cool blue-gray than a blue and in certain lighting situations, it can even pull purple. Jubilee is a perfect blue-gray paint color in the right lighting situations. With lots of natural light Jubilee is lifted into a gorgeous soft gray with blue undertones. In warm artificial light, Jubilee can turn a little purple so be careful if you are looking for a more neutral blue gray paint color.

Wrapping Up

Stardew is a great option for a medium blue paint color that is a true blue. If you’ve been searching for the perfect paint color for your coastal-inspired home or even your traditional, transitional, or farmhouse-style home Stardew is worth looking into. Keep in mind that it is a cool paint color that has some purple/gray undertones so if you’re putting it on the walls make sure you have the right lighting situation before you commit.

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  1. We painted Stardew as an accent wall in an open concept home. The rest of the open space is Alabaster. I’m looking for another coordinating color to paint the entry way and adjoining dining area. Mountain Air was suggested but I’m not sure. Any suggestions?