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Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud SW 6249

Let’s do a deep dive into a gorgeous and sophisticated blue/gray paint color by Sherwin Williams called Storm Cloud. I first came across Storm Cloud while searching for the perfect blue/gray paint color for my bedroom several years ago. I landed on Cloudy Sky but this paint color is very dreamy. This paint color is one of my personal favorites because of its gorgeous depth. It’s slightly muted, and the undertones are cool, yet it really makes any space pop. If you are a lover of transitional, traditional, or even casual coastal decor or just plain love good design in general, I think you will appreciate this paint color.

Blue/Gray Paint Color – SW Storm Cloud

At first glance, SW Storm Cloud looks blue. After taking a closer look you realize that it is a traditional almost gunmetal gray meets denim paint color. It can look gray or blue depending on its lighting but Sherwin Williams considers it a blue so we’re going with that. This paint color is a part of the Retro Revival and Pottery Barn Teen color collections.

This is a paint color that will have folks talking. It’s one with a lot of depth and feels a little bold when you first put your brush to the wall. If you’ve ever heard the statement, “paint is powerful” try painting Storm Cloud on your walls and you’ll really see what it means. This is certainly a blue paint color that will give any room in your home an instant makeover. If you’re looking for the perfect blue/gray for your home, I think Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud is one you should put on your list to sample. 

How Light or How dark is Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud

What is the LRV Value?

The Light Reflective Value or LRV of Storm Cloud is 23. LRV is a good tool to use to determine how light (100 being high reflective white) or dark (0 being black) a paint color is. The important word here is light. Light Reflectance Value means how much light is reflected. The lighter the color the more light can be reflected. This paint color is lower on the scale because it’s darker which means less light can be reflected. Storm Cloud does really well in spaces with ample natural light (not north facing) and in absence of natural light the space will appear more moody and intimate.

What Undertones Does Storm Cloud Have?

A quick word about undertones, undertones are a perspective. You may determine the undertones to be slightly different.

I consider Storm Cloud to be a blue-gray paint color with blue undertones but I think in some instances Storm Cloud can be considered more of a gray with blue undertones. This color can be tricky in some spaces. One should be careful because in certain light the undertones can appear purple (periwinkle). If you have an east-facing window you might want to consider a blue paint color that has more green undertones to achieve the color you are going for. 

Is Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud a Cool or Warm Paint Color?

The color profile of Storm Cloud is cool as it does have those blue undertones. With cool colors, there are certain lighting conditions in which the color may appear more blue or purple. North facing light is cooler so if you have a north-facing window Storm Cloud may appear even cooler and look almost purple. It’s always a good idea to sample paint colors during different times of the day so that you can get a good idea of how the color will look in your space. 

If you are looking for warm grays you might want to try Dorian Gray.

What Paint Sheen Should I Use for Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud?

I prefer an eggshell paint finish in living rooms and flat finishes in any other area for almost every color. Anything semi-gloss or higher, as well as high gloss sheens, can create a gleaming component to the wall.

What Trim Color Should I Use with Storm Cloud

If you are looking for white paint colors for trim I would consider a warm white so a paint color without any cool undertones. My favorite trim color is Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace. It’s a great trim color that goes well with cool tones. Additionally, Sherwin Williams Pure White is another favored trim color. If you want to be bold, you can paint the whole room Storm Cloud. I love the depth you get when painting the walls, ceiling, and trim one color. Storm Cloud is a great contender for that palette. 

How Does Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud Look in a Room? 

This paint color is really versatile and looks great in different styles of home, for example, farmhouse, traditional, transitional, or even a more modern space can don this color with ease. Well, let’s look at the color in real spaces. SW Storm Cloud looks exceptional as an accent wall or in spaces such as a kitchen, dining room, or living room. It also looks beautiful in smaller spaces like a bathroom, bedroom, home office, or even hallways. You can use this dark color in other small spaces as well. Additionally, you can add a punch of color to decorative moldings or a fireplace mantel.

Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud in Real Spaces

Storm Cloud as a Front Door Paint Color

Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud painted front door
Designs Me By Mahlah

Bathing in natural light Storm Cloud is very cool. So much so that it almost leans purple. It works well here on this front door with the contrast of the other beach-inspired colors.

Storm Cloud Painted Kitchen Cabinetry

Kitchen cabinetry painted Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud
House Beautiful

This is a pretty well-circulated image of a beautiful kitchen with SW Storm Cloud painted cabinetry. The light pouring in from the window on the right gives brightness to the cabinets on the back right when compared to the island. I love this color paired with the walnut butcher block island countertop.

Storm Cloud Painted Bedroom

Storm Cloud painted bedroom
Pottery Barn

How about this moody space? This Storm Cloud painted bedroom is just right. The color doesn’t overpower the space but it gives it a depth that is then layered by the furniture, decor, and bedding.

Storm Cloud Painted Home Office

Home office with Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud and white built in bookshelves, white wainscotting, and a white table and chairs.
How to Nest for Less

I am crazy about this “homework space.” It could work beautifully as a home office as well. With SW Storm Cloud above and the white wainscotting, the whole room is bright where it could easily feel very dark. Imagine if the room was painted all blue/gray and the dark floors were exposed. That space would have a completely different feel. If you want to try Storm Cloud but are concerned about it being too dark, this is a great example of how you can use darker paint colors in spaces that still feel bright.

Storm Cloud Painted Laundry Room

Blue gray painted laundry room. Paint color is Storm Cloud by Sherwin Williams
The Yellow Capecod

Here’s a smaller space painted Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud and there’s nothing gloomy about it. I think this space proves that this paint color is a fantastic choice for small spaces like a laundry room. It’s rich and deep but not overpowering in any way. It’s balanced very well by the white appliances as well as the white shelves and woven baskets.

Storm Cloud Painted Accent Wall

Storm Cloud accent wall in a pretty home office
Haute House Love

If you aren’t convinced that Storm Cloud is a whole room paint color you could always try an accent wall. An accent wall gives you a splash of color without committing to a whole room. It’s a great way to test out a color and if you want to, you can paint the rest of the room later!

Storm Cloud Painted Kitchen Island

Kitchen Lab Interiors | Photo by: Michael A. Kaskel

I love an accent color on a kitchen island and this one is done well. There are a lot of things going on here with the different paint colors, mixed metals, and different countertop surfaces but everything works together. The Storm Cloud painted island is definitely the show stopper of this space.

What are Some Other Blue/Gray Paint Colors I Should Look Into?

I have a whole guide on blue gray paint colors that you may want to check out.

Wrapping Up Sherwin Williams Storm Cloud

Storm Cloud by Sherwin Williams is an excellent blue/gray paint color that can be used in any space of your house. It’s perfect for those who want a bold statement paint color that is still elegant and provides depth to a space. It’s imperative to keep lighting in mind when choosing this paint color otherwise you may end up with a wall that reads more purple than you would like. Overall, Storm Cloud should definitely be on your list of paint colors to sample if you are on the hunt for the perfect blue/gray paint color.

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