Simple Fall Centerpiece With A Chalkboard Table Runner

I love this time of year. Although I’ve been working on fall projects for a month now, November is really the time to enjoy it. I love preparing for and celebrating Thanksgiving. It’s such a fun time to be together with family and just reflect on all that the Lord has blessed us with. In preparation for Thanksgiving I’ve dressed up my table with a Simple Fall Centerpiece. It’s fun to enjoy it for the whole month and not just the few days surrounding Thanksgiving. You get more bang for your buck this way 🙂

Simple Fall Centerpiece With A Chalkboard Table RunnerWhen I say this is a simple fall centerpiece, I mean it’s really simple.

Simple Fall Centerpiece With A Chalkboard Table RunnerI love using vessels in my decorating. Jars and containers are easily transformable. Here they hold pinecones and branches for a natural fall. You could put anything in them from flowers to dry beans for fall. Then, you can do something new for Christmas. It’s a great way to decorate on a budget!

Simple Fall Centerpiece With A Chalkboard Table Runner Most everything used I already had including the chalkboard table runner! I love this chalkboard table runner because it became that way by accident. I built this framed chalkboard to hang in my family room. I brought it in from my garage to add hardware for hanging and I just really loved the way it looked on the table so I quickly switched gears. It’s funny how stuff like that happens when your on a project marathon and having a zillion things going on at one time!

I still intend on using it as a hanging chalkboard in my living room after Thanksgiving, but for now it’s on loan to my fall centerpiece.

Simple Fall Centerpiece With A Chalkboard Table Runner

Sometimes in the busyness of life, it’s easy to forget all that we have to be grateful for. I love that I can glance over at my table and quickly be reminded of Thanksgiving and the meaning of the day.

Be sure to swing by on Monday for the chalkboard tutorial! I’ll even show you where it’s hanging when it’s not acting as a table runner!

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  1. Such a pretty idea for a table runner – and I love the simplicity of your rustic centrepiece objects:) pinning it to my fall board.

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