DIY Wall Hook: A Place To Hang Your Bag

This week I completed a project that was much needed. Like… much needed 😉

It might sound trivial but I had nowhere to hang my bag. I would just drop it on the floor or the table or hang it on the door handle. All of those places were fine until about two months ago when my daughter discovered the joy of emptying my handbag all over the house. Since then, no matter where I left my bag it would be emptied within minutes with it’s contents strewn all about. I even lost a debit card, as in, it was never to be seen again (I’m guessing it met it’s fate in the trash can). Yikes.
DIY Wall Hook A Place To Hang Your BagSo I had this idea to create a DIY Wall Hook so that I could hang up my bag out of reach of the cutest little hands I ever saw. It ended up being a super easy project and I put together a little tutorial for you here!

DIY Wall Hook


Scrap piece of wood (I used a scrap piece of select pine approximately 12 in.)

Wood Stain (Minwax Special Walnut is my favorite)

Drill and drillbits

Hardware (I used a vintage knob we had in our stash)
DIY Wall Hook A Place To Hang Your BagThe first step is to sand and stain your piece of wood. Once your stain is dry you are ready to drill a hole for your knob. My board was about a foot long, I found the center and drilled a hole. Once the knob is screwed in the last thing to do it attach the proper hardware to hang it. I used one of these D rings  that I had leftover from the framed map.

DIY Wall Hook A Place To Hang Your BagHere’s an up close look. I love this old knob. It came off some old piece of furniture that we updated. We always keep the old hardware. You never know what you can use it for. DIY Wall Hook A Place To Hang Your BagEver since I made this DIY wall hook, my handbag as been completely intact. Miracle I tell you.

And that handbag, I was lucky enough to win it at the Socal Social event I attended a couple weekends ago. Isn’t it lovely? It’s from the coolest shop in downtown Orange, CA, called The Spotted Moth.

Happy weekend.

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  1. I feel like I need several of these everywhere. Never a proper place to put my bag that’s out of the way! Love this simple idea.

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