20 Ingenious Playroom Organization Ideas

There is really no way around it – if you have kids, you have toy clutter.  It’s just a fact of life. Whether you have a dedicated playroom or just a play area in your home, there are ways to corral the toys. I’ve been scouring Pinterest for the best playroom organization tips and tricks and I’ve found 20 ideas that will help curb the toy clutter once and for all. Do you have any playroom organization hacks that you love? Share them in the comments below.


20 Playroom Organization Ideas

Organize Legos and Other Tiny Toys

Use Mesh Laundry Bags for Storing Puzzle Pieces

Over the Door Barbie Organizer

Make a DIY Book Caddy Out of a Dish Rack

DIY Hanging Toy Storage

Easy Rolling Storage Bins

Toss the Boxes and Turn Your Board Games into Art

Create a Gallery Wall to Display Art Projects

Make Clean Up a Breeze with this Play Mat/Toy Bag Combo

Turn Ikea Kallax Shelves into Storage Benches

DIY Rolling Toy Box

playroom organization ideas - playroom shelving

Wood Shelving for organizing toys in the playroom

Create Wall Hanging Book Storage with Wooden Crates

Wrangle Art Supplies with an Ikea Art Cart

Create a Library Wall

Use a Rolling Cart for Portable Toy Storage

Keep Toys with Small Pieces Together with DIY Clear Storage Bags

DIY Stuffed Animal Bean Bag Chair

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