5 Bathroom Storage Ideas

5 Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathroom storage is tricky, am I right? Currently in our master bath, we have two vanities that have pretty decent cabinet storage. Despite that, it’s still tough to organize everything that ends up on the counter. Over the years we’ve had everything from amazing storage to ZERO bathroom storage. I’ve gotten pretty good at coming up with creative ideas to curb the clutter on the countertops.

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Here are my five best bathroom storage ideas:

DIY Wood Bathroom Caddy

Utilize a caddy for the countertop. I build this caddy for the bathroom and we use it in our bathroom to keep things like toothbrushes, lotions, and face wash. It keeps everything within arm’s reach yet nice and tidy.

Bathroom Storage Shelves

Try adding shelves. Shelving saved us two houses ago! Seriously. We had no bathroom storage at all and the vanity had limited counter space. We added two shelves on the wall which gave us some much needed storage for everything from towels to my makeup accessories.

Bathroom Storage Shelves

Use jars and bins to organize. I use a mason jar to keep my makeup brushes together. I also use large jars like this these to keep cotton balls or q-tips within reach. Baskets like these are also great for organizing things like hair products, nail polish, even hand towels.

Budget Friendly Bathroom Makeover

Use all of the space. Over the toilet storage can be really useful. I use a basket above the toilet to hold extra hand towels.

What are your best bathroom organization tips?



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  1. Hi Chelsea,
    I have a small bookcase on top of my toilet cistern, this has baskets and boxes
    on the shelves to hold my bits and pieces.
    Tiny seaside buckets on cup hooks at the side of my shelf holds toothbrushes,
    Q-tips and hair ties.