Annie the Brave is LIVE

Remember that project I was telling you about? Annie the Brave is the little side project that has been stealing my time (and my heart) lately. About a year ago, Peighton, who’s always loved exploring and being out in the world, was really getting into science. She asked for a dress with scientists on it so naturally, as a mom that wants to encourage my daughter to be whatever she wants, I said of course!

I had no idea the journey that question would take us on. We searched and searched but we never found a dress with scientists on it. I thought, well I’m crafty, I’ll make one. So we started looking for the perfect fabric to sew a cute dress fit for a scientist but still, we couldn’t even find fabric that worked.

Had this been a project for myself I probably would have brushed it off and moved on but not having a scientist dress for P felt a lot like telling her that science wasn’t for her. I talked to other moms that felt similarly about other STEM interests. Why aren’t there shark dresses or space dresses? No bug dresses? What gives? As these conversations kept coming up and I felt a tug on my heart to make them. Make STEM-inspired dresses for girls so that every girl can feel encouraged to be whatever they want. No limits.

That project, Annie the Brave, began almost a year ago and yesterday, our Kickstarter went live. What a surreal feeling to finally have our vision out of in the world. We are thrilled to imagine little girls everywhere with a space dress, scientist dress, or shark dress in her closet. We can’t wait to see girls climbing trees in their dresses or having tea parties.

This brand was made for girls. To empower them. To tell them, we get it. You like this stuff too.

You can check out our Kickstarter here.

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